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Say goodbye to congestion

Last Update:2021-06-21 Author:yesauto

[YesAuto Use Car Collection] A few days ago I found a bad thing, a good thing. The former is half of this year and it is almost over. The various flags established at the beginning of the year are afraid that they will fall again. The good thing is that the first long holiday after the Spring Festival-May Day is coming soon. I believe that no one wants to run into traffic jams during this rare holiday, so this holiday travel guide issued by Gaode is worth a look.

Warm reminder: Although the new crown epidemic has been well controlled compared with last year, and self-driving is a way to avoid intensive contact with people to the greatest extent, we must not take the epidemic prevention work lightly. Wear a mask and prepare a health code according to the destination requirements, which is convenient and safe.

Although the national highway construction mileage increases every year, the number of car ownership has increased faster in recent years. Therefore, from the statistical data, the proportion of national highway congestion mileage has continued to increase year by year in the past four years. It is expected that high-speed congestion will occur during the May 1st holiday in 2021. The degree will be the highest in history, with a year-on-year increase of about 10% or more.

The first day of the May 1st holiday, that is , May 1, 2021, is the peak of high-speed travel congestion. The next three days, namely May 2-4, the national high-speed congestion is at a relatively high level. The last day of the May 1st holiday For the peak of high-speed return congestion , highway conditions returned to normal on May 6.

In the past few years, some friends have taken into consideration the increasing congestion and travel one day earlier. However, according to current estimates, starting from 14:00 on April 30, 2021 (the day before the May Day holiday), the pressure on national high-speed traffic will gradually increase. , Especially the high level of congestion at 18:00-21:00.

Affected by high-speed toll-free traffic, it is estimated that the peak of high-speed travel congestion will be from 9 am to 13 am on May 1 (the first day of the May 1st holiday) , especially from 10 am to 11 am, on May 5 (the last day of the May 1st holiday) 15:00-18:00 is the peak of high-speed return congestion. I hope you will arrange your time reasonably and travel off-peak.

In addition to the time, everyone must also want to know the specific road section. According to the current statistical data analysis, it is expected that the roads that are more likely to be congested on the national expressway on May 1, 2021 are mainly the Shanghai section of the S20 Outer Ring Expressway (Binhai Road). Line Bridge-Wuzhou Avenue Overpass), the average speed is about 5km/h, followed by the G1503 Shanghai Ring Expressway Shanghai Section (Chuanyanghe Bridge-Hu Chongsu Overpass) and G4221 Shanghai-Wuhan Expressway Suzhou Section (Changshu North Interchange-Dong Bang hub).

In the return phase , the road sections that are prone to congestion on May 5 are mainly the Suqian and Huai'an sections of the S49 Xinyang Expressway (Sihong North Hub-Huaihe Bridge), with an average speed of about 9km/h during the day ; followed by the G36 Ningluo Expressway Chuzhou section (Huaihe Extra Large Bridge-Huangnigang Overpass) and the Lu'an and Hefei sections of the G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway (Yao-Li Toll Station-Jianghuai Canal Bridge) are highly congested.

Travel must be purposeful, so popular scenic spots or places with beautiful scenery are also prone to congestion or slow traffic. The following data shows the ancient cities, famous mountains and highways that may be congested for your reference.

Although the processing and assembly quality of today's vehicles is far more advanced and stable than it was many years ago, it is still essential to go to a 4S shop for related inspections before traveling. At the same time, in addition to the vehicle itself, it is best to check the missing items and make up for the necessary items commonly used on the way. Commonly used drugs can be packed in a small first aid kit and placed in the car; in order to deal with prolonged traffic jams that may occur at any time, you can also prepare some food and water.

If the vehicle has a problem while driving, remember not to panic. The driver should immediately turn on the hazard warning flasher and move the vehicle to a place that does not hinder the traffic. If it is difficult to move, continue to turn on the hazard warning flasher in the direction of the vehicle. Measures such as setting warning signs to expand the warning distance, and promptly report to the police when necessary. When waiting for rescue, you must also pay attention to evacuate to the right shoulder or emergency lane, and do not stay in the lane to avoid unnecessary secondary injuries.

The words written at the back:

The May Day holiday is coming. I believe everyone has a strong willingness to go out and play. Therefore, it is predicted that this year’s holiday will also create a new record of congestion. So instead of believing in the experience of old drivers, it’s better to take a look at this published by AutoNavi, which is obtained through big data technology, machine learning, comprehensive research and judgment, etc., to predict the national high-speed macro travel trend and the congestion in 20 provinces and 30+ key cities. Trend report. Of course, fundamentally speaking, we still hope that this report is useless, and hope that it will be smooth everywhere. I wish you all a happy holiday in advance!