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[YesAuto owner interview] Outlander can be regarded as a niche car in China, but it is undeniable that its space, power and fuel consumption are all satisfactory. In the previous test drive article, we had a detailed interpretation of Outlander, and today we invited three car owners to listen to their evaluation of this car.

●Mr. Zhong

Mr. Zhong is a newly retired engineer. He used to work in the National Institute of Mechanical Science. He has been driving for more than 10 years. He has driven QQ, Zhonghua Zunchi, Mazda 6 and other cars. This Outlander was purchased on October 13, 2013 and has traveled 13,922 kilometers so far.

Mr. Zhong locked the model on the SUV when he first bought the car. However, he does not like those two-wheel drive SUVs that can only travel in the city. He requires that the vehicle must have good trafficability, while also being fuel-efficient and efficient. With a large space, Outlander meets his needs in the end. In fact, in the car selection stage, Mr. Zhong also considered the Jeep Guide and Ford Escape. The reason for abandoning the Guide was that there was not enough space, and the Escape was not chosen because its approach angle was too small.

Like the appearance of Outlander

Mr. Zhong expressed his approval for Outlander's appearance, and he also added a lot of decorative parts to the car, including front and rear anti-friction plates and pedals for getting on and off the car. In addition, I also noticed that the car’s metal texture logo is pasted on the rear of the car. Thanks to loyal fans like Mr. Zhong for their continued support of the car’s home, we will continue to work hard.

More satisfactory:

Mr. Zhong expressed his satisfaction with Outlander's space and fuel consumption performance. For a long time, Mr. Zhong has carefully recorded the fuel consumption in a small notebook. The high-speed fuel consumption of this car is about 7-8L/100km, and the fuel consumption in the urban area is only less than 10L/100km. Mr. Zhong's Outlander is mainly used for daily outings, so there are often people in the back row. Passengers have expressed that the back row of this car is very spacious.

Unsatisfactory minor flaws:

Talking about the shortcomings of Outlander, Mr. Zhong said that there is no major problem with this car, but it still needs improvement in some small details. For example, its windows cannot be lifted or lowered remotely after the car is locked; many buttons in the car do not have a backlight, and can only be found in the dark at night; the original navigation is not easy to use, etc. In response to the above points, Mr. Zhong has made improvements himself. In addition, Mr. Zhong also installed an engine compartment tie rod (commonly known as the top bar) for his car to increase the rigidity of the body.

Stolen tires

In this interview, Mr. Zhong also talked about his own experience. When this Outlander was parked in a community in Shijingshan District, Beijing, one side of the tire was stolen. In desperation, Mr. Zhong thought of buying two new wheels at a 4S shop. After inquiring, he learned that the two wheels cost about 15,000 yuan. Mr. Zhong felt that it was too expensive. Finally, after several setbacks, he finally found a store in the Auto Parts City that represented Mitsubishi brand related accessories. For the same price of about 15,000 yuan, he bought two wheels from the test drive, plus a set of full-size spare tires. (The original car is a non-full-size spare tire).

Owner's summary:

Mr. Zhong spoke highly of the appearance, space and fuel consumption of this car, and the power is also adequate. As for the performance of the four-wheel drive, Mr. Zhong only had a simple experience on ice and snow, so he didn't make more comments. He also hopes to reach farther places to experience the fun of self-driving in the future.

●Mr. Liang

Mr. Liang and Mr. Zhong are about the same age and are close to retirement. However, before retirement, this Outlander was mainly used as a means of transportation to and from get off work. When Mr. Liang bought the car, Outlander had just been on the market. After more than a year, the car has now traveled 11,200 kilometers without any major problems.

Unlike Mr. Zhong, Mr. Liang is a person who pays more attention to the appearance of vehicles. He believes that the appearance of the new generation Outlander has greatly improved compared with the previous generation, because he does not like the previous large-mouth design. At the beginning of the car selection, Mr. Liang also considered Subaru Forester and Mazda CX-7. The reason for abandoning the Forester was that the wheels of the new model did not like the wheels, and he did not choose the CX-7 because this car did not have a large central control screen and The navigation does not seem to be upscale.

Mr. Liang did not have a discount when he bought this car. The 4S shop only gave him a gift package worth 8,800 yuan, including the previous maintenance and so on, and also discounted the insurance cost by 2,000 yuan. Today, Outlander has a preferential margin of about 35,000 to 40,000. Even if he knew this, Mr. Liang did not regret it. After all, the car was bought early, so you should buy it first and experience it first!

More satisfactory: space, power, fuel consumption

The three things that satisfy Mr. Liang most about this car are space, power and fuel consumption. Mr. Liang said that once a relative got married, many people were full of praise for the loading capacity of this car. After the rear seats were down, the whole car could be used as a truck. Mr. Liang also felt very satisfied with the 2.4L engine and CVT gearbox carried by Outlander. The daily use is full of power, even when the ECO mode is not turned on, the fuel consumption is not high.


Like Mr. Zhong, Mr. Liang also believes that Outlander still has some small details worthy of improvement. For example, the time display of this car is not easy to check, there is no glasses case, the position of the central armrest is relatively backward, etc. In addition, the level of technical staff in 4S stores is also uneven. Mr. Liang believes that Mitsubishi manufacturers should conduct more detailed and comprehensive training for dealers.

Owner's summary:

Outlander's space, power and fuel consumption are what makes Mr. Liang the most satisfied. These three advantages are enough to make Mr. Liang give a high evaluation for his car. Mr. Liang expressed his dissatisfaction with those small details as acceptable, after all, it is impossible for any car to be perfect.

●Mr. Huang

Mr. Huang is engaged in the electronics industry. Previously, his car was a Touran. This Outlander was purchased in January this year with a discount of 35,000. It has just traveled 4,000 kilometers.

Mr. Huang did not go through any careful selection when buying a car. He was mainly influenced by his friends and believed that the quality of the Outlander car is trustworthy. Mr. Huang said that his previous Touran had always had minor problems, which completely broke his heart, so he planned to change to a worry-free car.

More satisfactory place:

Because there is a baby in the family, Mr. Huang requires that the vehicle must be able to easily install a child safety seat, which Outlander has done well. In addition, the storage space and riding space of the vehicle are also satisfactory to Mr. Huang. The refrigeration effect of the automatic air conditioner is very good. After all, this is a new car. I hope it can maintain this level after a few years of use.


It may be that he is used to the sound of the old Outlander. Mr. Huang always feels that his new-generation Outlander engine sounds a bit like a diesel engine. In fact, there is indeed a difference in engine structure between the new and old models. The valve mechanism of the new generation Outlander engine uses SOHC single overhead camshaft. The sound of the engine is relatively clear when running, while the old model adopts DOHC double overhead camshaft. form. In addition, the two engines have some differences in other aspects. The new engine is code-named 4J12, and the old 2.4L engine is 4B12.

After getting used to driving Volkswagen models, Mr. Huang is not quite used to some of the key operations of Outlander. Of course, Mr. Huang also pointed out some less user-friendly designs. For example, Outlander does not have an automatic locking function, and the lock must be manually unlocked every time the vehicle is driven, which feels very inconvenient.

Owner's summary:

Mr. Huang has not been driving this Outlander for a long time, and many advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle have yet to be discovered. Mr. Huang said that through driving during this period of time, he believes that the overall performance of the Outlander car is in line with his expectations. It is more fuel-efficient than Touran and has a lot of space. He is also confident in quality.

to sum up:

The three car owners all gave a very positive evaluation of Outlander's space and fuel consumption, which is also Outlander's advantage over other rivals. The purpose of the new power system is not to improve power, but to be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. This is a pragmatic transformation. Of course, Mitsubishi also needs to learn from other manufacturers in terms of some configurations and user-friendly designs, so as to attract more consumers.