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[YesAuto News] How to quickly improve the style of social media? A cup of coffee + gourmet food + MacBook, coupled with the positioning of the core business district? This is the common way. If you don't want to be the same, then Mercedes-Benz also offers a new option-because they not only sell cars, but also Mercedes me experience stores. Unfortunately, this option may be out of print for the time being in Beijing.

This is the cause of the incident: Mercedes-Benz announced that it will close its Mercedes me experience store in Sanlitun, Beijing from June 30, 2020, and this is the first Mercedes me experience store in mainland China. Entering 2020, the impact of the new crown epidemic has made us say goodbye to many things, and this Mercedes me is undoubtedly one of them. Therefore, the editor came here before the store closed. What was the Mercedes me experience store on the last day? Why is this store closed? Will there be new stores opening in the future? Today’s issue of “Seeing is Believing” may have a different style of painting!

Quickly understand the key points of this article:

◆ On June 30, Mercedes me Sanlitun store officially closed, and the interior was slightly depressed;
◆ A week ago, Mercedes me Sanlitun store was all normal, still full of Mercedes-Benz style;
◆ The closing of the Mercedes me Sanlitun store is not a decline, but a symbol of the rise of the “experience store model”;
◆ Building a “user ecology” has become the mainstream of manufacturers, and Mercedes-Benz has played a good role as a pioneer.

■ Saw: Mercedes me Sanlitun store at the time of death
June 30, the first day the experience store closed

June 30th was the first day that Mercedes me officially announced that the experience store was officially closed. The editor also came here on this day. As we all know, this nation’s first Mercedes me experience store is located in the legendary Sanlitun business district in Beijing—a place full of trends, fashion, fascinating and indescribable.

Although it’s not the first time here, to be honest, if I only look at it from the exterior, I don’t see any difference in the Mercedes me experience store-the iconic advertising screen outside the door still circulates the picture. , The huge “me” logo is still very conspicuous. But when we were about to enter the Mercedes me experience store, the closed door reminded us again that it has been closed.

Coming from the back door of the mall to the store, the situation here is also very different from before. Although the “only remaining” GLS is still very impressive as soon as I enter the door, the shelves behind it have been basically cleaned up, and many goods and materials are being packaged. Although it was withdrawing the store, everything seemed to be very orderly.

If you are thinking of a cup of coffee in the Mercedes me store at this time, I am sorry that you will be disappointed, because the coffee shop on the first floor is also in the state of being closed. In addition, most of the exhibits in the store were also removed. At the same time, due to the ongoing removal of the store, we also left the store at the request of the staff.

It can be seen that the first Mercedes me experience store in the country, as officially announced, ceased business on June 30. With the gradual removal of internal materials and decoration, this store will also disappear here. Do you think that the above “depression” scene does not make you feel the “X pattern” of Mercedes-Benz? Then let's call back the time for one week, and you will look at it again!

■ Been here: Feel the daily life of Mercedes-Benz owners
June 23, the week before the store closed

Time goes back to June 23, a week before the Mercedes me experience store officially closed. It was a hot afternoon, and the editor also came here. Before the official closure on June 30, we also wanted to know what it was like.

As an offline venue affiliated to the Mercedes-Benz brand, the Mercedes me Experience Hall can of course imagine that a large number of Mercedes-Benz peripheral products will be sold here. On the first floor of the store, you can see a series of souvenirs such as T-shirts, towels, water cups, car models, key chains, etc. Although they are expensive, they fully demonstrate the tonality and lifestyle of the Mercedes-Benz brand. expression. If you are not satisfied with these peripheral products, this is also a car dealer! You can purchase any Mercedes-Benz model you like through the configurator, and Mercedes me also provides test drive services for popular models nowadays. Compared with the cold 4S stores, Mercedes-Benz obviously wants to use this relaxed way to increase the conversion rate of customers.

The Mercedes me experience store with a total area of about 2,400 square meters, of course, also has a second floor, and the function settings here are relatively simple, mainly for catering services, including the “Sifang Sanchuan” Chinese restaurant and the “Lighthaus” bar, but due to the epidemic and the time of day They are not open to the impact of.

At the same time, there is a cafe open on the first floor of the store. After a brief glance at the menu, the drinks here can be purchased in RMB or exchanged with Mercedes me points. However, we learned from the store staff that when the store is officially closed, these points will also be forfeited.

■ Thinking: Experience the thriving vitality behind the closure of the store
Why did the Mercedes me experience store close?

April 23, 2016 was the day when this Mercedes me experience store opened. With the title of “First in Mainland China” and the bonus of Beijing's Sanlitun prime location, this store was naturally a glorious one in the early years. However, with the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, this Mercedes me experience store has entered a window period that has been maintained for several months. At this time, the high rent brought by the “golden location” has become a negative factor to counteract it. Although as the “face” of the brand, Mercedes-Benz does not mind that the Mercedes me experience store is not so profitable, but this kind of “fight to the flesh” blow in the epidemic is not something that everyone can bear.

Therefore, the Mercedes me experience store in Sanlitun is closed, but does this mean that Mercedes-Benz’s experience store is a wrong form? Actually not. We may understand why the Mercedes me Sanlitun store is closed, but it is more important to understand why it is open. This leads to the next question: What is Mercedes me?

What exactly is Mercedes me?

If you go to the official website of Mercedes-Benz and click on “Mercedes me”, you will see an abstract and mouth-watering official description. With a little refinement of text information, we can get: Mercedes me is a service provided by Mercedes-Benz to improve the experience of car owners or related users. It can enhance the convenience of car travel through online services, while covering entertainment, lifestyle and other aspects of help. If you sum it up, there are only four words left-user ecology.

Yes, Mercedes me's role is to help the Mercedes-Benz brand achieve ecological sublimation from products to users, and this business model is also common in other fields such as electronic products. With the gradual popularization of intelligence and connectivity in the automotive industry, such a cross-circle business model is becoming the mainstream. Why do we often say “Mercedes-Benz owners and Mercedes-Benz owners”? Obviously, for Mercedes-Benz, their users are groups with a certain “special logo”, which brings them innate advantages in social networking and user ecology. And an offline experience store with rich decoration is the best publicity method for Mercedes-Benz “user ecology”. Compared with the more utilitarian 4S store, Mercedes-Benz has added a softer way to itself. Open and expand user groups-first identify with the brand, then identify with the product. If the traditional dealer's sales method is “stand on the side of the road and shout,” then the opening of an experience store is more like “Master come in and'play'!”

Of course, the “play” here is in quotation marks. For Mercedes-Benz, in addition to the display of its own products, the Mercedes me experience store also brings more “games”-dining, afternoon tea, shopping, social networking, business negotiations and so on. For users, Mercedes-Benz hopes that this Mercedes me experience store is a part of their lives, because it provides a necessary place for their daily behavior, which is also not available in those showrooms that look tall but only display vehicles Features. At the same time, more importantly, this “lifestyle” brought by Mercedes me still has a halo bonus, because it is a Mercedes!

And conversely, for users, bringing Mercedes-Benz brand services also gives them a more sense of identity—Mercedes me’s coffee shop is enough to make them forget about Starbucks, and the grade of the private chef upstairs from Mercedes me is also completely capable. In response to banquets in various scenarios, the form of Mercedes me points redemption has played a role in strengthening and consolidating the sense of identity. Gradually, a sufficient sense of identity began to strengthen users' reliance on the brand. Remember those T-shirts, water glasses and keychains we saw before? Next, these “real fans” who are not bad money should start with these products.

This is why Mercedes-Benz said it will not abandon the “experience store” model-after Shanghai and Chengdu, Mercedes me will continue to open new stores in Shenzhen. At the same time in the Beijing market, as the successor of the Sanlitun store, a new experience store will also be opened in Wangjing. What kind of upgrade will it have? What kind of insights will Mercedes-Benz discover in its user groups? I think these are worth waiting to see.

Therefore, Mercedes me in Sanlitun is nothing more than the first wave shot on the beach by the back wave — as the first in mainland China, it has shown us the “experience store model” from the initial establishment to the gradual maturity process, of course this There are also painful periods, such as the “Audi City” digital city showroom that was closed earlier, Tesla experience stores in Beijing and Shanghai, etc. The Mercedes me Sanlitun store is also included. Nevertheless, we can see that more and more brand experience stores are being opened, and the coverage area of the “user ecology” business model is becoming more and more extensive. From entry to high-end, these manufacturers have their own tonality. This is especially common among new forces in car-making in recent years.

Full text summary:

Therefore, the closure of the Mercedes me Sanlitun store does not seem to represent the decline of the “experience store model”. On the contrary, Mercedes-Benz has become the pioneer of this model with the Mercedes me experience store, and has successfully achieved brand tonality by changing user lifestyles. The improvement of the industry, while also driving the entire industry, can be said to be a very representative case. The success of Mercedes me is also because it has chosen to improve the ecosystem from product to user. With the brand tonality of Mercedes-Benz and the “special label” of users, Mercedes-Benz has realized the establishment of social mode and user ecology very well. The offline experience store is the “crystallization” of all this condensed. Similarly, a similar model is being widely used by other car brands-the “experience store model” has not died out, but has grown stronger. And farewell to us is nothing more than the waves in the market at the Mercedes me Sanlitun store. (Preliminary investigation/Auto House Ma Aijun/Chen Hao/Li Ziwei; Text/Auto House Ma Aijun)