[YesAuto Review] Unlike previous compact cars, I don’t care about the seating space of the new BMW 1 Series, but I am curious about how the manufacturer arranges the rear-wheel drive chassis, multi-link suspension, and the like in such a compact hatchback. An 8-speed automatic transmission that sounds huge. After opening the engine cover, it can be found that there is still enough space in the front of the engine compartment to insert the in-line 6-cylinder engine.

This extreme arrangement gives this BMW 1 Series a very restless appearance. Its front is very long, and in order to take care of the practicality of space, the roof extends back greatly, which makes the visual center of gravity rearward. The ratio is extremely unstable. This visually “very unstable” radical shape is completely different from the calm and steady style of a traditional car.

In contrast, the front face is more controversial. I am afraid that few people praise it for its beauty at first glance. It is too sharp and aggressive. Maybe you can feel a little affinity from it after you get used to it, but I think it must be the sentiment that a real car owner can initiate. At least I haven't been able to fully accept it in a week of contact. This face.

The overall interior of the car has not changed much. You can smell a BMW interior smell as soon as you open the door. The smell contains a certain chemical substance that can stimulate the secretion of adrenaline. The small electronic gear handle is very technological, and besides saving space, it also has other benefits: when you start without closing the driving door and wearing a seat belt, the gearbox will automatically jump from D gear back to P gear. Forcibly shifting back to the P gear while driving is not very pleasant, as if the gearbox's heart is broken, so you must pay attention to closing the door and fasten the seat belt in daily driving.

The 118i sporty configuration we tested is richer, with standard xenon headlights, iDrive, and even automatic parking. The interesting thing is that the original factory does not have cruise control and automatic anti-glare rearview mirrors, and the tires are 205/55 R16 The size is equivalent to the size of some domestic 1.6 family cars that cost less than 100,000 yuan.

Of course, the test drive car provided by the manufacturer is much more impressive. It is equipped with 17-inch sports wheels and 225 mm wide tires, automatic anti-glare rearview mirrors, seat heating, navigation, and advanced lane departure assistance. Wait, the price of this full set of options is just a number.

For more details on the exterior, interior and space performance of the BMW 1 Series, please click on the link below:

The new generation of BMW 1 series has also begun to be equipped with supercharged engines. The 1.6T engine named N13B16A adopts direct injection and twin-scroll single turbocharging technology. It can output a maximum power of 170 horsepower and a maximum of 250 Nm on the 118i. Torque. It is matched with the 8-speed automatic transmission which is very popular in the BMW brand. When describing a car with excess power, we always say that the driver seems to be sitting on the engine. In the BMW 1 series, it seems to be sitting on the engine. On the gearbox, this has nothing to do with the actual size of the gearbox.

The first cooperation between the 1.6T engine and the 8-speed gearbox was very harmonious. During daily driving, the throttle remained appropriate and sensitive, the power output was generous and decent, and the turbo had almost no lag. The gearbox always shifts gears diligently. After all, it has so many gears available, usually the speed will be maintained below 1500 rpm, which reflects the steady side, and there is no sign of restlessness.

The chassis comfort of the new BMW 1 Series is much better than expected. The steering wheel is always heavy, but there is no need to strain your nerves at any time as in the legend, you can control it easily and comfortably. The suspension is slightly stiffer than other models that focus on comfort, while retaining good comfort. After overwhelming the seemingly terrible bumps, there were only a few muffled noises and slight vibrations from the car body, and nothing else happened.

It is worth mentioning that BMW’s driving mode selection system appears on the new 1 Series. The driving mode integrates a series of different attributes such as throttle sensitivity, power steering strength, and transmission response into each mode. You can directly select the mode you want. , The on-board computer will help you adjust these parameters to the response level . There are three optional modes for 116i Metropolis, and four for 118i Sports.

After the driving mode is selected as SPORT, the gearbox downshifts and increases the speed, the computer will adjust the throttle opening and fuel injection, the power output becomes active, and you can feel the excitement of the vehicle when you lightly step on the accelerator. The 1.6T engine is full of energy and can provide enough excitement. BMW’s ESP is very naughty. When you slam on the accelerator, it allows the wheels to slip instantly, and the rear of the car will quickly swing slightly, which makes people feel surprised, and then the electronic system comes out and intervenes gently, which is surprising but not dangerous. It is just teasing you.

In the closed test field, we chose the driving mode to SPORT+, the ESP system was completely closed, and the steering was heavier and more direct. The compact chassis of the 1 Series exhibits a high degree of agility and precision during intense driving. The balanced weight distribution makes the whole car very easy to control. All aspects of tuning are just right, and the driver can clearly understand its limits, and Controlling the vehicle's posture through the throttle is impressive.

If you don’t like too much excitement, the 1 Series also provides a fuel-efficient “ECO Pro” mode. After selecting this mode, the engine immediately enters hibernation, and the power drops to a level similar to that of a 1.0L naturally aspirated engine. The slow throttle response may be unbearable even for people who are slow, so it is basically not suitable for the complicated urban road conditions in China. Under use. However, when there is a sudden need to increase the power, as long as you press the accelerator to the end, the engine will be awakened as soon as possible to provide the power output that it should have in normal mode.

In addition, the new 1 series is also equipped with an automatic start-stop mode, which will slightly shake when the flame is turned off. The start-up speed is very fast, but there will still be obvious vibrations. The subsequent fuel consumption test proved that it can effectively reduce unnecessary fuel waste, but it is best to turn off this function in congested roads, otherwise frequent start and stop will have a great impact on comfort, and it will also make people feel bad about the engine.

Finally, let us take a look at the acceleration and braking noise and fuel consumption of the BMW 1 Series.

◆ Accelerated test:

The tires will skid drastically at the starting stage, the acceleration is very fast in the first gear, and the momentum is reduced after the second gear. The 8-speed gearbox has extremely fast shifting speeds, which saves a lot of time. The final 0-100km/h acceleration result of the 118i is 7.3 seconds, which already has a good driving pleasure.

◆ Brake test:

The braking performance is also satisfactory. All braking performances are within 38 meters, the best performance is only 37 meters, and the final average score is 37.5 meters, which is stable, reliable and trustworthy.

It needs to be emphasized again that the above are the test results after the optional 225/45 R17 tires, which may be different from the original model. Please refer to it as appropriate.

◆ Noise test:

The suppression of the engine noise of the new 1 series is relatively in place, the noise is not large during driving, and the 8-speed gearbox can always maintain a lower speed. It's just that the sound frequency is a bit annoying, mainly from the road noise from the tires, which always makes people unable to relax completely.

◆ Fuel consumption test:

The 1.6T engine focused on improving fuel efficiency. During the test, we used the default normal driving mode and turned on the automatic start-stop function. After driving on a comprehensive road of 168.9 kilometers, the 118i consumes a total of 12.88 liters of fuel, with an average fuel consumption of 7.63 liters, which is ideal for a model that focuses on driving pleasure.


The new 1.6T+8AT combination has improved power, comfort and economy. The compact body gives it excellent handling, making it one of the most fun models in the BMW family. Although the 1 series is the entry-level model of the BMW family, it uses a lot of BMW’s latest technology: dual turbocharger, 8-speed transmission, iDrive, driving mode options and automatic parking have all become standard features. It is just The body size is a bit small, nothing more.