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[YesAuto Model PK] If someone sums up “The 100 Most Difficult Car Models in the World”, I think the twin brothers Bora and LaVida will be among the best. It also comes from the PQ34 extended platform, and it also has the latest front face of the Volkswagen family, and it has similar configurations and prices. I don’t think there will be too many similar models in history. What’s even more frightening is that the editor-in-chief gave me this difficult task of comparison. This must have something to do with his jealousy of my good eyesight, because it’s really an expensive choice. The question is.

Compare models in the text
Lavida 1.4TSI Manual Comfort Edition Bora 1.4T automatic luxury type
Guide price: 133,900 yuan Guide price: none
Market price: no discount Market price: not listed

Since Bora is not yet on the market, Lavida is not easy to find a car, so the two models compared this time are not at the same grade, and the actual prices will also be quite different, so we will mainly focus on the design and workmanship details below. For comparison, try not to involve content related to configuration. If there are differences due to configuration, they will also be marked in the text .

Is a natural brother, but also a natural opponent

The story of Bora and LaVida is a bit like the battle for wealth among the wealthy children in Hong Kong TV dramas. As the father of Volkswagen China, the two mothers of FAW-Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen gave birth to two similar models of Bora and LaVida, and gave them basic The same power system and chassis structure.

When the father's genes are the same, the mother's guidance is particularly important. From the perspective of the first stage PK of the two cars, LaVida temporarily leads the sales by virtue of its better grasp of market demand. However, in this mid-term facelift, both cars have been implanted with more similar Volkswagen's latest genes, and the interiors have also been significantly improved. In the second stage, PK has to wait for the market's test.

Appearance: similar overall but different details

You have to start with Volkswagen’s family face. The Bora and Lavida were once proud of their integration of Chinese elements. The two cars at that time can also be easily distinguished. However, even today, even the locally designed Volkswagen models have to be replaced with the uniform “Volkswagen face”.

Model New Lavida New Bora
Length (mm) 4 605 4523
Width (mm) 17 65 17 75
Height (mm) 1 460 1 467
Wheelbase (mm) 2610 26 10

Body size is a topic that must be discussed in every comparison, because Chinese people really pay too much attention to the size of a car. The two brother cars from the PQ34 extended platform are all mid-term facelifts this time, so there will be no changes to the “muscles and bones”. In terms of length, Lavida has a slight advantage, while width and height are better for Bora.

Let's enter the comparison link below. Because the picture is more detailed, there is no text in the middle of the picture. You can look at the picture in order. The approximate order of comparison is front face-side-rear.

To sum up, the appearance of the two cars is similar or not. Like, it means that most people can't tell which model is Bora, Lavida, and New Santana. Unlike, you can see that they are almost different after the details are specific. The new Lavida gives people a very fashionable feeling, and its design is closer to higher-level models such as the Passat, while the Bora has more originality and does not fully follow the family design elements.

Interior workmanship: the level of materials used is similar, and the design is slightly different

In terms of interior materials and craftsmanship, Lavida and Bora are on the same level, and there is still a certain gap compared with Golf. For example, the material on the top of the center console still has a hard touch, and the feel of various panels and buttons lacks a sense of quality to fineness.

In terms of design, I prefer the feel of Bora. The dark wood grain combined with the black painted audio and air-conditioning panel brings a good effect, which is better in taste, while the two color schemes of LaVida lack a sense of refinement and decoration. The area of the panel is too large and connected as a whole, which seems a bit abrupt.

Riding space comparison: Bora is more solid, Lavida is softer

The seats of the two cars are almost the most impressive part of this comparison, because compared to other parts of the experience, the seats have become the place that best reflects the different ideas of the two. The two sets of seats that look alike are completely different to sit on. The Lavida is soft like a Japanese car, and the Bora is closer to the solid German car seat we have in mind.

The performance of the two cars in terms of space is satisfactory. The rear passenger's leg space is more than two punches, and there is also a punch left over the head, which is completely enough for home users. What is more surprising is the difference in space between the passengers in the middle of the rear row, which is related to the shape of the seat cushion and the design of the head groove.

Power system: exactly the same

There is not much to say in terms of power. The two cars are basically the same from the 1.6L naturally aspirated engine of the entry-level model to the 1.4TSI engine of the high-end model. Only the maximum power output speed of the 1.6L engine is 600 rpm. There is no difference between the matching 6-speed manual gearbox and the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Model New Lavida 1.6 New Bora 1.6 New Lavida 1.4T New Bora 1.4T
Maximum horsepower (Ps) 105 105 1 31 1 31
Maximum power (kW) 77 77 96 96
Maximum power speed (rpm) 5000 5600 5000 5000

Maximum torque

155 155 220 220
Maximum torque speed (rpm) 3800 3800 1750-3500 1750-3500
Gearbox 5-speed manual
6-speed manual integration
5-speed manual
6-speed manual integration
5-speed manual
7-speed dual clutch
5-speed manual
7-speed dual clutch

Comparing the power parameters of the two cars, there is no difference in other data except the output speed of the maximum power. Our measured LaVida’s 100km acceleration time is 9.75 seconds, while the Bora’s is 9.68 seconds. Taking into account the different venues and weather conditions, this difference of less than 0.1 seconds cannot explain the difference in performance between the two cars. To put it straightforwardly, the performance of the two cars is the same as their power system, almost identical.

Daily storage space comparison: almost identical

The following two sets of pictures are a bit like the PK of the light interior and the deep interior of the same car, but the actual situation is that the left is the Lavida, and the right is the Bora. The storage space in the front row of the two cars is relatively abundant. The card slot is especially practical during the two-day test drive. The cards given every time you enter the parking lot and take the highway have an ideal destination.

The biggest difference in the rear storage space has been reflected in the ride just now. The Lavida’s rear central armrest has two cup holders, while the Bora ignores such details. The foldable cup holder of the Bora is also an improvement. The old model only has a fixed cup holder designed in this position, which will affect the ride of the middle passengers when not in use.

Comparison of the details of the luggage compartment: The Lavida space is slightly larger, and the details have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s talk about the size first. At this point, Lavida is indeed more dominant, which is clearly reflected in the comparison data below. why? Remember the 82mm length of the Lavida body when comparing the body size? On the premise that the wheelbase of the two cars is the same, I guess that most of the 82mm is given to the luggage compartment, so the luggage compartment of LaVida has the advantage of 80mm in depth and is better in terms of practicality.

Model New Lavida New Bora
Luggage compartment volume (L) 478 450
Luggage compartment depth (mm) 1120 1040
Luggage compartment width (mm) 1000 1000
Luggage compartment height (mm) 530 580
Opening height from the ground (mm) 700 730
Opening height (mm) 490 440
Opening width (mm) 1110 1080

Bora’s luggage compartment has an independent storage compartment. The workmanship of the luggage compartment floor and the hook function when the floor is lifted are both stronger than the Lavida. However, the exposed speakers at the top of the luggage compartment are a bit indifferent. In this regard, LaVida does a better job.

Full text summary:

After comparing the two cars carefully, I can still feel some of their differences. First of all, you can decide from the appearance. You may not be able to tell who is who, but you still know which one is more prestigious; if the appearance can’t help you make a decision, just get in the car and have a look. I personally prefer Bora’s Design and color matching; the most obvious feeling before the test drive may come from the moment you sit on the seat. The Lavida seat is soft and comfortable, while the Bora seat is harder. You can choose which style you prefer; in terms of daily storage Don't worry, both cars can satisfy you very well; it's true that the trunk is a bit bigger, but Bora is better in terms of humanized design.

After the comparison, my feeling is that the difference in details between the two cars is not as big as that of the Magotan and Passat (what? Click here to understand). After all, their prices are there, and the cost determines how delicate their craftsmanship is. The competition is again. Prompt them to do their best, so if I choose, the preferences of appearance and interior will take up a larger proportion, and the preferential situation of the market will also be the key consideration in the future.

Thanks to dealers for providing vehicles:

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