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In the DTM German Touring Car Masters Nürburgring, a collision between two former Mercedes-Benz F1 drivers Coulthard and Schumacher Jr. caused Schumacher to retire. Both of them were responsible for this accident. After the game, the game will penalize both of them, and they will step back three places on the grid in the next game.

On the second lap of the game, Schumacher first squeezed Coulthard out of the track at turn 1. When Coulthard tried to overtake Schumacher, the two collided again. This accident Caused Schumacher to retire. The official judged that they had violated Article 30 of the DTM Sports Rules, so they were given a penalty of three places behind the grid in the next race.

This is the first time Coulthard has been punished in his racing career in the past 20 years. He admitted that the line went too far when he entered the turn. The accident cost him several positions and damages. Racing. Schumacher said that he braked a bit late, so he ran into Coulthard.

In fierce competition, everyone wants to win. Even teammates may not give way to each other, so collisions may occur.