[YesAuto Evaluation] In recent days, everyone’s attention to the new generation of domestic Toyota RAV4 is as hot as the schedule of a blockbuster movie. On Monday, we have the first real shot of the RAV4, and then the expected price of the new car was announced that evening, followed by Tuesday. It's the whole series of car purchase manuals, and today's test drive article, readers who are concerned about this car should also not miss it, because you absolutely need to know in advance how it will drive before buying a car.

You should have read the previous article about real shooting experience (click to enter), and have a clear understanding of the changes in the exterior and interior of the new car and the space situation. I don’t need to repeat the previous content here, and I will directly introduce the driving aspects. Features.

The new RAV4 has 2.0L and 2.5L engines to choose from. Our test drive is the top-of-the-line 2.5L automatic four-wheel drive premium version with a guide price of 272,800. This engine is Toyota's 5AR-FE series, using dual VVT-i variable valve timing technology, 10.4:1 compression ratio, maximum power 132 kW, maximum torque 234 N·m. It is the same as the Camry 2.5L engine with only minor differences in tuning. It is an engine with more conventional technical content and parameters.

This level of power drives a car body with a curb weight of more than 1.6 tons, and the overall power performance belongs to the mainstream level in the same level. In actual driving, the throttle adjustment is slightly sensitive, and the start is easy, but it is difficult to feel passionate when accelerating at full speed. The power output of the engine is uniform throughout the speed range, typical of Toyota style.

Matched with it is a 6-speed automated manual gearbox. This gearbox usually maintains the same smooth rhythm as the engine. It usually shifts below 2500rpm. It moves gently and has satisfactory comfort. At the same time, it maintains a more vigilant style. As long as you step on the accelerator, it will immediately downshift. , The whole power system feels very similar to the 2.5L Camry.

In the sport mode (S gear), the gearbox becomes more aggressive, and the timing of shifting is delayed, but it is still not irritable. You can realize that this car is in the bottom of your heart or expect you to drive with a calm mind.

Structurally, the four-wheel drive system of the new RAV4 is still a timely four-wheel drive system with a multi-disc clutch as the central differential and a pre-drive-based four-wheel drive system, but its response speed and torque distribution logic have been improved, and new ones have been added. Dynamic Torque Control Technology (DTC).

The four-wheel drive system has three modes. The first two modes are no different from the previous ones: in AUTO state, they are usually similar to the front-wheel drive, and torque is distributed to the rear wheels only when the front wheels are slipping; in the LOCK mode, the multi-disc clutch can reach a speed of 25 miles per hour (approximately Under 40 kilometers), it maintains a long-time combined state to cope with light off-road conditions; and the SPORT mode mentioned above is a new function, which can be combined according to the vehicle's steering angle, throttle opening, and body posture in a curve. With the assistance of the VSC body stabilization system, more torque is actively distributed to the rear wheels to enhance tracking. The EPS steering effect is also increased by about 20%, which is not available in most urban SUVs at the same price.

The chassis tuning of the new RAV4 is more urban style. The total number of laps on its steering wheel is close to 2.8 laps, which is not much different from the old model. The feedback for small steering is moderate, but the feedback for slightly more intense driving becomes clearer and more resilient, providing a little sense of road.

The support of the suspension is satisfactory. The body tilt during cornering is controlled within a reasonable range. The adjustment of the suspension is similar to that of the Camry. The front section is stiffer and the rear end appears a bit soft. Therefore, the sport performance of this car is improved. It's not too obvious. We shouldn't expect how sharp its cornering action can be or it can have the fun of a car, after all, it is necessary to maintain the balance of driving in various road conditions.

The new car also has many current safety-related fashionable configurations, such as uphill/downhill auxiliary control system, BSM blind spot monitoring system, tire pressure monitoring, automatic high beam adjustment, lane departure warning, and knee airbags. Like its competitors, most of the high-tech configurations are to enhance the product image and only appear on top-of-the-line models. The penetration rate needs to continue to increase in the future.

The following is the time of the data to reveal the acceleration and braking performance of this car.

◆ 0-100km/h acceleration performance test:

Except for a slight jump at the start, the subsequent acceleration process has been very smooth, and the final result is 10.58 seconds, which is of the required level, and the performance is slightly improved compared to the old model.

◆ 100-0km/h brake performance test:

The brake pedal of RAV4 takes some time to adapt. A large part of the stroke in front of the pedal is almost empty. You must continue to step deeply to have sufficient braking force. If you are not familiar with this feature, the first attempt may surprise you. However, the final result of 40.6 meters was better than expected, and it was significantly improved compared to the old model measured before. Part of the reason was that the tire width of the new car increased from 225mm of the old 2.4L to the current 235mm, which improved the pavement. Road grip.

The introduction to the driving experience and performance part ends here. Due to the limited conditions of the test drive meeting, we were unable to test the noise and fuel consumption performance. Let's be an early adopter today, and we will do more comprehensive and detailed tests in the future.

In the last part of the article, I want to make some additions to the details. If you want to understand this car from the most comprehensive perspective, it is best to click on the detailed live shooting experience article published before, as I said at the beginning.

Notable details:

A few more words about the spare tire and the trunk. The design of the spare tire from an external to a built-in design has caused a lot of controversy. Although it makes the appearance more beautiful, it does take up a lot of the original trunk space. ,why?

The original RAV4 was derived from the 1989 “RAV FOUR” concept car. At that time, the concept of “urban SUV” had just been proposed. It was a product based on the development of off-road vehicles. Off-road vehicles often had to face harsh terrain conditions. Full-size spare tires were very important. These vehicles did not pay attention to it. What's beautiful, in addition, their tires are often large in size, and they will take up too much space when placed in the trunk, so that the full-size spare tire has to be hung on the trunk cover. As the originator of urban SUVs, RAV FOUR borrows the shape of off-road vehicles and continues this element, becoming the original mass-produced version of RAV4.

In the next two generations of models, this practice of external spare tires is obviously inherited as a deliberate or unintentional tradition, although as the concept of urban SUVs gradually matures, external spare tires are no longer absolutely necessary. However, since it does not take up space in the trunk, it is still desirable for space practicality.

Until today's fourth-generation model, Toyota finally made changes and put the spare tire under the floor of the trunk. This is not only a difference in the position of the spare tire, but also means that the new RAV4 has changed the previous generations of products that emphasized functions and weakened individuality, and began to develop in the direction of paying more attention to fashion design.

In fact, the foreign RAV4 is not as troublesome as the Chinese version. I remember the overseas version of the Toyota RAV4 that my colleague experienced at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year. The picture below shows its trunk. It can be seen that the floor is completely flat. The overseas version of the RAV4 has abandoned the full-size spare tire and replaced it with a smaller steel wheel spare tire, which means telling consumers not to drive it too far.

However, Toyota is well aware that the change from a full-size spare tire to a small-size spare tire cannot be explained by Chinese consumers in any way. You can only be regarded as “unkind”, so you should not change the original car. Under the premise of physical fitness, manufacturers would rather sacrifice some trunk space, but also keep the configuration of the full-size spare tire in the Chinese market. Speaking of this, I think everyone should be able to understand-China exclusive configuration.

There is another place that can be said to be kind: there is a large piece of soundproof cotton on the back of the trunk cover, which is very thick. If you fold it in half, it may be used as a pillow. I also experienced the noise reduction and sound insulation effect of this car during the test drive. It's really good.


The old RAV4 feels like it is moderate in every aspect. Except for space, it's not bad or bad, and it looks very ordinary. The new generation of RAV4, regardless of driving experience, four-wheel drive system, exterior interior and spare tire changes, all reflect the trend of more youth and fashion, leaving aside performance, at least this design can attract more consumers. Of course, I believe it can still traverse the bad roads that any old model can take, but in comparison, it has a better road driving experience.

Toyota RAV4 2013 2.5L automatic four-wheel drive premium version

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Everyone knows the price. It’s not a final conclusion about the competitiveness. There are rumors that this car will increase the price. I think although it performs well in all aspects, it will not make everyone love it crazy. There are many models to choose from on the market, and the strength cannot be underestimated. So whether the new generation of RAV4 can defeat all kinds of powerful enemies, let's wait and see the future sales results.