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[YesAuto Interview with Car Owner] For most consumers, Chevrolet Aveo often represents personality, avant-garde and even some “rebellious”, but in fact this little car can bring you far from it. Today, let us take a look at the car owners’ eyes, how does their Ai Weiou perform?

In this car owner interview, we have invited three car owners from Ai Weiou. They are between 20 and 30 years old, and their occupations also include workers, soldiers and hotel clerks. Although they have great differences in their car concepts, they have the same choices in the end. Next, let us start with Mr. Zhou, who loves modification, and listen to what car owners think of this model of Aiweiou.

23-year-old Mr. Zhou is currently working in the marketing department of a hotel. Since he already has an SUV at home, Mr. Zhou was able to purchase an exclusive car for himself to satisfy his love for modification. At present, his Aiweiou has undergone considerable modification, and the mileage has reached 30,000 kilometers.

“Volkswagen POLO” “Ford Fiesta”

Mr. Zhou, with a clear goal, had a clear goal when he started choosing a car. Basically, he chose one of POLO, Carnival and Ai Weiou. The reason why he gave up POLO was mainly because the overall design was too mediocre, and the reason why Carnival was eliminated. The head space is too cramped. In addition, Ai Weiou's extensive modification of accessories is also one of the reasons that prompted Mr. Zhou to choose it.

Mr. Zhou’s satisfaction with Aiweiou mainly comes from the overall design and power. The avant-garde and sporty appearance and interior design are very in line with his taste, and the power provided by the 1.6L ECOTEC engine also makes Aiwei European performance is guaranteed. With the above two points as the foundation, coupled with Mr. Zhou's modification, it is enough to make this Aiweiou earn enough attention.

Regarding Ai Weiou's dissatisfaction, Mr. Zhou only focused on the lack of central armrests, rear wheel drum brakes and other details. As for the fuel consumption, Mr. Zhou drives relatively softly in most situations, and only encourages driving under certain occasions. Therefore, the fuel consumption is basically around 7-8L/100km after integration, which is different for a 1.6L model. The language is still acceptable.

● Summary

Unlike most car owners, Mr. Zhou and his Aiweiou seem to be somewhat different. Through modification, he has passed us another way of playing Aiweiou. In the eyes of Mr. Zhou, his Ai Weiou has become his own large “toy”, so he can modify it as he wants. When asked whether he met the expectations of buying a car, Mr. Zhou smiled and gave an affirmative answer.

After seeing Mr. Zhou's modified car, let us see how Mr. Zhao, as a soldier, views his car. Mr. Zhao, 35 years old this year, chose a 1.4 SE sedan with a manual version, and the vehicle has traveled more than 25,000 kilometers so far. Similar to the situation of the first car owner, Mr. Zhao's Aiweiou has also undergone a certain degree of modification, but what Mr. Zhao pursues is an improvement in configuration.

“Kia K3” “MG MG3”

In the early stage of the car selection, Mr. Zhao focused his attention on the three models of MG3, K3 and Aiweiou. After on-site inspections, he eliminated the MG3 on the grounds that the space was too small, and gave up the K3 because of the safety of Korean cars. The performance is not reassuring. The more important reason for choosing Aiweiou is the trust in the “American” brand and Chevrolet's good reputation.

After buying the car, Mr. Zhao was quite satisfied with the styling of Aiweiou. The personality style is very different from other models on the street. After driving for a period of time, the solid chassis also left a deep impression on Mr. Zhao. impression. In addition, in more than one year of use, Mr. Zhao’s Aiweiou did not experience any failures, and the good quality made him regret the original choice.

Mr. Zhao's dissatisfaction with Aiweiou mainly focused on power. The power provided by the 1.4L engine has gradually become fatigued in daily driving, and this phenomenon becomes more obvious after turning on the air conditioner. In addition, Mr. Zhao is also a little dissatisfied with the configuration. The reason is that Aiweiou lacks a commonly used configuration-USB interface.

● Summary

Mr. Zhao believes that the 1.4L Ai Weiou he bought has basically met his expectations when he bought the car. Although the power is slightly insufficient, he has already passed the young and vigorous period, and the relatively slow driving rhythm is acceptable. In Mr. Zhao's view, for a small car less than 100,000 yuan, the overall performance of Aiweiou is quite satisfactory to him.

As the last car owner in this interview, Mr. Zhang, 35 years old this year, bought this 1.4 SE sedan manual version of Ai Weiou one year ago. The vehicle has traveled 16427 kilometers so far. The difference from the previous two owners is Except for the installation of a reversing radar, Mr. Zhang’s car has not been modified in any way, and it can basically be regarded as a “virtual appearance”.

“Kia K2” “Hyundai Rena”

Mr. Zhang also inspected Jingrui, K2 and Rena during the car selection stage. However, the above three models are only for online inspection. The 4S shop that Mr. Zhang has actually visited is only Chevrolet. This calculation is also considered to be for Ai Weiou Mr. Zhang. “Love at first sight”, let us take a look at how he evaluates Aiweiou, who is “impulsive consumption”.

Space is a point that Mr. Zhang valued when buying a car, and Ai Weiou's performance in this aspect is precisely what he is most satisfied with. Both himself and his family appreciate it. In addition, although Mr. Zhang didn't care about the exterior and interior design, he finally gave Aiweiou a positive evaluation, which can be regarded as a long-lasting love.

Mr. Zhang's biggest dissatisfaction with Aiweiou is fuel consumption. The fuel consumption of 1.4L models can reach 8-9L per 100 kilometers. Of course, this is also related to the congested road section he is in. The lack of a USB interface and the inexplicable vibration of the gear lever also made him quite criticized for Ai Weiou.

● Summary

For his own Aiweiou, Mr. Zhang only regards it as a simple means of transportation, so space and fuel consumption are the two aspects that he pays most attention to, and Aiweiou's performance on these two points can be said to be mixed, but Zhang Mr. also said that the higher fuel consumption is not unrelated to the congested roads he drives every day. I believe that if the road conditions improve, the fuel consumption of Aiweiou can also return to a reasonable range.

● Full text summary:

Through this interview, we can see that three car owners from different ages and different industries are very satisfied with the design and space of AVIO, while their dissatisfaction with it is scattered in the lack of USB interface, slightly higher fuel consumption and tires. Several details such as loud noise. In fact, for a small car with a value of less than 100,000 yuan, consumers do not have high requirements for it. I hope that Aiweiou can continue to improve the details to provide consumers with better services. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Weilong)