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[YesAuto Test Drive] The annual snow and ice test drive has started again, and I am also fortunate to be able to follow Audi to the foot of Changbai Mountain and invite to participate in this snow and ice test drive. This is my first time in the Northeast. I am not only looking forward to this event, but also eager to feel how cold the temperature is dozens of degrees below zero. So now let us wait for the start of this ice and snow test drive!

This time, the scale of Audi's fleet is very large. Dozens of Q5 and Q7 vehicles are spectacular together. At the same time, the 2011 Audi A6L is also listed at this event ( click to view the listing article for the specific price ). The first project of our test drive is a small jungle crossing. The destination is Tianchi in Changbai Mountain. What kind of scenery will Tianchi in the cold winter look like? Let's see it together!

I have no intention of writing this article as a travel note, but I am willing to share the scenery and feelings. The roads up the mountain are narrow and tortuous, and most of them are covered with thick snow and ice. The local professional drivers who lead us up the mountain are all year round. We have rich experience in driving on icy and snowy roads here. We act as passengers in this link. Along the way, the driver's master repeatedly praised the Audi Q7's grip. I think in addition to the nail tires, the balanced power distribution brought by the Audi Quattro four-wheel drive system is also indispensable.

There are a lot of beautiful scenery flashed by the road, but they can’t be picked up in the camera in the car. In such a cold northeast, opening the car window to shoot is indeed a painful thing, not to mention me Sitting in the middle of the back row is very inconvenient for framing. The uniced water in the picture above was left from the Tianchi, and the rime hung over the treetops, which was very beautiful.

With the gradual increase in altitude, the temperature gradually drops. After reaching the top of the mountain, the temperature has dropped to minus 35 degrees Celsius. Even if I breathe lightly, it will immediately condense into ice and stick to my glasses before facing The bitter wind that almost knocked me down, the most I want to do at the moment is to get back into the car immediately. Because of the heavy fog today, the mystery of Tianchi is still in my heart. The ice and snow test drive below is the key point!

After the short tour of Tianchi, we also entered the topic of this test drive activity. As in previous test drive meetings, safety training is essential, especially for snow and ice test drives like this one. The correct sitting posture is the first step to ensure driving safety, seemingly simple things often have subtleties, the adjustment of the seat is the same, it should be adjusted according to the order of height, front and rear distance, backrest, and steering wheel. Did you know before? The advantage of such sequential adjustment is that when the next function is adjusted, the previous function will not be interfered.

3 o'clock and 9 o'clock are the best positions to hold the steering wheel, which will facilitate rapid response to emergencies in an emergency. In addition, your hands should never leave the body of the wheel during the wheeling process, and the thumb must be outside the steering wheel to avoid being injured by turning the steering wheel when it is pressed against a stone or the like.

The models participating in the test drive at the venue are all Audi S5, with two two-door and four-door models. The test drive's road surface is designed to simulate the condition of normal roads with mixed ice and snow. Some road sections are very slippery, and you will slip and fall when you walk on them. The first lap coach mainly guides everyone to familiarize themselves with the road and some driving skills on snowy days. explain.

As mentioned earlier, nailed tires are equipped on all models today, including the Audi S5 of course. I need to remind everyone here that even if the vehicle is good, the more electronic equipment it has, the more effective it is when it comes to roads with low adhesion. Don’t even have too much confidence in them, because if you want to lose control on the snow, it’s really hard to get out of control. It's too simple. A normal action on a weekday can completely make vehicles on icy and snowy roads lose control.

Then, it is very important to master snow driving skills. Everyone knows that you must be gentle when driving on wet and slippery roads. This gentleness refers to the actions of twisting the steering wheel and stepping on the pedals. Even a quick throttle-reduction action may make the vehicle unable to find the north. This is actually a simple thing to say but difficult to do. Once the vehicle has a slight side slip, most people who are accustomed to driving on ordinary roads can easily overcorrect. So when a dangerous situation arises, how should we deal with it?

On icy and snowy roads, the loss of control of the vehicle is nothing more than two situations-oversteer and understeer. Of course, this is related to the excessively high vehicle speed, but within a reasonable range of vehicle speed, the vehicle can still be remedied through certain techniques. The two situations are explained separately below.

Compared with the concept of understeer, there is no need to explain too much. To put it bluntly, the vehicle has a “pushing head” phenomenon when turning. Of course not. Within the range of reasonable speed, it can be remedied through certain skills. The method is to first turn the wheel in the opposite direction to find the vehicle's trajectory. Just like the right-turning vehicle in the picture above, it will go further under the situation of understeer. The more you can't correct the right wheeler. At this time, you need to slowly hit the left side, and then turn the wheel to the right, so that the vehicle can return to the correct trajectory.

For oversteer, the correction method is also to reverse the wheel, but this time the requirement is to quickly reverse the wheel, and slowly return to the wheel when the vehicle is about to be “pulled” back, but this point of returning to the right must be mastered, because this In this case, the correction is easy to overdo and the rear of the car is thrown to the other side. Whether it is understeer or over correction, it is a little superficial to talk on paper. The important thing is to practice more to grasp the feeling of human-vehicle communication. It is not easy to achieve the realm of human-vehicle integration.

In addition, I would like to mention here Audi’s full-time four-wheel drive. Compared with pure front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive has an advantage in handling on roads with extremely low adhesion. It is easy to start and turn, especially in The body is stable during cornering, and there is no obvious tendency to push or flick the tail, but the overall feeling is biased towards understeer.

In the afternoon, the task is to drive to Lushuihe Forest Park tens of kilometers away. The entire distance is the actual road version of the morning site project. In addition to using the skills learned, you must ensure a sufficiently long safe distance when driving. For auto-manual gearbox models, you can switch to manual mode and use engine speed to control vehicle speed. In addition, the northeast region is very snowy and windy, and it is easy to be blocked by the snow when driving. There is no harm in turning on the lights frequently, which can make it easier for other vehicles to find you.

Summary of driving in snow:

1. Be sure to control a reasonable speed, and don't rely too much on electronic equipment;

2. Turn the direction and step on the pedal softly, and avoid quickly closing the accelerator;

3. Maintain sufficient and safe distance between vehicles;

4. It is recommended to turn on the car lights when the visibility deteriorates, so that others can find you are not harmful;

5. The engine speed can be used to control the vehicle speed

Full text summary

Participating in the ice and snow test drive is not to entertain, nor to play ice drift unscrupulously, but to really learn the content of safe driving. This is the purpose. At the same time, I also experienced Audi's full-time four-wheel drive operation on ice and snow. Sexual advantage. Regarding the driving skills in snowy days, if you have the opportunity, you should practice more. It is not easy to achieve the real integration of people and vehicles on low-adhesion roads. Remember, if you do not have a good grasp of your driving skills, you must control the speed within the range you can control.