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​ ​[YesAuto in-depth experience] When it comes to modified cars, many people may immediately think of those models with exaggerated appearance and powerful power. The Mercedes-Benz Vito refitted by the “Flying Commercial Vehicle” refitting manufacturer placed in front of me has little change in appearance. The power system is exactly the same as the original model, but the interior has undergone tremendous changes. High-end equipment such as multifunctional bar counters, 32-inch SONY TVs, rotating massage seats, etc. are all present in the carriages, which are comparable in luxury to high-end cars. Want to know how luxurious and functional it is? Continue reading below and experience this luxurious modified car together. (Note: “Flying Commercial Vehicle” modification manufacturers mainly modify Mercedes-Benz MPV commercial vehicles)

Appearance/Size: The appearance is more domineering and full

    As an MPV business car, the Vito has always shown a serious look, and the exterior design is full of a strong business atmosphere. And this luxury MPV business car modified on the basis of Vito, its appearance gives people a sense of stability and domineering. Compared with the original model, it is more like a model for receiving stars and distinguished guests in the movie, full of color of a touring car.

Due to the addition of external enclosure and dolphin high roof equipment, its body size has increased compared with the original model. The length, width and height are 5365×1918×2105 (mm) respectively, which makes the whole car visually larger. A lot.

In terms of appearance, it is equipped with outer surrounds on the front and rear, and the outline of the entire car appears fuller. The bumper of the original model feels that the design is relatively simple and lacks tension. After modification, the large-area mesh air intake is decorated with silver decorative strips, which is a lot more domineering. At the fog lights, the original model is not equipped with LED daytime running lights, which is monotonous. After installing the LED daytime running lights, it looks very eye-catching, and you can notice it from a distance.

Many people not only pay attention to the front face when buying a car, but the design of the rear is also very important. The rear design of the original Vito model is relatively square and a bit bulky. It looks very much like a van from a distance, and it always feels less luxurious. After installing the spoiler and the outer surround, the layering of the tail is increased a lot, and it is more coordinated. In the use of tires, it is the same as the original model in tire size and tire brand use, but it uses eight spokes. The visual effect of the aluminum alloy wheels is much better than that of the steel wheels with hubcaps of the original models, because the original ones are too simple and too common.

Front interior/configuration: a lot of improved materials and richer configurations

    For this type of vehicle, it is believed that most of the drivers are responsible for driving. Therefore, the interior design and configuration of the front compartment are often relatively simple. The modified front compartment has been greatly improved in terms of interior materials. The original hard plastic-wrapped center console has been changed to leather-wrapped. The addition of wooden materials makes it a lot more luxurious.

If you have seen the interior of the front compartment of the original model, the center control panel wrapped in hard plastic material may give you the feeling that it is relatively cheap, unlike the performance of a luxury MPV commercial vehicle. And this modified car uses a lot of leather in the front compartment, which is really much better than the original model.

The original model is equipped with a simple CD player and radio. You can only listen to CD records and radio stations, which is not very entertaining. And this model is replaced with a large-size color touch screen, which integrates multiple functions. In use, you only need to tap the corresponding function key with your finger, and the corresponding function will be automatically turned on, which enriches the original monotonous configuration.

Many luxury cars will be equipped with this function of car refrigerator, they are basically placed in the rear car model, and the car refrigerator of this model is placed at the center armrest in the front compartment. It can hold about 4 bottles of ordinary drinks, and there is some space next to it for other frozen foods. The car refrigerator is equipped with a communication device, which does not have a dialing function, and is mainly used as a dialogue device with the rear compartment to facilitate communication between the front and rear compartments.

​ The front seats are designed with black and white two-color leather seats. Compared with the fabric material used in the original model, the comfort and aesthetics are greatly improved. The seat design has not changed. The large seat brings a good ride comfort, but its wrapping is average. The seat adjustment is still manual adjustment, the same as the original model, for a luxury business car, this is indeed a bit unreasonable.

Rear interior/configuration: the configuration is very rich, and the multi-function bar has many highlights

    Unlike the front compartment, which is only upgraded in terms of interior materials, the changes in the rear compartment can be described as earth-shaking. The entire rear compartment has been newly designed, and everything in it can hardly find the shadow of the original model. Entering the carriage, you seem to have entered a luxurious first-class aircraft. The important thing is that most of the operations here are done through the touch screen, which is quite technological.    

The multi-function bar is equipped with multiple entertainment equipment, such as a 32-inch SONY TV that can be raised and lowered, a Blu-ray player, BOSE audio, etc., here, you are like being in a home theater, watching movies and listening to music. problem.

There is a coffee machine on the multi-function bar. If you want to enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee in the car, it is very simple. Gently touch the “coffee machine” icon on the screen, and the coffee machine will start immediately. You don't need to bring a cup. There is a storage compartment for cups under the bar. You can just take the cups here to fill the coffee. Watching TV, newspapers and drinking a cup of coffee in the carriage is really a good choice.

Most of the functions in the rear compartment are controlled by the touch screen. A large color touch screen next to the left front seat is the main control screen. Different icons on it correspond to different functions. Just touch the corresponding icon and the function will be activated. And beside the screen, there is a communication device like the front car, which is an important tool for communication between the two cars.

As a luxury MPV business car, privacy is a very important thing. Curtains are installed in the rear compartments to enhance the sense of luxury and ensure the privacy of the compartments. The car's rear compartment windows are of a closed design, and the windows cannot be opened. In order to ensure the air quality in the cabin, it is equipped with an internal circulation system, through which the control of the air quality in the cabin is achieved. It uses a double skylight design, and if you want to breathe fresh air more directly, opening the skylight should be a good choice.

Rear seat space/power: There are many options for seat functions, and the power is just enough

    Its rear compartment uses a 2+3 seat design, and the seats have been greatly improved in terms of materials and functions. You know, almost all the people sitting in the rear compartment are boss-level characters. How can they meet their needs with the seat design of general functional configuration and materials.

The front seat of the rear compartment has very rich functions, and its movement adjustment options are many. The front and back up and down and rotation can be realized, and the maximum degree of rotation can reach 180 degrees. The massage function is available in many high-end luxury cars, and it is also equipped with a massage chair function. There are many choices of pressing position and strength, which gives you the most suitable massage mode, which is very practical. ​The editor felt in the experience that its massage strength and position effect are good, compared with ordinary car massage seats, the strength is much stronger. I have tried many car massage seats of other models before, but the strength is too small, and it feels painless or itchy, and it has no effect.

​ ​If the front seat has a massage function is one of the bright spots, then the rear seat can be completely folded into a small bed is another bright spot. There is a touch screen on the right side of the rear seat to control the movement of the seat. As long as the front seat is adjusted to a suitable position, press and hold the forward icon on the touch screen, the seat will be completely laid down, and the rear seat is flat. It can almost be used as a small bed, and you can sleep on it.

Unlike the original model, the owner of this model may not care about its trunk storage space at all, because what they want is a car that can enjoy a comfortable ride in the compartment, not a car that can carry it. Cargo car. With this in mind, the maximum compartment space of this model is given to the seat space, and the seat design is fixed and cannot be disassembled, so the trunk space is very limited.

Power: not strong, just enough.

In terms of power, this model is equipped with a 2.5L displacement V6 engine with a maximum power of 190 horsepower (140kW)/5600rpm and a maximum torque of 235N·m/5200rpm. It is matched with a 5-speed hand Self-integrated gearbox, power can only be said to be average. According to the original model with a vehicle weight of close to 3 tons, after modification, the addition of multiple configurations is estimated to make its vehicle weight more than 3 tons, and the 2.5L displacement output of 190 horsepower, for it Said it is just enough.

Summary: This Mercedes-Benz Vito modified car has a lot of changes in appearance and interior. The appearance is mainly equipped with outer enclosure, dolphin high roof, spoiler, etc., and the overall appearance has become more domineering and stable. And its biggest change lies in the interior of the cabin. The simple interior design of the original model no longer exists in this model. The 32-inch large TV, BOSE audio, electric massage chair and other equipment can be found in the cabin, and the luxury of the rear cabin has been improved a lot. However, if you want to own this model and enjoy these luxurious equipment, you need to spend more money than the original model. The sale price of this car of 880,000 yuan has clearly demonstrated its high value. From this point of view, it is more suitable for high-end business people who are wealthy and pay great attention to life and pursue a higher level of enjoyment.

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