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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Magotan's sales have been good after its extension. This medium-sized car, once known for its power, has now become more comprehensive and luxurious. Why do consumers choose Magotan? Is it the large rear space that attracts them? How do they feel after buying the car? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Today we invited 3 Magotan owners to chat about their cars.

Mr. Su: 2.0TSI luxury car owner

Forum ID: rexhsen (carry-up operation)

Mr. Su, who works in a scientific research unit, focused on the three models of Magotan, Teana and Camry when buying a car. At that time, the Teana had just changed, and there were basically no discounts, and the Camry with the same configuration level was relatively cheap. After weighing repeatedly, Mr. Su still chose the highest-priced Magotan. His preference for German cars and the magnificent appearance of the Magotan made Mr. Su's final decision.

Satisfied place

In the car selection stage, what moved Mr. Su the most was the grand and luxurious appearance of the Magotan, especially the front grille spliced with chrome and matte trims, which not only provides a sense of luxury, but also does not look too tacky like a pure chrome grille. When looking at the car in the 4S shop, Mr. Su was also satisfied with the soft leather seats of Magotan. The materials and workmanship of the seats were excellent, which left a deep impression on him.

To my surprise, Mr. Su Magotan's back row usage rate is not high. He usually drives the vehicle, but his son who goes to college occasionally uses the vehicle on holidays. The rear row of the vehicle is vacant most of the time, which is somewhat a pity for the “large rear row” of Magotan.

In terms of power, Mr. Su is quite satisfied, more than enough for daily driving. Due to the congestion on the road to and from get off work every day, Mr. Su’s Magotan also has the highest fuel consumption among the three car owners. According to Mr. Su's own calculations, its Magotan fuel consumption should be around 10 liters/100 kilometers, but recently there have been more congested roads, and the air conditioning is on in hot weather, so the overall fuel consumption has increased.

Mr. Su believes that Magotan's configuration is only sufficient. To say that the configuration that is practical for daily use, that is, cruise at constant speed. In several long-distance driving, the cruise control has helped a lot, reducing the physical fatigue caused by driving.

Unsatisfactory place

What Mr. Su is most dissatisfied with is the configuration of the Magotan, a medium-sized car of more than 200,000 yuan, which does not even have a Bluetooth phone. In addition, due to occasional exchange of driving with my son, it is quite inconvenient to adjust the seat every time. If you bought those two Japanese mid-size cars at this price, maybe you won't have to be so troublesome every time.

Another dissatisfaction of Mr. Su is the noise of Magotan. The noise performance of the 2.0T engine at idling speed can only be regarded as average, and when driving, the tire noise of the original Dunlop tires is not small. This question was mentioned in the interviews with three car owners, which is also more consistent with our conclusion when we did a medium-sized car Hengping (link).

Owner's summary

Overall, Mr. Su is quite satisfied with his Magotan. The appearance is large and the power is abundant, these are what he valued when choosing a car. As for the problem of low configuration, he was mentally prepared when buying a car, and it was still acceptable. Not long ago, the maintenance cost of Mr. Su reached more than 1,200 yuan for the second guarantee. For this price, he felt that it was high.

Mr. Sun: 2.0TSI luxury car owner

Forum ID: Dip the snow into the ink (lifting the car operation)

At first glance, Mr. Sun felt that he was a sports-loving person, and this was true after actual contact and understanding. His wife's pregnancy was the main reason he switched cars. After comparing Sagitar, Magotan and Passat, he eliminated the smaller Sagitar and the more expensive Passat, and finally chose the 2.0TSI luxury Magotan.

Satisfied place

When choosing a car, space is a factor that Mr. Sun values more. After all, baby safety baskets and child safety seats will be installed in the car in the future. Pregnant women and children need to bring more things to go out. These all need good space support. After the lengthening of Magotan, the space has changed from its previous shortcomings to advantages. This is the main reason why Mr. Sun chose Magotan in the end.

Mr. Sun is also quite satisfied with the appearance of the Magotan, especially the Magotan with a white body, which has less business temperament and a lot of vitality. The only thing he didn't like was the shape of the daytime running lights. According to him, it looked like a caterpillar lying on the lights, but for safety, he would not turn off the daytime running lights. He doesn't care about the configuration very much. The most important thing is to drive the car well and sit comfortably. As for the configuration, just enough.

Although his car usually pulls people and goods the most, but his Magotan's average fuel consumption is the lowest of the three cars. The main reason may be that his work often leaves early and returns late, so the road conditions along the way are relatively smooth. For the fuel consumption of about 10 liters/100 kilometers, Mr. Sun is quite satisfied.

Unsatisfactory place

The main dissatisfaction is the storage aspect. One is that the handbag that I usually use is not placed in a suitable place, and the other is that the high-speed pass lacks a card slot. In addition, when the vehicle is passing a bumpy road, there will be some abnormal noises in the engine compartment. The 4S shop’s explanation for this is normal, and Mr. Sun’s attitude towards this explanation is not satisfied.

Owner's summary

Mr. Sun is an optimistic and positive “sandwich layer”. Although there are old people at the top and young people at the bottom, the pressure of life on him is not revealed in this interview. It seems that exercise is indeed a good way to reduce stress. . As for his Magotan, his evaluation of the car is still very high. The main dissatisfaction are the storage space and the explanation of the abnormal noise from the 4S shop.

●Mr. Zhang: 2.0TSI luxury car owner

Forum ID: Dark White KOP (Car Operation)

Mr. Zhang is the youngest of the three car owners. He pays more attention to the power performance of the vehicle when buying a car. He has considered the Golf GTI and FAW-Volkswagen CC, but the former is less practical and rejected in family meetings, while the latter is beyond the budget. In the end, choosing the 2.0TSI version of Magotan is a choice that takes both power and practicality into consideration.

Satisfied place

When Mr. Zhang buys a car, the most important consideration is the power performance of the vehicle. After checking some vehicle tests and test-driving himself, he finally chose 2.0T Magotan.

In fact, Mr. Zhang does not have high requirements for rear space and trunk space. Magotan’s rear seats only carry family members occasionally, and the trunk is relatively empty most of the time. Perhaps compared to Magotan, the Golf GTI does meet his needs better, but as the only vehicle in the family, versatility is indispensable.

Mr. Zhang Magotan's fuel consumption is between 10-11 liters/100 kilometers. For the 2.0T Magotan that uses urban areas as the main environment, such performance is quite satisfactory.

Unsatisfactory place

Mr. Zhang’s biggest dissatisfaction with the appearance is the rims. For such a medium-sized car with a body length of more than 4.8 meters, the 16-inch rims are too stingy, reducing the sporty feeling of the whole car.

Another dissatisfaction is the configuration of the vehicle, especially the lack of automatic headlights and sensor wipers, which is really unreasonable for a medium-sized car of more than 200,000. When Mr. Zhang bought the car, he replaced the car in a 4S shop, and finally added basic functions such as navigation and reversing images to his Magotan.

Owner's summary

After interviewing Mr. Zhang, I feel a little regretful that he did not purchase a golf GTI. If only from the perspective of his car needs, he pursues power, control, and does not require high space, there is really no need to drive such a big car every day. Of course, Magotan is also a good compromise. Its power and handling are quite good in medium-sized cars, and it can take into account practicality, which is also a good choice for Mr. Zhang.

Full text summary

After interviewing the three car owners, I also have a deeper understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of Magotan. There is no doubt that the shape, power and space are still the main reasons for everyone to choose it, and it does well to meet the needs of car owners in these three aspects. Its shortcomings are very clear. For a relatively high price, its comfort configuration is relatively low. The cost of the second insurance for the other three car owners is around 1,000 yuan, and the higher cost of maintaining a car also needs to be considered by prospective car owners.

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