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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] In the past, the panoramic sunroof was a rare configuration, and it was often seen occasionally in some imported cars, especially French cars. In recent years, more and more new models on the market are equipped with panoramic sunroofs (or double sunroofs), and they appear more frequently in SUV models. Today we will take a look at the panoramic sunroof or double sunroof on 6 compact SUV models, which is bigger and more ecstasy.

Note: This article is all compact SUVs. As for the larger ones, they are not included in this article for comparison because of the large difference in body size.

Audi Q5 length 119cm width 71cm area 0.8449 square meters
Openable length 60cm Openable area 0.426 square meters

The popularity of Audi Q5 has not diminished, and it has continued to increase prices since its launch. However, we don’t care when it will stop increasing prices today. We just want to see if its panoramic sunroof is attractive enough. It should be said that compared with several other models of the same level, the skylight of Q5 looks more beautiful, because it does not use an overly obvious beam to divide the skylight into two, although the second half cannot be opened. But at least there is no sense of obstruction visually, and the integrity is stronger.

In terms of length, the other double sunroof designs are not as good even if the front and rear sunroof sizes are added. The sunroof over 1 meter covers almost the entire overhead part of the carriage. The sunroof of the sunroof in the car is also integrated, so if the rear row wants to open, the front row does not agree with it. So we must find a way to persuade the front row.

There are two ways to open, one is the ventilation state, that is, a gap is set up between the front window and the rear window, which has a ventilation effect, but in this state, the gap is small and the effect it can play is obvious. Both the sun blind and the windows are electrically operated, which can be opened at the same time or stopped at the middle position at the same time. In this case, if the rear passengers do not intend to enjoy the effect of the sunroof.

Tiguan length 117cm width 70cm area 0.819 square meters
Can be opened 59cm area 0.413 square meters

Tiguan’s sunroof is actually very close to Q5, except for the slight difference in size (length and width are slightly smaller), but anyway, on the Tiguan, which has a much lower price, there can be almost the same panoramic sunroof as Q5. , The sun shade is also opened electrically, which looks very cost-effective.

Tiguan’s sunroofs follow the same design as Volkswagen’s other electric sunroofs in the past. The sunroof does not always open to the end when it is opened by one-button. At this time, the open length is about 46cm. Turn the knob again and the sunroof will continue to open backward. When opened, the length is 59cm, and the total openable area reaches 0.413 square meters. In addition, there is a ventilation mode in the opening mode. Like the Q5 mentioned earlier, the front sunroof will be tilted to form an opening for ventilation, but it looks narrower.

● 54cm 72cm 0.3888 square meters in front of ix35 can be opened
53cm 72cm 0.3816 square meters behind can not be opened

On the ix35 SUV model newly launched by Beijing Hyundai, the top model is also equipped with a double sunroof, and its area is larger among the several models today. Not only the total area is large, but the area that can be opened is also large. Recently, we frequently see double sunroofs on Hyundai and Kia models. For example, the imported Kia Sorento is also equipped with double sunroofs.

The advantage of the large area is that it can almost always cover the top of the back passenger's head. “Looking up at the moon” is not an ideal mood. Moreover, the light and vision in the car are very good when the sunshade is opened, which is a rare enjoyment for a model with more than 200,000 yuan. The opening method is divided into front and rear operation, each has its own sunshade, all of which are opened manually. The sunroof skylight is the same as the ordinary electric sunroof, divided into two states: ventilation and fully open.

X-Trail 74cm long 90cm wide area all open 0.666

To be precise, Qijun’s skylight should be called a large skylight, and its area is much larger than an ordinary skylight in the general sense, but there is still a gap between the panoramic skylight and the panoramic skylight. However, after actual measurement, although the area of Qijun's skylight is smaller than other panoramic skylights or double skylights, it can actually open the largest area. It can be said that almost the entire skylight of Qijun can be opened.

GLK front 44.5cm 75cm area 0.3337 can be opened
After 37cm 74cm area 0.2738 can not be opened

When I first saw the double sunroof of GLK, I still liked it, but compared to the later Q5, the sunroof of GLK would look simple and luxurious. After all, the beam in the middle has become the biggest obstacle to the destruction of beauty. After careful calculation, the area of the front and rear sunroof is not large, and the total area is not enough for the Audi Q5. Attention, here we are only evaluating the skylight, without other comparisons.

From the perspective of the open form, the double skylight of GLK allows the front part to be normally opened for ventilation, while the rear part is closed. Both the sunshade and the sunroof are operated electrically, and the steps are to open the sunshade first, and then open the sunroof. One advantage of the double skylight is that the front row and the rear row can be treated separately. If the front row does not want to open the rear row, the sunshade can be opened separately, so that the rear passengers can enjoy the sunshine, but there is no ventilation.

XC60 skylight is 77.5cm in length and 70cm in width, with an area of 0.5425 square meters
Openable 36cm Openable area 0.252 square meters

The skylight of XC60 is integral, but its area is significantly smaller than that of Q5. Its overall area is 0.797 square meters, the longitudinal length that can be opened is not large, 36cm, and the openable area is 0.252 square meters. It can be seen that from this openable area, it is obviously worse than the previous Q5 and GLK. When sitting in the back row, the sunroof can only extend to a few positions in front of the rear passengers.

This article summarizes the sunroof area of the 6 models

0.8449 0.819 0.666 0.77 0.6075 0.5425 Open area 0.426 0.413 0.666 0.3888 0.3337 0.252

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Conclusion: Today’s skylight comparison article is precisely an interesting comparison, because for most people, it feels good to have a panoramic skylight or a double skylight. Who will account for the length and width of it? How much, but the charm of the panoramic sunroof is not small. For example, I was imagining that if I choose between Q5 and GLK, the one that makes me most inclined to Q5 may be the large and bright panoramic sunroof. Although it will not be the main factor influencing the car purchase decision, it can be regarded as one of the secondary factors. I hope that under the premise of ensuring safety, there will be more panoramic sunroof models to choose from, at least I hope so.