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[YesAuto technology] To some extent, the development process of automobiles is that human beings continue to satisfy their own thirst for speed. In this process of change, there are countless ups and downs, which directly or indirectly promotes the development of many disciplines. Many of the components have undergone significant changes. Today we are going to talk about the most conspicuous body shape.

● Barbaric era

For a long time since the birth of automobiles, industrial design has also been in a wild stage, and its styling is more in consideration of functional requirements. In that era when the proportion of animal-powered vehicles was quite high, there were still obvious ties between automobiles and the products of the previous generation. However, don't think that the classics of the time have no legacy. On the contrary, there are still many “shadows” of the time in cars today.

Compared with the pure pursuit of the ultimate aesthetic design, industrial design also needs to consider a certain degree of product practicability and ease of use. At that time, the newly born car was still in a wild stage. The mechanical structure and performance are in the normal stage of rapid advancement, and the aesthetic design that meets the higher level of demand is far from people's attention.

For pioneers in any field, having a rich history is a proud endorsement. In the automotive field, most of the brands with a long history also involved other fields in their early days. In addition to Daimler and Peugeot who “entered” earlier, the procrastination of Czechoslovakia is also a typical representative. It has long since abandoned the passenger car project today. In the early stage, it also transformed from horse-drawn carriage production and rail car business to develop automobiles. In the middle of the last century, their passenger car business, especially body design, left a strong mark in the history books. .

● The advent of the age of speed and closed carriages

The speed of development of things in the embryonic stage is often amazing, especially for products such as transportation, which need to meet human's demand for speed. The rapid improvement of engine performance has made the disadvantages of open cars increasingly magnified, and closed cars have quickly become the mainstream of the market. While meeting the functional requirements, the buds of aesthetic design began to appear.

As early as in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, human beings had already started horse racing and carriage races, but the speed has a lot to do with the quality of animal power. Entering the machine age, previous speed records are constantly being refreshed, and motorsports are booming. On the one hand, this has promoted the development of technology, on the other hand, the brand has been greatly promoted.

● Regardless of the ideal era

In the 1930s, two serious economic crises broke out in the world. However, after the crisis ended, a large amount of infrastructure including roads would be built, which directly promoted the expansion of people's travel radius. Following this is the continuous increase in vehicle speeds. In addition, with the development of aviation technology, aerodynamics has become an independent subject, and research results have begun to be applied to automobile styling design.

The development of aerodynamics is directly related to the research of missiles in the middle and late stages of World War II, but the early research and development methods are limited, and the research and development ideas are also limited by the times. Too much pursuit of ideal values and ignoring the needs of vehicles are the most obvious problem. During this period, many products with extremely advanced aerodynamic performance were born, but they were unable to be mass-produced and popularized precisely because of their shortcomings.

● The birth of a modern body

The fenders and wheel arches of early cars were separated from the body, and some models were equipped with pedals that were easy to get on and off. After more than half a century of development, the car body began to show a new development trend. It is the boat body, which is also the prototype of most car bodies at present. The wheel arch and the body are integrated, and the independent engine compartment and trunk are arranged, and the idea of further expanding the space of the passenger compartment is a product of this period. This shape is also called a ship-shaped or barrel-shaped body. At the same time, the importance of aesthetic design was placed in the main position for the first time.

During this period, the design team gradually became an independent department and became an important part of the car development process. Car designers began to become the dream profession of many children. On the other hand, people began to reflect on the impact of ideal aerodynamics on the car body, and the industry began to have a trend of thinking that requires both styling and practicality.

● Maverick wedge-shaped body

In the era of pursuit of aerodynamic performance, streamlined design will naturally become the focus of the stage, but the repeated performance of classic dramas will only make the audience feel boring. After experiencing the long era of arc lines, people began to have aesthetic fatigue. At this time, the Italian took out the wedge-shaped body. Lamborghini is the one that impresses most and has the greatest influence on future generations.

A new era back to the beginning

The body styling design has experienced a hundred years of development, and the trend of reincarnation has appeared just like the fashion trend. From square to circle, then from circle to square, reciprocating cycle. However, this is not a simple copy and paste, but a combination of current technology research and development to modify the details.

Full text summary:

When it comes to car design, people may first think of aesthetic factors. In fact, functional requirements are also one of the driving forces for development. On the other hand, the evolution and improvement of craftsmanship has made the relationship between the modeling and engineering teams more harmonious. The process of going from square to circle and back to square is on the one hand the change of the trend, but also the best embodiment of the application of the new development concept.