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[YesAuto Connected Travel] As long as you pay attention to cars, you have heard of an SUV called Big Dog more or less recently. As a product of the Great Wall Lemon Platform, its name gives it more attention. With the advent of the third-generation Haval H6, the emergence of Haval Big Dog undoubtedly gave people more choices. Although “teaching out of the same door”, it is obvious that Big Dog will have a more bumpy road in the future. Consumers' recognition of Haval H6 is enough to support 9 years of sales data, so what does Big Dog have?

For a brand-new model, it is most important to make consumers interested first. Obviously, the name of Big Dog is enough to spur people's appetite. When interest appears, people naturally derive the idea of wanting to understand it. From the look of the big dog itself, the tough appearance is enough to “attack” consumers indiscriminately, just like the Wrangler, if you just look at the appearance , Most people will say Sa.

Of course, for prospective car buyers, appearance does not account for a large proportion of the purchase decision. Factors such as configuration, price, power, space, and comfort will attract potential customers' attention. Obviously, the designer of Big Dog has figured out the consumer's context, and the appearance is tough enough, but the inner part is still Gujia, and it is more appropriate to describe it with Tiehan's tenderness. Of course, the upcoming four-wheel drive version also gives Tiehan more hard indicators. So in today's rapid development of intelligent networking, what are the “smart” aspects of this tough guy at home?

Including the third-generation Haval H6, the pair of brothers under the lemon platform fully meets the user needs of functional applications. In addition to regular online music and radio stations, Douyin and iQiyi also appear in the system. Judging from the current general trend of car-linked applications, more and more short video and online video applications have gradually become another main force after online music and radio.

Regarding the air conditioning display and button layout, it can only be said that it varies from person to person. When you are familiar with a certain layout, it is indeed difficult to accept new things at once. Just like my colleagues often argue with me, the physical buttons are so easy to use, why have to use voice, but when you find that most online ride-hailing drivers are keen to use the voice function of mobile phone maps to enter destinations, maybe we should really change our minds. Up.

In our daily car linkage tests, parking images occupy a lot of points in the function realization level. At present, most parking images are more homogenized, and they are basically 360° panoramic images. The splicing process is good, but from the point of view of use, it is still almost meaningless. Although the functions brought by the Haval Big Dog have been equipped with models, they are still new in the auto market. As a whole, these functions have certain usage scenarios for the positioning of the Big Dog itself.

At the voice level, for the models sold in China today, the situation of voice control can be described as a mixed blessing, some people love it, and some people hate it. In fact, for users, quickly fulfilling their needs is fundamental. If you chat back and forth with a cold machine for a few rounds before lowering the temperature, no one will be crazy.

In fact, with the development of my country's intelligent network industry, there are many high-efficiency and easy-to-use solutions among voice providers. Take Big Dog as an example. Voice functions such as partial wake-up, non-full-time wake-up, context connection, OneShot, and arbitrary interruption of conversation can make voice interaction easier and faster.

Written at the end:

Although Big Dog’s system is similar to the third-generation Haval H6, in order to cater to vehicle positioning, some changes have been made in UI design and interaction logic, such as basic voice control and high-frequency applications. Needless to say, the experience of more mainstream suppliers at the moment is naturally. And functions derived from panoramic images, such as transparent car bottom and 50-meter tracking reversing, are very practical for big dogs. In fact, from the perspective of rigid configuration, manufacturers have made a clear characterization of two-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive models to meet the diversified needs of consumers for home or travel. This may also be the future development trend of car associations. The applications and functions are more similar. In today's qualitative world, how to design a compatible vehicle system and introduce corresponding applications based on the positioning of the vehicle itself is the next step for the product manager to consider. (Picture Car House Xia Zhimeng Wen Li Xiang)