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[YesAuto Evaluation] In the previous live shooting article, we highly affirmed the appearance, interior, space and configuration of the first small car, the China H230, launched by Brilliance China. The actual driving experience and performance of the car, whether it can emerge in the current fiercely competitive small car market, we will witness together today.

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Driving experience

The Zhonghua H230 is equipped with the latest self-developed BM15L engine from Brilliance, with a maximum power of 105 horsepower at 5800rpm and a maximum torque of 143 Nm/4000rpm. Compared with the 1.4L or 1.5L engines carried by competitors of the same level, the data performance is fairly good. The test car I got today is equipped with a traditional 5-speed manual transmission. It is reported that the car will also provide a 6-speed AMT gearbox to enrich consumers' choices.

Comparison of engine data for small cars at the same price
Model China H230 Chevrolet Sail Chery Storm 2
Displacement 1.5L 1.4L 1.5L
Maximum power (horsepower) 105 103 109
Maximum torque (Nm) 143 131 140

Although the data of this 1.5L engine is good, the feeling of driving is a bit unsatisfactory. In the early stages of the start, the engine's response to the throttle is very slow, giving people a feeling of being unable to do so. As the vehicle speed increases, the feeling will slowly get better after about 40km/h. The mid-stage acceleration performance still did not bring us any surprises. The best way to overtake is to increase the engine speed by downshifting. When the speed exceeds 3000 rpm, the vehicle speed performance is fairly comfortable. Of course, this is also related to the power output speed of the engine design. In short, in order to stimulate the potential of this engine, it is important to choose gears reasonably and make full use of the speed range of 3000-3500rpm and above.

As for the high-speed cruising stage, the noise control of the engine is not bad, and wind noise and road noise are beginning to become obvious, but it will not affect the normal communication of passengers in the car. At this time, the power output is fairly smooth, and there is still a certain margin under the feet. This power performance can cope with occasional long-distance trips during weekends or long holidays, which is completely fine.

The match between the gear shift feel of the gearbox and the clutch is worthy of praise. The shift feel is clear in the same class of models. The clutch has a slightly longer combined stroke and has a relatively low combined point, which provides for frequent semi-linkage during traffic jams. Convenience. Lightly lifting the clutch pedal without oil, the vehicle can walk smoothly, quickly release the accelerator in the driving state, the body is also controlled in place, and we believe that this small car has achieved a high level of matching that is rare in its class. The steering wheel is light, and the front direction is quite accurate. With the clutch that is not difficult to get started, the Zhonghua H230 is generally a very good car to drive. However, its accelerator pedal feedback force is lighter, and the stroke is relatively short, so you need to get used to it for the first time.

The front and rear suspension of the China H230 uses a very traditional front Macpherson + rear torsion beam layout, and the adjustment is considered tough among cars of the same class. For driving, the whole car feels solid when driving and can provide good road feeling feedback. However, the disadvantage of this is that small bumps on the road will be clearly transmitted to the car, which has a great impact on comfort. Certainly affect.

Fuel consumption test

The fuel consumption test was carried out for 100.8 kilometers, with two adult males and a number of photographic equipment loaded during the whole journey. The temperature was not low, and the air conditioner was turned on all the time. Congested road conditions with a speed of less than 30km/h account for about 30%, ordinary loops with signal lights account for about 20%, and the rest are unobstructed road sections with speeds above 80km/h.

The final consumption of No. 93 fuel is 7.79 liters, and the overall fuel consumption is 7.73 liters/100 kilometers. Our test car just came out of the factory. When it took over, it was a quasi-new car with more than 100 kilometers. In addition, the full air-conditioning and two heavyweight adult men are not low burdens. We are satisfied with the fuel consumption of the China H230. If you run in for a period of time, I believe there is still room for the numbers to fall.

We give reasonable fuel consumption reference values for various levels of models (non-rigid indicators)

Purely economical minicars : no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car / hybrid : no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV : no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium- sized car/medium-sized SUV : no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers

Performance test

Let's take a look at the performance of the performance test, the first is the accelerated test. H230 ran 12.35 seconds, which was a low-middle result in the same level.

The starting speed is around 3500rpm, the front wheel idling is controlled within a reasonable range, and the G value at the start is 0.5g, which is in line with expectations. According to the graph, the gear shift is relatively smooth and the time is short, but in daily driving, the gear lever is not clear and the stroke is slightly longer. There is room for improvement in this regard. As mentioned earlier, the 12.35 seconds result shows that H230 has no obvious advantage in terms of power.

The brake score of the Zhonghua H230 is 44.28 meters, which is on the edge of the qualified line. It can be said that it is not ideal. The overall strength of the braking system is not strong enough, and the overall braking G value cannot reach the level of -1g. In this regard, China should learn from manufacturers such as Great Wall and Chery, whose small cars have achieved results near 40 meters (Great Wall Dazzling 40.1 meters, Chery Fengyun 2 39.8 meters).

Edit summary:

As the first small car launched by Brilliance China, the China H230 performed fairly well regardless of the exterior and interior styling, space, configuration, and driving quality of the vehicle. The coupling stroke of the clutch is very long, and the coupling point is relatively low. It is particularly easy to use, even for a novice driving, it is not easy to stall. In addition, the car has a solid chassis and a clear road feel, and the handling performance is in the middle and upper reaches of the same class of cars. As for the power performance, although the data of the 1.5L engine independently developed by Brilliance on the China H230 is very good, the performance is very average in terms of daily driving experience and test results, and the braking performance is only just qualified. Although these shortcomings do not have much practical impact on most drivers, we still hope that China can improve itself in this regard.

Whether the China H230 can be recognized by the market, the most important thing is to see its pricing. At present, among the same grade models, Chery Fengyun 2 and Chevrolet Sail are two very representative products. Counting the current car purchase discounts for these two models in the market, the actual starting price of the two models is 50,000 yuan. The price of Fengyun 2 high-end models is around 60,000 yuan, and the price of Sail high-end models is around 70,000 yuan. If the China H230 can enter the market at a similar price, the entry-level model is priced at around 50,000 yuan, and the price of the top model is controlled within 65,000 yuan, the editor thinks it is still competitive.

If you are very interested in the Chinese H230, you may wish to click on the link to enter the local dealer page to check the address and contact information of the 4S store, and ask for more information about the car.