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[YesAuto News] On April 9, the China National Machinery Center issued the “Notice Concerning the Proposed Report to the “Specially Announced Vehicle Manufacturers (3rd Batch)”, which pointed out that in accordance with the requirements of the “Notice on Establishing the Auto Industry Withdrawal Mechanism”, China The machine center has compiled the companies listed in the third batch of special announcements, and plans to report to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology the list of auto and motorcycle manufacturers that were unable to maintain normal production and operation for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017 (according to the number of uploading certificates) .

Among them, Tianjin FAW Huali Automobile Co., Ltd., GAC Hino (Shenyang) Automobile Co., Ltd. and other 7 complete vehicle manufacturers, as well as 53 passenger car and transportation special vehicle manufacturers, etc. entered the special announcement list. Entering this list means that after the rectification period, if the company still fails to pass the relevant assessment, it will be “persuaded to leave.” The notice pointed out that if there is any objection, written comments can be fed back to the CMC Vehicle Technical Service Center before April 13, 2018.

To be reported to the vehicle manufacturer
Serial number Company Name
1 Tianjin FAW Huali Automobile Co., Ltd.
2 GAC Hino (Shenyang) Automobile Co., Ltd.

FAW Harbin Light Vehicle Co., Ltd.

4 Hafei Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
5 Chengdu Xindadi Automobile Co., Ltd.
6 Zhonghengtian Automobile Group Light Vehicle Co., Ltd.
7 Jiangsu Kawei Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd.

According to the “Notice on Establishing an Exit Mechanism for the Automobile Industry” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2012, for automobile and motorcycle manufacturers that cannot maintain normal production and operation, a two-year special public announcement management (except for newly established enterprises) will be implemented, requiring them to rectify and reform as soon as possible. Meet the access conditions. During the special announcement period, new product declarations from relevant companies will not be accepted. If an enterprise that has been specially announced meets the access conditions after being assessed, the special announcement shall be cancelled and the application for new products shall be resumed. After the expiration of the special publicity period, enterprises that have not applied for the assessment of access conditions or have failed the assessment shall suspend their “Announcement” and shall not go through the procedures for basic information such as renaming or relocation.

Among them, enterprises that cannot maintain normal production and operation refer to two consecutive years of zero or very few annual sales (less than 1,000 passenger cars, less than 50 large and medium-sized passenger cars, less than 100 light passenger cars, and fewer medium- and heavy-duty trucks. In the production enterprise of 50 vehicles, less than 500 light-duty trucks, less than 100 special vehicles for transportation, and less than 1,000 motorcycles).

Previously, many publicly announced car companies had retained their qualifications after rectification. Among them, Hangzhou Changjiang Bus Co., Ltd. has attracted more attention. After being included in the “Specially Announced Vehicle Manufacturers (First Batch)” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2013, Hong Kong Wulong Group reorganized it with an investment of 5.1 billion yuan and released a new electric vehicle brand “Yangtze River EV”. In January 2018, the Yangtze River Automobile passed the application of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and obtained the qualification for new energy vehicles to achieve full coverage from passenger cars to passenger cars. According to the plan, the Yangtze River's first pure electric passenger vehicle, the pure electric SUV Yiku, will officially enter the market this year. In the future, it will also launch C-class and D-class passenger cars, D-class and E-class SUVs.