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[YesAuto Race] January 1, 2012 is the traditional Chinese New Year's Day. People are immersed in the joy of celebrating the arrival of the New Year. In Argentina in South America, there are 9 Chinese who are about to usher in the world’s most difficult Challenge-Dakar Rally. Now we will introduce the lineup of this Dakar China team.

A total of 742 players participated in the 2012 Dakar Rally, including drivers, pilots and technicians from each team. Among them, there are 5 Chinese drivers in the car group, 3 Chinese navigators, and 1 motorcycle group. They are the Great Wall Motor Haval Dakar team Zhou Yong; Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team driver Zhou Yuande and his pilot Pan Hongyu, as well as driver Liang Xi and his pilot Huang Fengge; Yunnan Dongfang team driver Zhou Jihong and his pilot Liao Min; Fujian Wolf Guo Hongzhi, a Totem team driver, and Wei Guanghui, a motorcycle driver.

Great Wall Motor Haval Dakar Team-Zhou Yong
Participating vehicle type: Havronteng chariot racing number: No. 345

Zhou Yong can be regarded as a celebrity in the domestic racing industry, because his name is etched into the first place in the Dakar Chinese Drivers Ranking-the total score is 19, and he is tied with the speeding king Xu Lang who has left us. .

In 2012, Dakar was already the fifth race that Zhou Yong participated in. This “self-taught” genius driver was already famous for his good results in various domestic cross-country rally races before participating in Dakar. Broadcast; In 2005, he participated in the Dakar for the first time, and Zhou Yong even won the 19th place in the automobile category, the best result of the Chinese driver who has never been surpassed so far.

In 2010, Zhou Yong became the driver of the Great Wall Motors Haval Dakar Team and finished the race with 33 places that year; in 2011, Zhou Yong drove the Havron Teng chariot again to challenge Dakar, with five points. All stages entered the top 15 excellent results, his personal record of 19th place is about to be broken, but unfortunately, problems with the car in the penultimate stage caused a lot of time delay, and finally finished 22nd. Race, but this result is still the best result of all Chinese drivers in 2011.

In order to make a breakthrough in the 2012 Dakar race, both the team and Zhou Yong have made full preparations. The third-generation Havronteng chariot was highly praised by Zhou Yong, and he himself was a few times before the race. She started high-intensity fitness training in August, and even after arriving at the starting point in Dakar, Argentina a few days in advance, she still maintained daily exercise.

This year, the Haval Dakar team also used more experienced French navigators. For this Dakar, Zhou Yong is about to challenge his best results.

Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank fleet driver Zhou Yuande and pilot Pan Hongyu
Participating vehicle: Mitsubishi Pajero Racing Number: No. 333

Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank is a private fleet from Sichuan. 2012 was the second trip to Dakar by Zhou Yuande, the team's “boss driver”. Zhou Yuande once partnered with Du Taiguang to participate in the Dakar competition for the first time in 2011 and finished 31st in the automobile category with outstanding performance.

Zhou Yuande started to participate in the track cross-country championship in 2005. As a boss driver, his results were not very outstanding at the beginning of the competition. According to his own statement, he is just a “boxmate” in the Chinese racing circle. In 2010, Zhou Yuande formed his own Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team and began to participate in the national off-road series. He won the title of diesel team championship in the Xinjiang Kubuqi and Tour of Tajikistan that year. At the same time, he also gained personally. Two third places in the diesel category.

In 2011, Zhou Yuande participated in the Dakar race for the first time. Unlike other teams who invited foreign pilots to quickly adapt to the race, the Chinese combination formed by him and Du Taiguang achieved the honor of a Chinese car group that finished the race for the first time. And its 31st place is really surprised by other Chinese drivers-after all, the pair had no previous experience in Dakar.

In the Dakar in 2011, Zhou Yuande once ranked 24th. Unfortunately, he missed a better result in the last few mistakes. But it also allowed him to see his potential. For the 2012 Dakar, Zhou Yuande has set himself a clear goal for the top 20. For this reason, he has invested a lot of money and effort to improve the series of work such as car modification and logistical support.

In addition, Pan Hongyu, the young navigator Pan Hongyu who competed with Zhou Yuande in major domestic cross-country rally races in the middle of 2011, such as the Ring Tower and Badain Jail, will continue to compete with him in the Dakar races in South America. Pan Hongyu has been the leader of famous drivers Xu Lang, Liu Caodong, Lin Zhiying, Ma Miao and others, and has achieved excellent results and rich experience. This time the two of them will work together, or they will once again refresh the best result of the Chinese combination in Dakar.

Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank fleet driver Liang Xi and pilot Huang Fengge
Participating vehicle: Mitsubishi Pajero Racing Number: No. 387

In Zhou Yuande's Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team, there is another difference between this trip to Dakar and last year, that is, he has one more comrade Liang Xi who can compete in the competition. The first-time Dakar driver is a post-80s. Although most of the post-80s can no longer be called boys, he is indeed a young player in Dakar.

In order to prepare to participate in Dakar, Liang Xi also participated in many domestic long-distance cross-country races after joining the Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team. As a newcomer who has just come into contact with cross-country rally racing, performance is not what he wants to pursue. Accumulating experience in the process and growing rapidly, facing challenges and training his mind is his goal.

In order to allow Liang Xi to learn and grow better in the competition, the team also arranged for him, Huang Fengge, a famous domestic off-roader known as the “Prairie Old Wolf”, as his navigator. Huang Fengge himself is a cross-country racer. In the 2011 COC National Track Cross-Country Championships, he won three championships, and finally won the third place of the year with his outstanding performance throughout the year.

As a fellow of Zhou Yuande in Chengdu and the same “boss driver”, Liang Xi is considered by many to reproduce the old road that Zhou Yuande grew up in the cross-country circle. Even Huang Fengge feels that Liang Xi is likely to set up his own team to compete in a few years. But the difference is that Zhou Yuande only challenged Dakar after five years of accumulated experience in domestic cross-country competitions, while Liang Xi invested a lot of manpower and financial resources to participate in Dakar soon after he came into contact with cross-country rally. It can be said that the starting point is very high. .

As a team with all Chinese drivers, among the 9 Chinese players participating in the Dakar, the Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team occupying 4 seats, Zhou Yuande and Liang Xi are looking forward to the performance of the new and old drivers.

Yunnan Dongfang Racing Team Zhou Jihong and pilot Liao Min
Participating model: Nissan Patrol Racing Number: No. 335

I have to admit that, as an international event that requires a lot of manpower and material resources, participating in Dakar does require a considerable amount of financial support. Therefore, if there is no support from large manufacturers, it is very unrealistic to rely on sponsorship to participate in Dakar. of. Therefore, apart from the combination of the Great Wall Motors manufacturer team and professional driver Zhou Yong, most of the private teams participating in the Dakar are “hands-off shopkeepers”, such as Zhou Yuande, Liang Xi, and Zhou Jihong of the Yunnan Dongfang Racing Team.

Zhou Jihong formed the Yunnan Oriental Grand Canyon Team in 2005 and began to participate in the domestic cross-country rally. In the six years of cross-country rally competition, Zhou Jihong and his Dongfang Racing Team have achieved outstanding results, especially in the domestic long-distance cross-country rally races, such as the domestic Tour of Tajikistan and the Dongchuan and Badain Jail Rally. , This also gave Zhou Jihong more confidence in participating in the highest challenge of cross-country rally-Dakar.

In 2011, in addition to continuing to use the team’s cars to participate in various domestic competitions, Zhou Jihong also specially modified a car specially designed for Dakar in France and ran in at the Silk Road Rally held in Russia. At the same time, more attention is paid to domestic competitions in order to gain more experience before Dakar.

In order to improve his performance, Zhou Jihong recruited the famous domestic pilot Liao Min to his subordinates. Liao Min is also an entrepreneur, and his love for cross-country events is more than any other driver. Faced with the lack of outstanding drivers in China, but lack of excellent pilots, Liao Min turned his goal to become the best pilot in China after participating in several cross-country races. In the past few years as the pilot, he has helped several drivers to achieve championships, including Zhou Jihong's famous driver Ma Miao in the Dongfang team.

Although Liao Min has a wealth of experience in cross-country rally competitions at home and abroad, and also serves as a pilot in Zhou Jihong's team, perhaps his combination with the boss driver Zhou Jihong is the first time to participate in a large-scale cross-country rally competition. Although Zhou Jihong did not formally compete in the Dakar, but he has also followed the full Dakar match in 2011 as an observer, and has accumulated a lot of understanding of the game. I believe that their goal is also to obtain a Chinese combination. The best record in Dakar, let us wait and see.

Guo Hongzhi, Fujian Langtu Teng Racing Team
Participating vehicle: Nissan Patrol Racing Number: No. 423

For Fujian racers, Dakar used to be an unattainable dream, but Guo Hongzhi of Fujian Langtu Teng team made the dream shine into reality. As one of the pioneers of Fujian motor sports, Guo Hongzhi set foot on the Dakar for the first time last year.

In 2000, the car rally was held in Fujian for the first time, and the first batch of powerful drivers in Fujian had their first exposure to motor sports. In 2005, Guo Hongzhi and his friends jointly planned and established the Fujian Langtu Teng Automobile Club, and participated in the China Off-Road Rally, winning the second place in the national club. In 2008, 2009 and 2011, Guo Hongzhi participated in the Xinjiang Ring-Tower Auto Rally. In 2010, he participated in the Xinjiang Lop Nur Off-Road Race.

However, in the face of Dakar, Guo Hongzhi, who has spent 3 million to participate in the competition, is just a novice. Before the 2011 Dakar, Guo Hongzhi made serious preparations in all aspects, including more than two months of physical training and full simulation of actual combat desert driving experience. However, in the race, he had no choice but to retire after only three stages, and failed to make the Wolf Tuteng team's team flag fly on the finishing stand in Dakar.

At that time, Guo Hongzhi encountered sand trapping 50 kilometers after entering the special stage in the third stage. After digging the sand for a long time and matting the sand board, his car gearbox failed again, and the gear was engaged but there was no power output. After the breakdown occurred, due to communication problems and the phone's out of power, Guo Hongzhi waited in place for 8 hours without waiting for the T4 rescue vehicle. Seeing that it was getting late, Guo Hongzhi reluctantly accepted the rescue of the work car. Guo Hongzhi also missed multiple timing points in the competition, which was a multiple violation, so he was disqualified by the organizing committee. (According to the rules, if the car breaks down, except for the rescue of the T4 rescue car of the own team, no other work vehicles are allowed to be rescued, and the work vehicles are not allowed to enter the track.)

A repairable mechanical failure eventually caused Guo Hongzhi's retirement in Dakar. This failure was largely due to lack of experience in the first race and unfamiliarity with the rules. In 2012, Guo Hongzhi will continue to participate in Dakar in his own name. After accumulating experience and lessons, and looking for a new team of cooperation, we hope his performance can go further.

Jincheng Motorcycle Team-Wei Guanghui
Participating model: Jincheng Motorcycle Participation number: No. 94

Wei Guanghui, who has passed the year, will once again represent the Jincheng Motorcycle Team in the 2012 Dakar Rally. This time he will be the only Chinese motorcyclist.

Wei Guanghui decided to participate in Dakar for the first time in 2008. However, when he headed to the starting point of the competition with infinite vision, the organizing committee announced that the competition had to be cancelled due to potential security risks in Africa. Wei Guanghui’s first Dakar It was so regrettable that it came to an end.

For the first South American Dakar in 2009, Wei Guanghui retired due to injury, but it was also that experience that gave him an intuitive and in-depth understanding of Dakar. A year later, Wei Guanghui once again set foot on the South American continent to participate in the 2010 Dakar Rally. He completed the race with difficulty that year and finally ranked 82nd.

The 2010 Dakar gave Wei Guanghui a taste of the hardships of the game. At that time, it was nearly half of the game. Due to the dust in the stage, he could not see the road clearly, so he turned on the goggles. When he returned to the camp at night, he felt pain in his eyes. The next day, he insisted on embarking on the road of the game. In the following race, he accidentally overturned because of avoiding dust, which injured his thumb. Wei Guanghui with the pain continued to support all the remaining races.

In 2011, Wei Guanghui did not participate in the competition, but since then he has started preparations for the 2012 competition. As the 2012 race broke the tradition of the past three years, it was changed from eastern Argentina to the Peruvian capital Lima, which means that more than half of the stages have not been experienced by drivers before. In response to this, Wei Guanghui made a special trip to France to learn from the old European modifiers and teams in all aspects of the competition.

In order to better prepare for the 2012 Dakar, Wei Guanghui began systematic training in October. After experiencing the painful lessons of nearly failing in physical fitness, Wei Guanghui specifically asked a physical coach to prepare strictly in accordance with the requirements of the game. While preparing for the war, Wei Guanghui also went to the Badain Jaran Desert in Inner Mongolia for a half-month test drive, which was also his last military training before going to South America.

In 2012, once again in Dakar, Wei Guanghui set himself the goal first of all to finish the race, and he also hopes to further refresh his best record.


The trip to Dakar in 2012 has officially started at the moment the calendar turns over 2011. The Chinese riders who are unintentionally immersed in the joy of the New Year have already geared up to achieve their dreams and realize the historical breakthrough of the Chinese people. Let us wish them a smooth finish and better results. (Text/Car Home Xu Jun)