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[YesAuto original test drive] To say what the most popular SUV in the auto market is, it is definitely not the Tiguan. Its launch is like a depth bomb dropped into the auto market, and the waves overwhelmed the edge of other SUVs. The price increase frenzy has still not been quelled. It is not unreasonable that Tiguan’s popularity has changed from import to domestic price reduction, as well as the still superior workmanship standard, while catering to domestic consumers to extend the wheelbase by 80 mm.

It has been more than half a year since the Tiguan went on the market, and Autohome has also conducted a detailed test drive experience and test on the 2.0TSI version of the model, but don’t forget that the Tiguan 1.8TSI is the real sales force. This is equipped with a relatively small displacement of the EA888 series. How does the engine model perform? Today we will focus on its power and manipulation.

● Appearance and configuration overview

This time the test drive organizer has prepared two cars, 1.8TSI Elite Edition and 2.0TSI Flagship Navigation Edition. As the 1.8TSI models are equipped with optional comfort technology packages and intelligent navigation packages, the performance is more on the front face. With the headlight cleaning device, the follow-up steering bi-xenon headlights and the front radar probe, the front face of this 1.8TSI Elite version is no different from the 2.0TSI flagship navigation version due to the optional package.

The most obvious difference in the appearance of the two cars is the style of the wheels. They are both Hankook tires with a size of 235/55 R17, but the elite version is equipped with five wheels, while the flagship navigation version has ten.

Displacement recognition can be seen in the color of the three letters of the tail TSI. If all three letters are red, it is 2.0TSI. If only “SI” is red, it means that this is a 1.8TSI model. If you want to find the difference in the appearance of the two cars, you can only look at the wheel style and the color of the tail.

If it is the “naked” 1.8TSI Elite version, its configuration is still very different from the 2.0TSI flagship navigation version. Thanks to the powerful optional package, the two car interiors and The configuration difference is very small, except for the 2.0TSI flagship navigation version which uses Vienna suede leather seats, the rest is no different from this 1.8STI elite version, so if you have a lot of money in your pocket, you only need to choose the Comfort Technology optional package. With the optional smart navigation package, a 1.8TSI elite version can be disguised as a 1.8TSI “flagship navigation version”.

Introduction of Tiguan optional package: If you are not satisfied with the configuration of some models of Tiguan, Shanghai Volkswagen also provides three optional packages, namely, panoramic sunroof optional package, comfort technology optional package and intelligent navigation optional package. The matching of different optional packages is also different. Among them, the 1.8TSI Metropolitan Edition and 2.0TSI Flagship Navigation Edition cannot install optional packages. For details, please see the following table:


1.8TSI hand-automatic integrated fashion version

1.8TSI hand-automatic integrated fashion version Four-wheel drive

1.8TSI Hand- automatic One Elite Edition Four-wheel drive

2.0TSI Hand- automatic One Elite Edition Four-wheel drive

2.0TSI Hand-Auto Integrated Ultimate Edition Four-wheel drive

Panoramic sunroof optional package




Comfort Technology Optional Package





Smart navigation optional package

Types of optional packages for Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan

Panoramic sunroof optional package

Panorama electric sunroof / shading curtain with electric sunroof, front and rear penetrating head air curtain

Comfort Technology Optional Package

Automatic height adjustable AFS intelligent follow-up steering bi-xenon headlights / headlight cleaning device, corner auxiliary lighting corner lights, 10 probe front and rear reversing radar and PLA intelligent parking assist system, exterior mirror memory function, driver Seat memory function, the front seats can be heated, and the wind window washing nozzle can be heated

Smart navigation optional package

Navigation system ( including single-disc DVD/30GB car hard drive /AUX-IN audio interface /SD card data interface ) , reversing video with dynamic auxiliary line, mobile phone Bluetooth communication system

Since the car home has done a lot of introductions to the appearance, configuration and space of the Tiguan before, we will not introduce them in detail today. Readers who need to know can click the link below:

● Driving experience

Tiguan 1.8TSI is the protagonist of this test drive. Its handling and power performance are the important aspects of this test drive. The 1.8-liter EA888 series turbocharged engine it is equipped with can be found on both Magotan and Haorui, with maximum power. It is 160 horsepower/4500-6200rpm, the maximum torque is 250N·m/1500-4500rpm, and it is matched with the tiptronic 6-speed automatic manual gearbox.

Although it is not equipped with a DSG dual-clutch transmission, the 6-speed automated manual gearbox used by Tiguan is still very dedicated. In normal driving, you can hardly feel the shift unless you increase the fuel. The gearbox is adjusted as a whole. It is more inclined to comfort and economy, but this does not mean that it can not bring you passion.

Turbocharging begins to intervene after 1500 rpm, but the accelerator pedal is not so positive for power feedback. The power increase in the first half of the accelerator pedal stroke can be said to be tepid. The engine seems to be an unawakened beast, the gearbox In order to enter the high gear early for fuel economy, the speed has been maintained below 2000 rpm. Only when the gearbox is deeply stepped on the accelerator will the driver's intention to downshift be detected. As the speed increases, the engine starts to wake up, and the power follows. Come.

If you are dissatisfied with the D gear, then the S gear will dispel the resentment you had for it just now. When you push in the S gear, the engine speed is maintained at 3000 rpm, and the throttle response is reversed from the lazy state just now, as if it was pierced by a needle. Be able to perceive every trace of your feet, step on the accelerator deeply, and the speed will soar up to 6000 rpm with the roar of the engine before shifting. Although 1.8TSI has a large gap in power with the 200 horsepower of 2.0TSI, it It can still bring you an invigorating sense of acceleration. It's just the roar of the engine and the obvious shock of shifting that remind you to stop in moderation.

Tiguan's performance is still excellent when driving at high speed. The engine speed will be maintained at about 1750 rpm at a speed of 100Km/h. The lower speed indicates that the engine still retains sufficient stamina. Thanks to the good airtightness of the vehicle, the sound insulation level of the Tiguan is commendable. With the increase of vehicle speed, except for the slightly larger tire noise, the suppression of wind noise and engine sound is at a high level, and it does not affect the passengers in the car at all. communicate with.

Tiguan’s suspension is re-adjusted according to domestic road conditions. The overall suspension adjustment is more comfortable under the premise of ensuring stability. This suspension can filter out the small bumps on the road when driving on normal roads and pass through potholes. The suspension still retains its toughness on the road, and there is no extra up and down shaking after the shock is returned to position. Although due to the taller body, the side tilt is obvious when cornering, the tough suspension quickly straightens the body, which will not give the driver the feeling of lack of confidence in cornering like other SUVs.

● Summary

After Japanese and Korean models have occupied the domestic compact SUV market for many years, the German side finally launched an offensive. The combination of Tiguan's stylish design, rigorous workmanship, spacious space and good power performance is undoubtedly a very powerful compact SUV market. Competitor, and Tiguan 1.8TSI as the most popular model, its power is also at a higher level in the same class of cars, while the lower peak torque output speed is more suitable for urban driving, from the perspective of daily use, its Performance can be said to fully meet your needs.