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[YesAuto concept car real shot] As one of the first brands in China to create high-quality design and quality models, Qoros has experienced a bumpy development process. Qoros, which previously “stubbornly stuck to” the concept of Europeanization, now plans to change its mindset. At this Beijing Auto Show, Qoros brought their latest design work-the Qoros Milestone concept car, as the name suggests, it heralds the future design direction of the Qoros brand.

Edit comment:

This new design show can be said to be a radical change. The entire design language can be seen to be based on the simplified new car logo, emphasizing a “seeing the edges and corners” feeling, emphasizing the change of the folding line and the folding surface, and adopting the right-angle design in many outline positions, which is for Qoros It is definitely a challenge. You should know that in many car designs, designers will try to avoid the use of right angles, which is a little “challenging aesthetic habits”. As for whether it looks good or not, I don’t count. If Qoros becomes this style in the future, will you pay for it?