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[YesAuto car cost] XC40, as a Volvo's compact SUV, has its own two brushes in the field of brand tonality and active safety, and now terminal discounts have also reached an attractive level. For potential consumers, whether you are interested in low-key connotation, safety, or a discount of up to 50,000 yuan (according to the price of the car owner), you should want to know-is it easy to buy such an SUV? Today we will analyze and analyze.

in conclusion

Volvo XC40 is divided into three versions in power-T3, T4 and T5. The T3 version is a 1.5T engine, and the latter is a 2.0T engine low-power and high-power version, but in terms of maintenance prices, the three versions are the same of. At first glance, the official maintenance price of 888 yuan is actually not cheap. After all, the big brother XC60 is only 870 yuan. In this respect, it can be regarded as a “leapfrog”, but don't rush to scold it. In fact, this maintenance price is still intended to be universal. The similarly positioned BMW X1 has a small maintenance price of more than 900 yuan, and the Mercedes-Benz GLA also has 858 yuan, which is half a catty in horizontal comparison. In the end, the average cost per kilometer including fuel and insurance is about 1.03 yuan, which is reasonable overall. The cost of maintaining a car in the later period is not high, and it belongs to this level of normal level. (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)