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[YesAuto Connected Travel] At the Jietu booth at this Shanghai Auto Show, we saw three X70 PLUS Zhuge versions. Although the car was already on the market in the early stage of the auto show, the name of this version is enough to attract people’s attention. Zhuge, there are also Wolong version and Kong Ming version in the detailed version. In short, I want to convey one point: smart.

X70 PLUS has been out as an upgraded version of X70 for some time, and compared to X70 PLUS Zhuge version, it can be described as a fledgling, and its biggest feature is the “comparable to Kong Ming” on-board system. In fact, my understanding of Jietu's in-vehicle system is still in the X90 and X70 that I have tested. I was impressed by the systems of the two models. To sum it up, one sentence is: there should be some, but it is not easy to use.

Now that you come into contact with Jietu's new in-vehicle system again, it really makes you feel the earth-shaking changes. Let's talk in detail about the highlights of this car machine comparable to Zhuge Kongming.

In addition to the hardware visible to the naked eye, as the first product of Wutong Autolink's high computing power solution, the car machine is equipped with a chip with a computing power of up to 50,000 DMIPS, which improves the response speed of the entire operation. So with a good carrier and brain, how does its function perform? Let's take a look.

Edit comment:

After experiencing the whole system, we found that compared with the past, the system has greatly improved its response speed, voice function and UI design, which can be said to be a sea-shaking change. Basically, the qualities of mainstream in-vehicle systems are all. The more distinctive in-car games and self-driving travel applications are not new, but they are considered avant-garde concepts. With the support of high computing power, two-player game battles have been realized. Of course, if some large-scale game operations can be combined with the vehicle itself, it is believed that the audience will be wider. At the self-driving tour guide level, some people have tried it a long time ago. In order to increase user stickiness, more ingenious logic is required at the product and operation level. We also look forward to whether it is Wutong or Jietu, we will be able to give us more surprises on the above-mentioned level in the future. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)