[Car Home Race] From 12:00 on September 17 to 0:00 on September 18, the 2011 Volkswagen China Racing Scirocco R Cup 12-Hour Endurance Race was held at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. This competition changed the format of the previous regular season and tried the 12-hour endurance race for the first time. In the end, the No. 85 car group led by Yin Haitao united and performed steadily in the second half of the night battle, winning the championship with 259 laps. This is also the third time a Chinese racer has stood on the highest podium of the Scirocco R Cup this year. Cheng Fei's No. 90 car group was followed by runner-up, and Andrea's No. 80 car group ranked third.

According to the rules, the registered drivers of Scirocco R Cup throughout the year will find another two teams to participate in this competition. During the competition, each car will be driven by three drivers in rotation. The maximum cumulative driving time for each driver is 5 hours. The registered drivers of the Scirocco R Cup must start, because the ranking of the first ten laps will determine the points for the ninth round of the Scirocco R Cup 2011.

At 12 noon, the race started under the leadership of the safety car. At this time, the temperature of the track was as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Zhang Dasheng, who was the first in qualifying to drive the No. 97 car, made the first lap in 2:36.314, and Andrea, who was driving the No. 80 car behind him, was 2 seconds faster than him.

As the race entered the fourth lap, Andrea surpassed Zhang Dasheng, and Montesi, who was driving the No. 82 car, followed from behind. After that, Zhang Dasheng's speed slowed down. In the sixth lap, Montesi overtook Zhang Dasheng and Andrea to lead. On the following lap, Yin Haitao, who drove the No. 85 car, overtook Zhang Dasheng in the first turn. In the next two laps, you Shaoming driving car No. 83 and Patrick driving car No. 92 also followed. Until the end of the game, Montesi, Yin Haitao, and Andrea won the first, second and third place, and You Shaoming, Patrick and Zhang Dasheng won 4-6.

The endurance race continues, and the leading position keeps changing hands. After the first hour, the 79 car took the lead temporarily; after the second hour, the 85 car had exceeded the second lap; the leader of the third hour was the 82 car; the 4-8 hours the 80 car always ranked first , But the car broke down after that, and more than 20 minutes was lost for repairs.

In the second half of the night battle, the No. 85 car group led by Yin Haitao was united, played steadily, and always maintained the lead. In the final hour of the race, the No. 85 car driven by the Chinese racer still took the lead, and the No. 90 car was the second place. The competition for third place was very fierce. First, the No. 98 car took advantage of the No. 80 car to pit for maintenance and passed to the third place, and then the No. 80 car was overtaken. The gap between the two sides was very small. Car No. 98 then waited for the opportunity to attack and overtake, and Car No. 80 was defensively in place, leaving no chance for Car No. 98. The two cars started fighting in the last 15 minutes of the race.

In the end, after 12 hours of fierce battle, the Scirocco R Cup 12 hours endurance race finally ushered in the perfect end of the checkered flag. The No. 85 car co-driving by Chinese drivers won the championship, and the second and third places were No. 90 and No. 80 respectively.

●Remarks from the drivers after the race

Champion Yin Haitao (Car #85) said: The success of the endurance race depends on the strength of the entire team. We won without repairing the car, and every step was completed within the standard. Our three drivers played very evenly, found a good rhythm, without any accidents, and every link was very smooth. However, I did a few laps very conservatively during the race, which slowed the pace of the team.

Runner-up Cheng Fei (Car No. 90) said: Our strategy was relatively conservative in the early stages of the race, and we tried to avoid some dangerous situations. At the start, we used the remaining tires from qualifying, while the new tires were kept in the latter part of the race for the late sprint. Although there weren't too many yellow flags on the field, our strategy was very successful. In the end, we were only 10 seconds behind the champion.

Third runner-up Andrea (Car #80) said: My teammates and I experienced a relatively large ups and downs race. We led the race for about 9 hours after the start, but then there was a problem with the car. It took 20 minutes to return to the pit lane to repair the car, and we fell back to fifth place when we returned to the race. Next, we started almost every lap as a qualifying match, basically returning to the P room after every tank of fuel was used up. At the last moment, Zhang Lingkang's wonderful performance helped us get onto the podium.