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[YesAuto Technology] In many self-driving vehicles under test, we can see a very abrupt laser scanning radar installed on the roof. For self-driving vehicles, LIDAR is a very important sensing system, which has the characteristics of fast speed, high accuracy and little influence from weather. However, a large-scale radar standing on the roof of the car is obviously not what consumers want to see. Therefore, hiding various sensor systems in the car is the only way for mass production of autonomous vehicles. At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Valeo launched a smaller laser scanning radar product, which is expected to help solve this problem.

Valeo SCALA laser scanning radar can be used for high-speed scanning of objects in front of vehicles, whether it is vehicles or pedestrians, or other obstacles, and has good results during the day and night. Using the data scanned by radar, the system can draw a scanned map of the surrounding environment of the vehicle to analyze and predict traffic conditions. Therefore, Valeo applied it to its highly automated driving system Drive4U and automatic parking system Park4U.

to sum up:

Today's autonomous driving technology has matured day by day, and major automakers and component suppliers have come up with their own practical solutions. However, consumers obviously do not want their vehicles to be covered with radars and sensors with general antennae. Therefore, mature autonomous driving products must reduce the laser scanning radar and hide it in the vehicle cover. Valeo's SCALA radar solves this problem well, while still ensuring the functionality of the laser scanning radar, bringing autonomous driving technology closer to consumers.