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[YesAuto reveals the new car technology] In this era when everything is pursuing the Plus version, the ninth-generation Malibu model-Malibu XL is also one size larger than the current Malibu, and the wheelbase has increased by 91mm, but The “XL” in the name of Malibu XL is not the “XL” on the clothes size, it refers to the meaning of “Cross Limits”. If the size of the current Malibu is set as the benchmark “L”, then Malibu XL is indeed worthy of the name. You can see the “weight” of the Malibu XL and you will find that it is 120kg lighter than the current Malibu . What is its “slimming” secret? Come and see if you are “three catties fat every holiday season”.

“Born” of Mai Rui Bao XL

The Mai Rui Bao XL is the ninth generation of the Mai Rui Bao, and the name suffix “XL” may be another layer of intention to distinguish it from the eighth generation of the current Mai Rui Bao, and will be sold “in the same house” after it is launched. Malibu XL is also based on the general Epsilon Ⅱ platform, which has the same origin as the current Malibu and Buick Regal.

Why light weight?

How to reduce the weight of Mai Rui Bao XL?

    The lightweight design of a car is nothing more than optimizing the design from two aspects of material and structure. Let's take a look at where Malibu reduces weight based on these two points?

-The body structure is reduced by 50kg

In traditional concepts, people may often associate the thickness of the steel with the strength of the car body, and the thickness of the steel inevitably affects the weight of the car body. Therefore, it is misunderstood that the strength of the car body and the degree of lightweight are a contradiction. But with the advancement of materials science, such concepts and conclusions have been completely untenable. With the use of high-strength steel in the automotive field, it can increase the strength of the body while making the weight of the vehicle lighter. Compared with the current Mai Rui Bao, the weight of the Mai Rui Bao XL is only 1415 kg when the wheelbase is extended by 91mm, which is an overall reduction of 120 kg, and the body part alone reduces the weight by more than 50 kg.

Generally speaking, the yield strength is a better measure to characterize the steel used in automobiles, and the yield strength of a steel plate will be smaller than the tensile strength. The tensile strength of the ultra-high-strength steel used on Malibu XL is 1500MPa, and its yield strength will generally reach about 800Mpa, so that the high-yield-strength steel can almost be used as the shell material of the submarine.

Of course, the prerequisite for improving the level of lightweight is that the car body has sufficient strength and collision safety. Therefore, through the CAE software tool, the R&D personnel have carried out a reasonable optimization design of the Malibu XL body structure and the application of ultra-high strength steel to ensure Improve the passive safety of the vehicle.

-Aluminum alloy is “overwhelming” in the chassis

    The body structure can greatly reduce the quality of the entire vehicle, and the “slimming” of the chassis suspension is also essential, because the lightweight of the chassis suspension affects the vehicle's suspension, steering, brakes and other dynamic response capabilities and vehicle handling stability More important.

-Weight loss requires a “light heart”

The intake manifold of Malibu XL uses a lightweight composite material. In addition, its exhaust manifold is integrated in the cylinder head, which simplifies the structure of the exhaust system while improving the thermal efficiency of the engine, and improves the level of lightweight, thereby indirectly improving the fuel economy of the vehicle. The official name is the 1.5T version. The integrated fuel consumption of the Malibu XL is 6L/100km.

-Cut out the “weight” in the interior material

When talking about interiors, we generally value only the workmanship, texture and configuration level, but in fact, the weight of interior materials is also part of the manufacturer's lightweight design.


Car lightweighting is nothing more than from the two major directions of material and structure. Malibao XL has a lightweight design in the body structure, using ultra-high-strength steel that accounts for more than 40%; the chassis and engine are Aluminum alloy materials are mainly used to reduce weight, and lightweight composite materials are also used; in addition, lighter materials are also used for the interior of the instrument panel and seat leather. “Slimming” the weight of 120kg is almost the same as subtracting two adults. In theory, this not only brings the improvement of power performance, but also promotes the good fuel economy of Mai Rui Bao XL. But whether the actual situation satisfies you, please feel free to experience it yourself after the new car is launched. (Auto House Text/Picture Xia Zhimeng)