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[YesAuto crash test interpretation] The second-generation Audi Q7 got a five-star score in the latest European crash test. Compared with the previous generation model, it has improved in performance. The result is worthy of recognition, not to mention that this is still in E-NCAP to adjust the crash evaluation. After the rules, of course, getting five stars does not mean that the safety of the vehicle is impeccable. For the Audi Q7, its own weight of nearly 2 tons (which may affect the frontal collision) and the angular front face shape (which may affect pedestrian protection) may cause Some deductions have occurred, is this really the case? Let's take a look at the answer given by E-NCAP.

Edit summary:

In any case, after adjusting the collision rules, the new Audi Q7's performance can be higher than before (the first-generation model received a four-star score, but due to changes in the rules, the specific details have no direct comparison significance). It is worthy of recognition. In addition, based on the traditional perception of the Chinese market, such a car will also give users a stronger sense of security, especially the functional blessing of the electronic configuration of models with higher configuration, and the driving experience can also reach users. My understanding of this class of cars. (Photo / Li Boxu, the home of the car)