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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Although Mazda 3 Angkesila is now on the limelight, the reputation of its sports models is the hard work of its predecessors. Cheng) Now we have not withdrawn from the market, but lowered our status and continued to sell. Today we have invited three Xingcheng car owners, let us listen to their car experience.

●Mr. Fang
Forum ID: FX74110

Mr. Fang is 21 years old this year and is currently engaged in sales. He bought this 2.0L manual sports version of Star Cheng in November 2013 and has already traveled 37,380 kilometers. From the perspective of mileage and time, Mr. Fang's driving is relative to the average home user. The mileage is relatively large. According to Mr. Fang, due to the current work needs, he sometimes drives this Xingcheng 10 hours a day.

Car purchase experience:

Mr. Fang bought this car while he was in college. His parents had promised him to buy a car when he was admitted to college. It was a very happy thing to have his own car during college. Peugeot 508, Volkswagen Sagitar and Audi A1 were considered when buying a car. The reason for abandoning the 508 is because of its larger body size, because the mother will occasionally drive when the car is bought. The length of the 508 is not particularly convenient for mothers who have just obtained a driver’s license. Abandoning the Sagitar is because Mr. Fang was catching up with the launch of the new Sagitar when he bought the car. And I didn’t choose A1 because I didn’t enter my ideal school, and I was embarrassed to have too much budget to buy a car. When considering Xingcheng because of the low configuration of the 1.6L model and no ESP body stabilization system, the 2.0L manual version of the Mazda 3 Xingcheng was finally chosen.

Mr. Fang is very satisfied with the appearance of Xingcheng. Compared with the modest appearance design of the models of the same level, Xingcheng’s big-mouthed front face is very individual, coupled with the starry sky blue body color, it is very dynamic, but not the appearance. I was too satisfied with the thinner paint, some paint on the hood, and the original headlights were not bright enough, but the problem was solved after I changed the headlights.

In the end, Mr. Fang scored 90 points for his Xingcheng, which is already a very high score . He said that the car met all his needs, and there were no problems during the use of the car. According to the requirements of the instructions, I go to a 4S shop for maintenance once for 5,000 kilometers, and the service attitude of the 4S shop is also better. The main deduction item is that there is a certain degree of reduction in domestic models compared to overseas models. He said that although some configurations are not available, but they feel that foreign models have foreign models but not domestic models, and I feel uncomfortable. If you configure them in the future It would be nice to be the same as the overseas version.

●Mr. Huang
Forum ID: Xiaoxiaobai 0815

Mr. Huang is 27 years old this year. He is currently engaged in a brand planning work. He bought this 1.6L manual comfort Star Cheng in May 2012. It is only used to commute to and from get off work, and currently only travels 27,084 kilometers.

Car purchase experience:

Mr. Huang had a very clear goal in buying a car. He wanted a hatchback with a white exterior and black interior. So he chose between Mazda 3, Golf 6, and Tiida. At that time, he felt that the Golf was good and met his requirements in all aspects, but he needed an increase in the price of the car, so he gave up. Up. When Mr. Huang bought the car, the Tiida with white exterior and black interior was very difficult to find, so I didn't buy it. Finally, the 1.6L white manual star Cheng was purchased.

Mr. Huang experienced abnormal noise in the gasoline pump during the use of the car, and the problem was resolved after maintenance by the 4S shop. In the end, Mr. Huang scored 75 points for his Xingcheng. The main reason was that the power of the 1.6L engine could not meet his needs, and the gasoline pump had abnormal noises. However, Mr. Huang also appreciated Xingcheng's control.

●Mr. Liu
Forum ID: ticosun

Mr. Liu is 27 years old this year. He is currently working in the technical department of a certain website. He used to have an old Jetta at home. In January 2012, he bought this 1.6L manual comfort Star Cheng when he changed cars at home. He has already traveled 75,178 kilometers.

Car purchase experience:

Mr. Huang also had a very clear goal when he bought the car. As long as he had a rear independent suspension, he chose between Xingcheng, Golf 6, Octavia, Focus and Civic. After abandoning the Golf and Octavia, I feel that the driving experience is average after the test drive. The 1.6L model engine sound is not very pleasant, and the 1.4T model is not very comfortable with the DSG gearbox. He did not choose Focus because he felt that this generation of Focus had a lighter direction and the overall driving experience was relatively comfortable. He gave up the Civic because the Honda 1.8L engine was relatively old. Finally, after a test drive of Xingcheng, he bought this 1.6L manual. For the comfort version, Mr. Liu said that if it weren’t because of a lack of budget, Mr. Buyer’s 2.0L+6MT would be the model.

Mr. Liu finally scored 80 points for his car. He was very satisfied with the appearance and handling of Xingcheng. These two points were also the points that he cared about most when buying a car. The dissatisfaction was the small rear space. Usually it's ok to use a car by yourself, but if you bring relatives and friends on a weekend outing, the space is a bit small.

Xingcheng's big-mouthed front face and dynamic body design have been recognized by three car owners. Although it has been on the market for some years , it seems that it is not out of date on the whole. Three owners of the manipulation of feelings Cheng also very satisfied with the old section of the same platform Fox Cheng uses MacPherson front multi-link independent rear suspension, it has an excellent chassis tuning and good handling ability. And not much room for rear seat passengers, weekend trip with a few friends might be a little crowded, 1.6L model configuration is low, is not equipped with ESP stability system is also three car issues of common reactions.