[Car Home Race] On September 17, Volkswagen China Racing Scirocco R Cup held an unprecedented 12-hour endurance race at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia. This race has set a number of records: 51 drivers participated in the Scirocco R Cup in 2011, the largest number of participants in a single stop; champion Yin Haitao is also the first Chinese mainland to win the championship since the establishment of the Malaysian “Millennium Endurance Race” Rider.

The Scirocco R Cup has achieved a breakthrough in the form of competition this time, which is of positive significance in terms of competition organization, racing technology, driver's driving skills and teamwork. In this regard, Schad, the person in charge of Volkswagen China Racing Scirocco R Cup 2011, said in an interview: “For Volkswagen, the reliability of the Scirocco R car has been fully demonstrated by successfully holding the 12-hour endurance race. In addition, we have accumulated valuable experience in the operation of such events.”

“The feedback from the drivers is very positive. They are very interested in this challenging and special form of competition and are very willing to participate.” Shad added.

At the same time, Yin Haitao's victory in the race at this station also confirmed Volkswagen's achievements in cultivating Chinese racing drivers. “It is great to see so many Chinese drivers participating in this 12-hour endurance race and this year's Scirocco R Cup. In the future, Volkswagen will continue to train Chinese drivers by holding more advanced events.” Shad emphasized Volkswagen's positive attitude in cultivating local Chinese drivers.

Shad further explained how to help young Chinese drivers to grow rapidly: “In the Scirocco R Cup, some Chinese drivers we found are very young. They improve very quickly, but they still need to accumulate a wealth of racing experience. We hope to be able to To train more Chinese racers, we need to discover these potential Chinese racers and make them better.”

The 12-hour endurance race does not pose much challenge to the car itself. The car participating in this endurance race is basically the same as the car participating in the Scirocco R Cup regular season, but some fine-tuning is made according to the needs of the endurance race. For example, the use of more durable brake systems, replacement of racing headlights and so on. The Scirocco R Cup has launched a new lighter and faster Scirocco R car this year. Although the body has become lighter, the stability has become better. Especially when the car enters a corner, the brakes become more powerful, and at the same time it brings a more stable driving feeling.

For the Scirocco R Cup to try a new 12-hour endurance race format, Shad believes that the challenge comes from three aspects: safe driving, teamwork and weather conditions. “The real challenge of the 12-hour endurance race is how the drivers drive safely and avoid any accidents during the race. Another challenge is to the service team. They are responsible for refueling, changing tires and handling accidents of all cars. Therefore, teamwork It seems very critical. In addition, if it rains, the competition will be more difficult.” Shade analyzed.

Finally, Shad also expressed his great hope to bring the 12-hour endurance race to China, but they still need to do more preparations. This includes negotiations with the China Automobile Federation. If supported by the China Automobile Federation, Volkswagen will be very happy to introduce endurance racing into China.