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[YesAuto Evaluation] The English name of Sagitar is Sagitar, which means “Sagittarius”. It is said that Sagittarius men are naturally indulgent. They may have true love countless times in their lives, and it only takes a minute to forget a person, but after they get married they will become good men with a sense of responsibility. The change of Sagitar seems to be undergoing such a transformation, from a free and indulgent big boy to a model husband willing to contribute to the family.

Our editor-in-chief Han Lu has a lot of affection for Sagitar. He can talk to you about how Sagitar has changed from an almost invincible car to the present one step by step from six years ago. He just used a short article yesterday. The post explained that the new Sagitar is actually the German version of Corolla-a product of compromise with reality.