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[YesAuto Motorcycle] KTM launched this last-generation single-cylinder 690 Duke two years ago. This car has a very strong personality, light weight, low torsion, and its main features. Unfortunately, it has now been discontinued and replaced by the current KTM 790 Duke.

Appearance: Family-style kendo-style front face, full-car LED light source, rear taillight and license plate frame are integrated, and can be removed together when off the track. The newly designed frame integrates the engine together to further reduce the weight of the car. The raised fuel tank can reduce wind resistance during high-speed riding. The overall vehicle is very compact. I don’t think the exterior design is a type that you like at a glance, but it’s a more attractive one. The only thing I don’t like is the weirdly shaped exhaust, but the extra point is that the sound is very good. It sounds good.

Configuration: There are many electronic control systems for the 790 Duke, three riding modes, each with different levels of power output control and traction control, and the electronic control system can also be turned off separately, especially in the track mode, which is also equipped with ejection start Features.

In terms of assisted driving functions, the 790 Duke is equipped with a two-way quick shift function. As long as you start in the first gear, you do not need to use the clutch to increase or decrease gears. Note that you do not need to release the accelerator to use the fast shift. In addition, the original factory can also directly change to Reverse gear provides convenience for driving on the track, and it is a pity not to use hydraulic clutch.

Power: This is a brand-new KTM LC8 two-cylinder engine in a parallel form. This is a newly designed machine by KTM for the 790 series. The actual displacement is 799cc, the maximum power is 105 horsepower, the peak torque is 87 Nm, and the exhaust sound. There is already a feeling of upgrading the four-cylinder male. As for the riding experience, please watch the video.

Control: The front and rear vibration damping is still KTM's own brand WP. The damping is not adjustable. Only the post-damping preload can be adjusted. Moreover, the front and rear damping strokes are relatively short and hard, and the rear damping is no longer as upright as the 690. It can be seen that the 790 Duke has completely broken away from the genes of the KTM off-road vehicle. Especially praised is that the original car is equipped with steering damping, which is commonly referred to as a titanium ruler, which makes the car very stable at high speeds.


The 790 Duke, which seems to have compromised to the market, is actually an irritable car in nature. Compared with the 690 Duke, it has discarded all the off-road genes of KTM and has become a veritable street car, a sports car, and even this one. You can also see some track-like configurations on the car. It is very smooth, no longer dragging, and the sound becomes more pleasing. I think it is a transformation product of KTM. If you are not an appearance party, Riding a bike is for driving pleasure and skill. The 790 Duke is absolutely beyond your imagination. (Photo/text/video Zhu Xuran assisted in shooting Guo Song)