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[YesAuto cost of maintaining a car] The Weilanda, which has just been launched this year, is a recruit of GAC Toyota in the compact SUV camp. It has two power configurations: naturally aspirated and dual-engine, and both power configurations are available in four-wheel drive versions. Will choosing a four-wheel drive increase the cost of maintaining a car? Under the same configuration, how long does the Shuangqing version take to “earn” back the expensive money? We will answer these questions today.

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In terms of vehicle maintenance costs, the maintenance costs of the two sets of Weilanda powertrains are not much different. The difference is mainly reflected in the insurance costs caused by the price difference and the fuel costs caused by the difference in fuel consumption. Take the four-wheel drive luxury version with two powertrains as an example. The price difference between the dual-engine version and the traditional power version is 34,000 yuan. When driving 20,000 kilometers per year, the dual-engine version can save more than 5,000 yuan in maintenance costs. You can pay back in 7 years. Of course, you can enjoy better driving quality during these 7 years. If it were you, how would you choose? (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)