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[YesAuto in-depth experience] In the past two years, we have done 5 reversing radar tests, involving more than 30 models. After nearly a year, the products on the market have been further enriched. We will also restart this topic. In this issue, we tested the reversing radar capabilities of 6 new cars, let’s focus on them together.

Reversing radar series articles
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Involved models
Phase one Polaris Sega Peugeot 307 Pentium B50 Freddy Sauer Octavia Focus
the second term Boyuefeng Fan Cruz Langyi Fengshen S30 Tianyu SX4
Third period LaCrosse K5 Magotan Accord Mondeo-winning Camry Teana
Fourth period New Sonata C5 CC Ruiyi Haorui
Fifth period Epica Pentium B70 Volvo S60 Audi A4L BMW 3 Series

Project Description:

1. The farthest distance: the farthest distance that the vehicle radar can detect an obstacle, that is, the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle when the vehicle first starts to alarm.

2. Minimum distance: the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle when the radar sounds a long alarm.

2. Detection angle: the lateral detection angle of the radar at a vertical distance of one meter from the most extreme probe.

3. Detection range: the entire area covered by the radar.

Baojun 630

Price range: 6.28~95,800

Body size of Baojun 630 (unit: mm)
long width high Wheelbase
4597 1736 1462 2640

We have tested the Baojun 630 manual elite version, and the editors' evaluation of this car is still relatively high. It relies on the mature technology of SAIC GM to build a family car. In terms of price and practicability, this is a cost-effective product. If you are interested, please check out our review article, “Mature Technology Test Baojun 630 Elite under New Faces”.

After actual testing, the detection distance of Baojun 630 radar is still relatively ideal. The farthest detection distance is 154cm and the shortest distance is 33cm. However, the radar of Baojun 630 is higher than the ground and has limited ability to detect low obstacles, so it is used in our daily use. It is necessary to pay attention to objects such as ground locks and stone piers.

The detection range of the Baojun 630 radar is quite impressive. The detection angle of the single-sided radar probe reaches 46 degrees. From this point of view, it surpasses many joint venture brands. However, due to the large detection angle, the radar response is too sensitive, so the driver needs more Judge the location of obstacles by yourself.

New Fox

Price range: 11.99-16.99 million

New Focus body size (unit: mm)
long width high Wheelbase
Hatchback 4368 1823 1483 2648
Sedan 4534 1823 1483 2648

The new Focus has a relatively reasonable price. The new power system has improved fuel economy and power. All models except for the comfort type are equipped with reversing radar and the radar is three-sensor.

We tested the hatchback Focus, the radar height is about 60cm from the ground, which is similar to most models, but there are only 3 Fox radar probes, and the joint venture brand models of the same price are equipped with 4 probes. Focus is a little stingy on this point; The farthest detection distance is 165cm, which can prompt the driver's attention at a far distance; the nearest detection distance is 34cm, and the radar can continue driving for a short distance after a long beeping alarm.

The performance of the Fox radar is quite satisfactory. The radar detection range is a regular sector. The radius of the probes on both sides is small, and the radius of the middle probe is large, so that it will not be too sensitive like the Baojun 630. In comparison, this logical comparison is still reasonable.

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Price range: 13.18-13.58 million

Civic body size (unit: mm)
long width high Wheelbase
4535 1755 1450 2670

The overall performance of the main sports card Civic is quite satisfactory. We have compared it with the Sagitar. In the comparison, the two show different personalities. The Civic has a more distinctive personality, while the Sagitar tends to be more stable. If you are interested, you should check the two. Compare articles, dynamic: “See the car to know the performance of the new Sagitar vs. the new Civic”, static: “A new generation of tit for the new Sagitar vs. the new Civic”. In terms of configuration, all Civic systems are equipped with reversing radar as standard. What about the capabilities of the radar? Let us tell you through the test.

The Civic’s radar has a height of about 53cm from the ground and a maximum detection distance of 119cm. Because the radar has a suitable height, when testing the minimum distance, there is no need to stack pile buckets like the Baojun 630 and Focus above. It can detect even if it is very close to the car. The minimum detection distance measured is 19cm. Since the radar is only 19cm away from the obstacle when the radar is beeping, it is necessary to stop immediately.

Within one meter, the Civic’s lateral detection angle is 21 degrees, and the rear radar detection range is relatively wide. On the whole, the Civic’s radar detection logic is still good, but the ability to detect obstacles parallel to the rear of the car is limited. 30cm.

Mitsubishi Wing God (hereinafter referred to as Wing God)

Price range: 10.98~169,800

Body size of Yishen (unit: mm)
long width high Wheelbase
4570 1760 1490 2635

Today, we will not talk about whether the Wingshen really exercises. If you want to see these, I recommend you to read “The Definition of Outer Rigidity and Internal Softness! Test Lancer Wingshen 2.0+CVT; today I will not talk about whether it has a good basis for modification. If you want to see the modification case of Yishen, I recommend you to read “400 horsepower blessing! Mitsubishi Wingshen 2.0TMT Wonderful Modification”; today we put aside these and only focus on the details of the reversing radar.

The distance of Yishen’s radar from the ground is 60cm, which is not too high among the tested models. The rear enclosure has 4 radar probes. Its maximum detection range is 124cm and minimum detection range is 33cm, which is similar to that of Fox. You can continue to retreat if you wish when you scream, but it should be noted that the radar's ability to detect low obstacles is limited and requires special attention.

At a fixed position of one meter, the radar detection angle is 13 degrees, which is not very large from the data point of view, but the overall detection range is quite regular, showing a fan-like shape, and the detection radius of each probe is also reasonable.

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Price range: 19.88-299.8 thousand

Beetle body size (unit mm)
long width high Wheelbase
4278 1808 1486 2537

The new generation of Beetle changed the cute shape of the old model. Retro and sports became the main theme of the model. We gathered three generations of “bugs”, new and old, and completed the “Classic “Bug” Life Experience Volkswagen Beetle Three Generations”. An interesting article, but today we will turn our attention to the reversing radar. Except for the low-profile models of the third-generation Beetle, the other models are equipped with reversing radar. Let's check it out.

The height of the radar behind the Beetle is 56cm, and its maximum detection distance and minimum distance are 152cm and 39cm, respectively. The maximum distance is ideal, and the minimum distance is too long. After the radar beeps, there is also a certain amount of rich space. For female drivers, Said that this is considered an advantage, allowing more time to react.

The Beetle's ability to detect lateral obstacles is relatively weak, so when reversing, you should pay more attention to objects on the side of the rear of the car to avoid touching the sexy and iconic wheel eyebrows.

The front part of the Beetle also has a four-probe radar, which can solve the problems caused by the line of sight problem in the car. The front mine adopts a high and low position layout. The high position radar is about 42cm and the low position radar is about 34cm, which can cover. Obstacles of different heights. The farthest distance that the front radar can detect is 125cm, the smallest distance is 47cm, and the distance is longer.

The detection range of the front radar of the Beetle is relatively large, and it can avoid scratching to the greatest extent whether it is parking or turning. For female drivers, this configuration is particularly important.

The RCD310 system can simulate the position and distance of obstacles, and can relatively intuitively understand the positional relationship between obstacles and the car when reversing or passing through narrow corners. It is more convenient and the cost is not high compared to reversing images.

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Price range: 25.98-428,800

Geshitu body size (unit: mm)
long width high Wheelbase
4995 1900 1560 2795

Geshitu's sales soared after the launch of the 2.4L model, mainly due to its personalized cross-border style and better practicality than a sedan, so as a hot-selling model, we need to pay attention to it Radar.

The height of the radar from the ground after the song is about 63cm, the maximum detectable distance is 135cm, and the minimum distance is 45cm. However, the detection ability for low obstacles is limited. We must stack large pile buckets to be detected. Therefore, , Remind drivers to pay more attention to the obstacles at the rear of the car, because Geshitu adopts a hatchback shape, and the line of sight from the rear window is also normal.

Although the radar has limited ability to detect low obstacles, the range of the rear radar is good. The range is a standard fan shape, and it has the ability to detect obstacles at 40cm on the rear side of the vehicle, which can prompt the driver as soon as possible.

Geshitu instrument panel has a distance display with a reversing radar, but the form is relatively simple, compared with the display basis of the Beetle, the actual meaning is not very big.

List of radar capabilities (unit: mm)
Maximum detection distance (cm) Minimum detection distance (cm) Detection angle (degree)
Baojun 630 154 33 46
New Fox 165 34 30
New Civic 119 19 twenty one
Mitsubishi Wing God 124 33 13
Beetle 152 39 15
Song Poems 135 45 20

to sum up:

The performance of the six car radars we tested is quite satisfactory. From the distance point of view, the farthest detection distance is about 150cm, and the minimum detection distance is about 30cm. Among them, the Civic is special. Its minimum detection distance is 19cm. In other words, when the radar sounds a long warning, the driver needs to stop immediately. From the perspective of detection range, most of the models have a fan surface. The detection range of the radar probes on both sides is short, and the detection range of the middle radar is long. Only Baojun's radar logic is special. The detection range of all radars at the rear of the car is the same, and the detection range is the same. It is very large and can cover the entire rear of the vehicle. It is more sensitive to obstacles, but the driver needs to judge obstacles more. (Wentu Auto House Zhang Keshe Jin Xinyuanlu)

Thanks to the following dealers for providing vehicles:

Baojun 630: Longsheng Junda Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.
Address: West of Road 300 meters south of Xiaowuji Bridge, East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Phone: 400-868-6312

Fox: Beijing Zhongqi Furui Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 7, District F, Beijing International Automobile Trade Service Park, Gucheng Street, Shijingshan District, Beijing.
Phone: 400-868-8025

Songs: Guangben Jiahua Jingshun Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 339, Dongxindian, Cuigezhuang Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Phone: 010-64360606

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