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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] What do you think of first when it comes to brakes? Think of electronic devices such as ABS and EBD. Of course, you should also think of the structure of the brake; perhaps everyone often hears words like “front disc and rear drum” and “4 wheel disc brake”. Many people only know that disc brakes are better than drums. Brake well, this article will screen out the “4-wheel disc brake” models from the relatively low-priced mini-cars and small cars, and briefly introduce the pros and cons of the two braking modes, hoping to help you.

Disc brakes have several main characteristics: Disc brakes have better heat dissipation, which can reduce thermal decay caused by continuous braking, reduce the probability of brake failure, and be sensitive to high frequency operation (ABS); And the structure is relatively simple, easier to repair; in addition, disc brakes also have better drainage; but the wear will be larger than drum brakes, and the friction is not as strong as drum brakes.

Drum brakes have several main characteristics: the braking force is greater than that of disc brakes, the handbrake mechanism is easy to install, and the manufacturing cost is low, but the maintenance is inconvenient and needs to be disassembled and repaired as a whole; in addition, the response is slow, which is not conducive to high-frequency braking.

●The mini-car Great Wall Haval M1 is priced at 4.39-5.99 million

In the past, 4WD was only a patent for off-road vehicles and SUVs, but with the maturity of technology and the reduction of technical costs, many sedans have also introduced 4WD versions, and the use of four-wheel drive in domestic mini-cars is currently unique, the Great Wall Haval M1 Called the leader.

The Haval M1 is a standard mini car with a body size of 3645*1625*1620mm. The body length of less than 4 meters and the higher height add a different flavor to this car, which looks more like A shrunken SUV, in fact, has a certain SUV pedigree and gene. The timely four-wheel drive system and the standard four-wheel disc brakes of the whole series are more importantly designed for safety.

All Haval M1 series are disc brakes, which are rare in mini cars. Our measured 100-0-km/h brake shows that the Haval M1's braking system can still give us a sense of peace of mind. In the 5 times of braking, the braking distance hovered up and down 41.5 meters. The stability of the system was strong, and a certain degree of expressiveness was required. The final result was 41.9 meters.

The price of the four-wheel drive Haval M1 is only about 50,000 yuan, so the four-wheel drive structure is naturally impossible to be very complicated. The viscous coupling is used as the central differential mechanism. The power is distributed to the front axle during normal driving. Assigned to the rear axle, but because there is an open differential between the wheels and no electronic limited slip, the cross axle is impossible to complete. Although it is a timely four-wheel drive, it is better than nothing.

The Haval M1 takes into account the placement of the drive shaft and the rear suspension adopts independent suspension, which is not common in mini vehicles. The suspension adjustment is biased towards toughness, and the driving feels a bit like an SUV. In the test, the support is relatively in place during emergency acceleration and braking. , We are more satisfied with the body with a higher center of gravity.

If you use price to measure configuration and space, we think Haval M1 is still worth buying. Experiencers with a height of 175cm will not sit in the car as tightly as many mini-cars. Due to the high body of the car, there is plenty of headroom and passengers are sitting. The sitting posture in the car is straight, and the space is better in terms of body size. The rear-view mirror integrated turn signal with heating function is not only safe, but also adds a lot of color to this autonomous mini-car. The trunk can be opened remotely through the key, but the driver must wear the key at any time to avoid automatically dropping the lock belt Trouble coming.

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Just to verify the ability of Haval M1 1.3 four-wheel drive version of the small test

Small car Dongfeng Yueda Kia Xiuer Price: 10.38-14.18 million

Sauer's entry into the market has made many people shine, but the body shape of the “box car” may be difficult for many Chinese to accept for a while, but many young fashionistas still have a special liking for this kind of personality car. of.

The Fangzheng car body incorporating fashion elements does not make people feel any rigid or cheap like a “small face”. The urban youthful design style looks avant-garde, and the box-like shape is undoubtedly a fight for the car. Relatively more abundant riding and carrying space, it has a great advantage in practicability; four-wheel disc brakes are also applied to all models of Shuer.

When you see the pictures of the rear wheels, you may be attracted by the more powerful wheels. Indeed, the mechanically strong 5-spoke hollowed-out wheels bring a strong visual impact. Through the wheels, you can find the disc brakes used by the rear wheels of Shuer. In the actual test, Xiuer's braking performance fluctuates a little, but it is evolving in a good direction. The best score of 41.9 meters will enter the excellent level, and the average braking distance in 5 times is 42.8 meters.

I mentioned the space advantage of the “box car” in the previous article. Let's get a real feel for it. An editor with a height of 178cm can achieve two punches in the car, whether it is in the front row or the back row. The same is true for the legs. I believe that no one will be dissatisfied with the space performance of the car. At this time, there is no need to measure the length of the wheelbase from the data of 2550mm.

The interior of Sauer continues the stylish shape. The center console uses a lot of round and full lines. In order to match the color of the car body, the interior also has three colors to choose from, which will be favored by the horny people; in addition, the car audio has similar The driver can manually control the ambient light in the KTV private room, which adds a bit of fun to the life in the car.

Sauer has two displacement power units of 1.6L and 2.0L. The 1.6L engine has a maximum power of 123Ps/6300rpm and a maximum torque of 155N·m/4200rpm; the slightly more powerful 2.0L engine has a maximum power of 142Ps/6000rpm and a maximum torque of 186N· m/4600rpm. Due to the fact that Xiuer's training is more urbanized, and the center of gravity is higher, the side tilt is more obvious when winding the pile, so intense driving is obviously not suitable for it, and the overall performance of 1.6L is also sufficient for household use.

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Launched “Parkour” color test Kia SOUL 1.6MT

Guangqi Honda Fengfan Price: 9.68-14.98 million

Speaking of Fengfan very subconsciously, I think of the former Sedan Fit (Sidi). After the initial comparison, it will leave a relatively good impression on me. At least the appearance is quite reasonable.

The front face shape that resembles the Civic has its own unique flavor, with sharp edges and corners, and sharp eyes. The body is compact but not thin. The body size is 4400*1695*1470mm, but the manufacturer has positioned it as a compact car, 2550mm. Does the wheelbase have an advantage in compact cars? However, it is worth mentioning that the front and rear of the front fan are disc brakes with better heat dissipation effect.

All Fengfan series are disc brakes. The tires of the 1.8L model are 185/55 R16, and the size of the brake disc is slightly larger than 14 inches. The size of the brake disc of the 1.5L model is smaller than that of the 1.8L model because the tires are 175/65 R15. , Is 13 inches. In contrast, the dendritic wheel shape of the 1.8L model is more novel and has a stronger visual impact. The wider tires also improve the braking distance qualitatively. The best result is 41.4 meters, which is much better than the 45.9 meters of the 1.5L model.

The exquisite and avant-garde interior adds a lot to the front, and the modern interior style also attracts many young people. The overall center console is patchy and has a strong sense of layering from top to bottom, but the material is a bit irritating. I'm not satisfied, all of them are made of hard plastics, but the workmanship is relatively tight. In addition, the storage space in the car is average, and there is no place to show off.

After all, we classify Fengfan as a small car, so the interior space of the car will naturally not be too abundant. The same 178cm editor sits in the driver's seat with three fingers away from the roof, and sits in the rear with a wheelbase of 2550mm to win two for passengers. We are very satisfied with the space for punching, but due to the limitation of the roof curve, the head feels cramped.

In terms of configuration, all models except entry-level models are equipped with front side airbags, 1.8L comfort and above with fixed-speed cruise and shift paddles, and the rearview mirrors of the top models can be electrically folded, and the configuration is relatively rich; There is a cup holder in the center of the rear row, and a mobile ashtray can also be placed; in addition, the bulge in the center of the floor of the front row is smaller, which compensates for the comfort of the rear passengers to a certain extent.

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The fuel consumption is not high / the brakes are improved! Fengfan 1.8AT small test

Changan Yuexiang Sports Edition Price: 65,900

Yuexiang is a small family car launched by Changan Automobile. Due to positioning reasons, the price of all Yuexiang series is relatively low. The top model is priced at 71,900 yuan, while the sports version recommended in this article is priced at 65,900 yuan. There have been many upgrades to other models.

The biggest difference in appearance between the sports version and the normal version is that an “S” logo is added to the grille. The iconic rear wing of the sports car also appears on the Yuexiang sports version, but to be honest: the decoration completely overwhelms the practicality. . The multi-spoke hub creates a better visual effect.

In addition to the difference in the appearance of the car body, the larger matt wheels also add a bit of sports elements. The tires of the 195/55 R15 are also slightly wider than other models. The most substantial thing is that the sports version uses 4 wheel disc brakes. And the front and rear are ventilated plates, the heat dissipation effect will be better, and the heat attenuation will be better alleviated. The test results of the normal version are obviously not satisfactory, I believe the sports version will get better.

The Yuexiang sports version has only changed some details. The space in the car is limited by the 2515mm wheelbase. It can only be said to be enough. The 180cm height experiencer feels good sitting in the front row. The space for a punch on the head is better, but The space in the back row is not satisfactory, the legs will be enough, and there is basically no surplus. If the driver is a petite woman, the situation will be changed to a certain extent.

The central bulge of the rear floor is a bit too large for such a small car, which affects the ride comfort of the middle passengers to a certain extent. However, the rear headrest is designed in a reasonable manner and the height is moderate, even if it is placed in the lowest position, it will not top To the back, the head can also be relaxed, which is commendable.

The sports version uses a multifunctional leather steering wheel with integrated audio control keys. The most commonly used adjustments for driving are audio, so it is not only convenient, but also helpful to driving safety; sunroof and reversing radar are also standard on the sports version, which is not small for daily driving. In addition, the folding key is convenient to display the grade, which is relatively rare in the class of autonomous small cars.

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to sum up:

The price of mini cars and small cars is relatively low. In order to control costs, most manufacturers use a combination of front brake discs and rear brake drums. The four cars selected in this article are all four-wheel disc brakes, which are obviously better in terms of heat dissipation. a lot of. There are also self-owned brands, which also allows us to see the advantages of self-owned brands; of course, buying a car should not only value a little, but carefully weigh it. (Zhang Ke, Home of Wenzhou)