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[YesAuto Test Drive] Lexus RX series was born more than ten years ago and has millions of users. Since the previous generation of RX models were already in the middle and late stages of their lives when they were introduced into the country, they have not been deeply impressed, except that it is the world's first hybrid SUV model. Facing China, the world's largest auto market, Lexus, a luxury brand built for North America, is gradually accelerating its pace. Therefore, the new generation of RX models are introduced into the country without stopping after the release.

The new generation of RX models are younger in appearance. In order to be consistent with other models of the Lexus family, we can see many familiar designs. Except for the front and rear lights and the conspicuous places such as the China Net, the overall outline of the new generation of models has not changed much. The unified family-style design also has its drawbacks. The new RX lacks individuality, rarely has a design that is eye-catching, and it is difficult to make a deep impression.

Compared with the appearance, the new RX's interior has more bold innovations. Asymmetrical center console, this design is rarely seen in the industry, but a careful observation can reveal that the center console uses colors to divide the functional areas, making the operation more convenient. The entire center control panel is very compact in design, only common functions are retained, so that more space can be left for the “big mouse”. Remote touch is the latest research and development result.

The LCD screen is moved to the top of the center console, and the control and display parts of the entire cockpit become more reasonable. During operation, the moving distance of the driver's arm and line of sight is greatly shortened, which improves safety. Remote touch makes the operation simple and intuitive. It only requires two fingers to adjust various functions. In the past, the driver had to straighten his arm and point on the screen. The pointer interface is like a computer, which is much more convenient than the turning knob on a German car.

Thanks to the use of new technologies, the instrument panel has become better-looking, especially the moment when it slowly lights up and the blue background light. Of course, good-looking is not the ultimate goal. The advantage of OLED dashboard is that it has higher contrast and viewing angle, and easier to read is the ultimate goal.

The number of steering wheel control buttons has increased significantly, and audio, telephone, trip computer and reversing radar are all controlled by these buttons. Now almost all operations can be done through the steering wheel or Remote touch, and almost no buttons on the center console are used.

There is a clear Japanese style inside the car, to be precise the style of Lexus. The interior materials are fresh and elegant, both leather and solid wood, but the RX definitely does not have an oppressive sense of luxury, but a warm and comfortable sense of home, which makes the driver and passengers more comfortable.

Toyota designers always spare no effort to develop the available space in the car, and Lexus is the same. The card slot of the sun visor and the cup holder next to the air-conditioning port will naturally not fall. There is a lot of space in the center console base below the stop bar, which can't be wasted, so now it is a big storage tank. The central armrest box is deep and large, and two partitions make it easier to use. These do not involve high-tech, but they are more people-oriented. In addition, I also noticed a few details. The 12V power supply box AUX interface of the central armrest box has reserved a wire outlet, and the rear seat back seat belt is fixed with a clip to prevent the seat belt from being brought to the back of the back seat when the seat is folded. These simple but thoughtful designs can solve many daily worries.

The new RX series models adopt a new form of suspension structure, which is said to have better sportiness. But sitting in the car still feels more of its comfort in terms of accomplishments, even if the car does not start, I also know that it will still focus on comfort.

This is indeed the case. The suspension of the new RX supports the body better than before, and the roll in corners is smaller than that of the previous model. However, the suspension will still filter out most of the vibration, and the steering force is slightly larger than the original, but there is still not much feedback. If you want an X5-like road feel, then go to BMW, but BMW is not so comfortable.

The engine has been optimized to output more power. Now the RX350 has 277 horsepower and 346N·m. The torque output is ideal at low speeds. RX350 uses an electronically coupled four-wheel drive system, usually front-wheel drive, and can freely distribute power between 100:0 or 50:50 according to road conditions.

The gearbox uses a 6-speed CVT with artificial intelligence shift control. In the long-distance downhill section, it can reduce the number of up and down shifts, maintain a relatively low gear, and make full use of engine braking to reduce thermal attenuation of the brake disc. In fact, during the test drive, I didn’t pay much attention to the working condition of the gearbox. The upshifting process was so smooth that it was difficult to detect, and the gearbox’s power regulation was also in place during rapid acceleration, which could not only ensure the power output but also There is no shock from a sudden downshift, so that people ignore the existence of the gearbox.

I remember that when I tested the previous generation RX400h, the braking results were not very satisfactory. The good news is that now the body posture when braking is much more elegant than before due to the significant increase in suspension support. The bad news is that the brake feel is still not in place. The brake pedal has a long idle stroke and requires a deep brake to have enough braking power.

Compared with the RX350, the new hybrid RX450h has more highlights. Except for the power system, the two are similar in most other places. Obviously, engineers put more experience into perfecting the hybrid drive system of RX450h. The driving method is still a gasoline engine plus two electric motors. The 3.5-liter engine has 249 horsepower and 317N·m. It adopts the Atkinson cycle method and has higher fuel efficiency.

Atkinson cycle engine:

An engine invented by James Atkinson in 1882 is different from the traditional Otto cycle engine. Due to the special crankshaft structure, the work stroke of the piston is greater than the compression stroke, and the combustion efficiency of the engine is better than that of the Otto cycle engine, which can save more fuel, but the engine power is reduced. Now it is mostly used in hybrid vehicles.

The two motors have 167 and 68 horsepower respectively, and the torque and torque output ranges have also been expanded. The total power of the entire drive system is 299 horsepower. The new battery pack is smaller and lighter. The engine exhaust thermal energy cycle recovers part of the exhaust gas during cold start to heat the coolant, so that the engine enters the operating temperature early, so that it can stop running and enter the electric mode to save fuel.

During normal driving, the vehicle is driven by the gasoline engine and the front electric motor, and the rear electric motor is only used to adjust the driving force when necessary. At a gentle start, the gasoline engine does not work, and is mainly driven by the front motor and assisted by the rear motor. Driving at a low speed in this state can achieve zero fuel consumption and zero emissions, and the speed does not exceed 40 kilometers per hour, and when the power is sufficient, it can travel in the EV pure electric mode. Once the battery power is low, the speed exceeds 40 kilometers per hour, or the accelerator is stepped deeply, the gasoline engine is activated. The gasoline engine starts very smoothly and there is no vibration at all. This is a major step forward for the new generation of RX models.

The traditional tachometer is still replaced by the system power meter. When the pointer is in the green zone, it means that it is the most reasonable driving method. At the same time, there will be a green ECO on the instrument panel, indicating that this is an economic driving mode. As long as the fuel is not rushed, the best driving mode can be guaranteed during stable cruise. It is worth mentioning that the RX350 also has an ECO indicator, which can effectively allow more people to adopt an economical and energy-saving driving method. The comprehensive fuel consumption of the RX450h tested according to European standards is 7 liters/100 kilometers. Note that this is the comprehensive fuel consumption, which is equivalent to the constant-speed fuel consumption of an ordinary 300-horsepower SUV.

In a normal start, it is driven by an electric motor first, and then followed by a gasoline engine. So in comparison, the RX350 starts lighter and has a more direct power response. The RX450h is a bit cumbersome at the start. In fact, RX450h is indeed a lot heavier than RX350, the difference between the two is 140kg.

The RX450h just went on the market not long ago, and the price is about 950,000 yuan. To be honest, it is not cheap. To embody social responsibility, we must first have an economic foundation. However, not only environmental protection but also some very good things are bought with this money. First of all, Lexus provides a warranty of 6 years or 150,000 kilometers, as well as the G-Book intelligent passenger service that we introduced before, which is also free for 6 years. In addition, there are 7.1-channel Mark Levinson speakers with 15 speakers, a large-capacity hard disk for storing music and videos, a reversing radar with lateral images, and 10 airbags in the entire vehicle.

Lexus RX series parameter configuration table