[YesAuto Race] On September 2, 2012, Volkswagen China Motorsport Scirocco R Cup completed the Millennium 12-Hour Endurance Race held at Sepang Circuit in Malaysia. The Italian car group composed of Montesi, Andrea and Nigro, driving the No. 88 car, won the championship by completing 259 laps in 12 hours. The Chinese car group composed of Kuang Haifeng, Kuang Hailin and Li Dawei The No. 91 car driven by the Chinese car group composed of Li Xuefeng, Li Chao and Zhang Yichun drove the No. 93 car, ranking second and third.

This season is the second time that the Scirocco R Cup has participated in the Malaysia Millennium 12 Hours Endurance Race. A total of 8 Scirocco R cars participated. According to the rules of the competition, three drivers form a car group, and each group of drivers take turns driving a car. Each driver can drive continuously for up to 75 minutes. The maximum accumulated driving time for each driver cannot exceed 5 hours. The car with the longest distance and the most laps in 12 hours will win the championship.

This race is part of the Malaysia Independent Millennium Cup 12 Hours Endurance Race. A total of 29 cars competed at the Sepang Circuit. The race started at 12 noon on Saturday, and Montesi, who drove the No. 88 car, quickly finished overtaking and ranked ahead in the Scirocco R Cup group. Forty minutes into the race, Montesi’s No. 88 car returned to the pit lane to change its tires. However, due to a technical error, unfortunately, the No. 88 car pitted and lost 2 laps of race time. When it returned to the track, it was already ranked 8th. The last of a Scirocco R car.

In the middle of the race, Cheng Fei's No. 89 car stopped at Turn 4 for some reason. Under the guidance of the technician, Cheng Fei started to repair the car and successfully drove the car back to the pit lane. The race continued after the exchange of drivers, but the time loss was serious. . The No. 94 car returned to the pit lane to replace the water tank in the sixth hour, losing more than a dozen laps.

As the sun sets, the race becomes a night battle, and the headlights of the cars are lit. At this time, the No. 88 car group and the No. 91 car group constitute the most powerful contenders for the championship of this competition. The advantage of leading other car groups is obvious. The gap between them is only about 1 lap. In the final hour of the race, car 88 will lead car 91 by two laps. In the final stage of the race, the No. 93 car group surpassed the No. 95 car group in the final stage and won the third place.