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[YesAuto owner interview] Speaking of about 500,000 urban SUV models, many people choose Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5 or Ford Explorer or Cadillac XT5. These models are relatively common on the road, but some people prefer the niche For example, the following three car owners chose the less common Lincoln MKX. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this car in daily use.

●The first owner: Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang's car is a 2015 four-wheel drive Zunya version with a guide price of 499,800 yuan. The time of purchase was December 2015. Up to now, it has ran about 15,000 kilometers in more than a year. At the time when I bought a car, I wanted to buy a family car with a lot of space. There were no other clear requirements at the use level. It was a coincidence when I encountered the Lincoln MKX.

Mr. Wang’s forum ID is called the old time is the beauty 灬, the last word “灬” is pronounced huo, which has the same meaning and pronunciation as “火”. With the increase of Internet language nowadays, “灬” is often used as a symbol. Used to embellish network nicknames, names, etc.

● Car purchase experience

During a trip to a 4S store of another brand, Mr. Wang saw the Lincoln 4S store, went to see the car and was attracted by Lincoln's service, so he had the following story. When choosing a car, because he already had a car at home, Mr. Wang locked the model as an SUV at the beginning. At that time, he also watched Mercedes-Benz GLC, BMW X3 and Lexus RX, and finally gave up them because of the small GLC. , X3 is old, RX and MKX Zunya models are similar in price and too expensive. I asked if you have considered the Audi Q5. His answer is that the Q5 is all over the street and has no personality. So in the end, Mr. Wang chose Lincoln MKX, but when he picked up the car, not only did he not have a penny discount, he also installed a decoration package of 20,000 yuan, which includes crystal plating on the whole car, pedals, lower engine guards, and chassis. Armor and foil.

When it comes to appearance, part of Mr. Wang’s satisfaction is Lincoln’s through-type taillights. He thinks it is very individual. It is highly recognizable when lit at night. At the same time, he thinks the appearance of MKX can be tougher, such as the engine compartment or You can add a vent or the like on the fender.

Choosing an SUV is somewhat more demanding for passability, but Mr. Wang feels that MKX does a good job in this regard. The minimum ground clearance of 159 mm itself is not large, and it is even lower after installing the pedals. I was always afraid of rubbing my teeth when I was on the road.

Mr. Wang is quite satisfied with the interior of the MKX, especially in terms of materials. The large area of leather on the center console and door panels all show the luxury of this price. For the push-button shift, Mr. Wang feels that it is quite distinctive, and it takes a long time to be quite easy, but the position of the one-button start is not very good, and it is easy to mis-operate.

In addition, like many car owners, the automatic start-stop is a configuration that Mr. Wang has to shut down when he gets on the car. In the stop-and-go road conditions in Beijing, sometimes the start is a little slower and it is easy for people to get into trouble. Lincoln’s MKX is also equipped with active safety features such as pedestrian recognition, anti-collision warning, and active braking. Mr. Wang thinks this configuration is still very practical, but in the early stages of use, it will appear that the brakes will be actively stepped on when unnecessary. , Sometimes it’s easy to get shocked. Later, the problem was solved after the sensitivity of the system was lowered. In addition, like many car owners, the reaction speed of the SYNC 2 system on the car became the focus of complaints.

In addition, he feels that the assembly process in the car needs to be strengthened. It turned out that in the summer, perhaps because of the heat and the thermal expansion of the components, the trim panel under the center console screen will have abnormal noises caused by the squeezing of different components. The sound disappeared after the 4S shop was repaired.

Although he is the only person who usually uses the car, but occasionally draws on his family and friends, Mr. Wang does not want them to sit too cramped. Therefore, he chose MKX instead of MKC because the rear space can be larger. Actually, it feels like the back row. There is enough space, but not as big as he thought before.

Mr. Wang thinks that the hollowed-out storage compartment under the MKX center console is quite innovative, and the space is relatively large. It doesn’t seem cluttered to put anything at ordinary times, but he thinks there are two things that can be improved in the storage area. One is the center. The storage compartment cover in front of the armrest box is operated by pushing it to open and then pushing it to close. However, many people will misuse it when closing it, and pull the cover back, which is easy to be broken. The second is that the door handle on the car door is hollowed out. If the bottom is sealed, a mobile phone can also be placed inside.

Since the car is usually used by one person, there is not much time to load things in the trunk. Mr. Wang still affirms the space in the trunk, but there have been problems with the electronic induction of the trunk. The specific problem is the electric tailgate. It cannot be locked when it is closed, and it will automatically open again. After reopening, it cannot be closed electrically. It can only be pulled down by hand. Mr. Wang said that he inquired about it. Besides him, several car owners also encountered similar problems. After going to the 4S shop, they re-applied the trunk module, but the problem was not completely solved. It took about six months to continue. Later, the problem disappeared by itself.

Mr. Wang's car usually spends most of his time in the city. The power of this 253-horsepower 2.0T engine is enough to cope with it, and it is completely sufficient for normal use. Mr. Wang's usual driving style is quite calm. The average fuel consumption of this car is currently 11.2L/100km, which is a good result for this big man with more than 2 tons. The performance of the gearbox is not perfect. First of all, there will be more obvious frustrations when the 2nd gear is up to the 3rd gear. When the speed is required for deep stepping on the accelerator, the speed of downshifting is also relatively slow.

Owner's summary:

In the end, Mr. Wang scored 85 points for his car, and he was quite satisfied with the performance of most aspects of the vehicle, especially when he talked about the service concept of “Lincoln Way” of the 4S store is very good, and the service attitude of the reception staff makes people comfortable. The main score of 15 points is deducted from the performance of the gearbox. I hope that the gearbox can be changed to a more up-to-date gearbox in the next change.

●Mr. Wen, the second owner:

At the beginning, I needed to buy a car because I got the number. I started to pay attention to Lincoln's MKX under the introduction of a friend. Later, I learned about this car through the forum and word-of-mouth of the car home, and purchased the guide price in January 2016. It is a 2015 four-wheel drive premium model of 499,800 yuan.

●Car purchase experience

At the beginning of the car selection, Mr. Wen also considered Porsche's Macan and Mercedes-Benz's GLC, but because the space of these two cars was not satisfactory, and he felt that Porsche's service attitude was not very good, so it would be more to add configuration to the model. After paying more than 100,000 yuan, the queue time for GLC car purchase was too long, so after seeing the real MKX car at the Lincoln 4S store, I did not hesitate to choose MKX.

In terms of appearance, Mr. Wen said that he really saw this car at a glance. The overall look is very good, and the shape is relatively simple, which is fully in line with his aesthetics. Mr. Wen also said that he does not like the design of Cadillac XT5. It's too exaggerated to look good.

The design of the penetrating taillight is also very attractive to Mr. Wen. We found that many Lincoln owners are very satisfied with the design of this taillight. In actual use, the through-type taillight is indeed very recognizable at night.

Mr. Wen expressed satisfaction with the design of the interior. The workmanship and materials are very particular, and the overall sense of luxury is also created. However, in many details, Mr. Wen thinks that Lincoln has a lot of room for improvement, such as one-click start. The location is easy to cause misoperation; the storage space of the center console is not easy to use, and the steering wheel of Mr. Wen’s car has cracked leather. It is rare to appear on a car that has only traveled 15,000 kilometers, but this This phenomenon may be just an example. In terms of multimedia, Mr. Wen said that the voice recognition rate is not high, and the car navigation experience is not very good, which is incomparable with the current mobile phone navigation.

With regard to space, Mr. Wen expressed satisfaction, especially the rear space, which is much larger than the Mercedes-Benz GLC originally seen. He also said that the space in the trunk is relatively large, which can fully meet the daily use, and the induction electric tailgate is very easy to use, especially when carrying things in your hands. The only downside is that the trunk cover will bounce off when it encounters bumpy road conditions, but this is not a flaw.

Mr. Wen usually uses the car in a good environment, mainly in the fourth and fifth ring roads. He said that the power of this 2.0T engine is very sufficient. He does not drive fast, so there is no problem with the power. In daily use, the fuel consumption is 10.6L/ He felt quite satisfied in terms of fuel consumption at 100km. Regarding the performance of the gearbox, which everyone is very concerned about, Mr. Wen said that in traffic jams, there are occasional setbacks at low speeds. If you don't feel it specifically, it is difficult to feel it, and it has little effect on the texture of the car.

Owner's summary:

In the end, Mr. Wen scored 80 points for his car. He was very satisfied with the overall performance of the vehicle. When talking about Lincoln's service, he also expressed affirmation. Those 20 points were mainly deducted from the multimedia performance. Mr. Wen hopes In the future, manufacturers can upgrade the multimedia for old car owners, improve the navigation experience, increase the success rate of some voice recognition, etc., and take more care of the old car owners.

●The third owner: Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun’s car is different from the first two. This MKX is a 2.7T four-wheel drive Zunyao version, which has a better dynamic performance. It has run about 25,000 kilometers since it was purchased in February 2016.

●Car purchase experience

The Lincoln MKX is Mr. Sun’s second car. The first is Suzuki Tianyu. After the space of the previous car is not enough for family use, it is necessary to add a car with a larger space. Talking about why I fancy the MKX At that time, he said that the Lincoln MKX advertisement attracted him when he browsed the Autohome website. Before that, he also paid attention to Ford's cutting edge and explorers, as well as Toyota's Highlander. In the end, he chose the Lincoln MKX with higher brand value. , And there is also no discount when picking up the car. Because of the paint, an extra 8,000 yuan was added. However, during the actual shooting, the car has been filmed on the whole car. Mr. Sun said that he prefers the current color, and the film can also protect the paint. , After sticking the film, Mr. Sun has gone to the DMV for filing and replaced the vehicle photo on the driving license. If you want to change the color of your car, you must remember to file with the DMV, otherwise it will be an illegal modification.

In terms of appearance, what Mr. Sun is most satisfied with is the headlights. It seems that Lincoln models still have a hand in lighting. Both the front headlights and the rear taillights have been recognized by the owners. At the same time, he also thinks that the front cover should be replaced. The design is higher, the front face will be more domineering.

Mr. Sun feels that the MKX's central control style is too old and lacks some sense of technology, but it is still very basic in terms of materials. He thinks that the interior materials of MKX reflect the grade of this car. He and Mr. Wen have similar opinions about the storage compartment of the center console. It is not so convenient to use. Every time you go to get something, you need to reach out from the co-pilot's position. Got something.

Mr. Sun’s car configuration is very complete. The most commonly used ones are seat massage and 360° panoramic camera. He said that as long as a person sits in the car, he will turn on the seat massage. The daily use is very high, and the 360° panoramic camera does not matter. It is very helpful when parking or the wrong car. It effectively avoids small bumps and makes driving easier.

Since most of the time Mr. Sun is alone in the car, he occasionally takes his family with him, so in terms of space, he said that there is enough space, and the comfort of the MKX seat is very high, which makes the owner very satisfied. Regarding the space in the trunk, Mr. Sun said that he was fairly general, but he was very satisfied with the “one kick” function, especially in terms of sensitivity.

The sunroof of Mr. Sun's car will make abnormal noises when the four wheels are not evenly stressed. The instrument panel will also make abnormal noises when driving through the continuous speed bump at high speed. When driving on bumpy roads, the trunk cover will bounce back by itself. , These are more annoying. There have been problems with the main driver's doors and windows of this car. When there is no operation, the main driver's doors and windows will be lowered and then raised again. Finally, the control module was replaced at the 4S shop and resolved. Mr. Sun also mentioned a place that confuses him. When the front seats are ventilated, the back of the seat is very hot, and the rear passengers will feel the back of the seat when they touch it. According to our understanding, In the word-of-mouth system of our website, some riders have also reported this problem.

Mr. Sun is very satisfied with the power of this car, especially at high speeds. The speed is very fast. However, when driving in the city, he feels that the vehicle’s dynamic response is relatively slow. When following the car in congested road conditions, the accelerator will be lower if you step on it. Jump, stepping on shallow spots is easy to be blocked by other vehicles. Regarding the performance of the gearbox, he said that the shift speed is not fast. Sometimes when the second gear is up to the third gear, there will be a frustration, and the speed will drop a little, but the probability of this situation is not very high. In terms of noise control, he believes that wind noise is very well suppressed, and the noise in the back row is slightly louder than the front row in high-speed driving. Mr. Sun's high-speed road conditions accounted for a relatively high proportion of 50%, and he often travels off peaks, so the fuel consumption is 12 fuel consumption, and the fuel consumption performance is also quite satisfactory.

Owner's summary:

   In the end, Mr. Sun scored a high score of 95 points for his car. It seems that some minor problems can not stop him from loving his car. However, he also expressed the hope that the manufacturers will pay attention to the minor problems he pointed out and solve them. . When talking about maintenance every time he enters the store, Mr. Sun also praised the service attitude of the Lincoln 4S store.

Full text summary:

The three car owners have a relatively large age span, but in the end they all chose the relatively niche Lincoln MKX. During the course of using the car, they all discovered some minor problems with the car, but none of them could affect their love of their car, especially It is worth mentioning that the three car owners talked about Lincoln's service more than once during the interview. The three car owners were very affirmed of Lincoln's service and said that this is also a very important reason why they love Lincoln. In general, although the Lincoln brand started late in the country, it is now increasingly showing its competitiveness.