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[YesAuto owner interview] As Baojun’s first compact SUV, Baojun 560 has attracted the attention of consumers due to its spacious space, rich configuration and low price since its launch. Now we have invited three owners of Baojun 560 to hear what they say about Baojun 560 after using it for a period of time.

◆ Mr. Zhen, the first owner

This Baojun 560 is Mr. Zhen's second car. Since the space of the previously purchased car is relatively small, the idea of changing the car was born. For his next car, Mr. Zhen has this clear requirement. Mr. Zhen, who likes outdoor activities, regards space and trafficability as the primary factors. In addition, the cost-effectiveness is also one of his concerns.

Mr. Zhen, who had a clear purpose of buying a car, focused his attention on SUV models from the beginning. After some visits, he classified the purchased models into the three models of Tiggo 3, Changan CS35 and Baojun 560. In the end, affected by the previous negative news, Mr. Zhen gave up CS35, and the reason for the elimination of Tiggo 3 was because the space performance was not as good as Baojun 560.

The most attractive thing about Baojun 560 is the price-performance ratio. Configurations such as the front radar and body stability control system are rare in the same level of models. Moreover, the space is convenient. The performance of the Baojun 560 is also relatively good, even if there are three people in the back row, it will not appear too crowded.

After using it for a period of time, Mr. Zhen found that the door of Baojun 560 always requires a lot of effort to close, and the multi-function buttons on the steering wheel also made him a little uncomfortable. In addition, there were too few storage compartments on the platform and he had to use the handbrake. The trough was changed to a storage compartment. In terms of malfunctions, Mr. Zhen once encountered the problem that the speedometer could not be displayed. He went to the 4S shop for repairs and waited for a long time because of parts problems.

At present, Mr. Zhen’s Baojun 560 has been driven 7,515 kilometers, and the road conditions are relatively congested, and the fuel consumption is basically stable at about 8L/100km. Mr. Zhen is generally satisfied with his car, but hopes that Baojun can further improve product quality and increase the speed of troubleshooting.

◆ Mr. Liu, the second owner

Mr. Liu, who bought the car in August 2015, has driven Baojun 560 for more than 10,000 kilometers. Talking about the reasons for buying the car, Mr. Liu said that as his first car, he hoped that this car would have enough space and the price would not be too high. Therefore, after some consideration, the goal was finally aimed at SUV models.

In the early stage of the car selection, Mr. Liu hesitated between Changan CS35, JAC Refine S3 and Baojun 560, but in the end, Mr. Liu gave up the first two models due to space reasons and bought a larger class Baojun 560 instead.

Mr. Liu is very satisfied with the overall performance of this Baojun 560. In terms of appearance, LED daytime running lights and LED taillights are very refreshing. Keyless entry, one-button start and rear exhaust air vents are also very helpful in daily use. As for the space, there is no need to say more, meeting the needs of the family is not a problem.

In Mr. Liu's view, the power cover at the center console of the Baojun 560 is a bit redundant, but in order to ensure the beautiful interior, many models will also be designed like this. In addition, Mr. Liu also has some complaints about the shifting stroke and clutch coupling points of this 5-speed manual transmission.

In daily use, Mr. Liu rarely encounters traffic jams. But even so, fuel consumption is still stable at around 8L/100km, which is not much cheaper than Mr. Zhen who is often congested. Since driving, Mr. Liu has gone through two maintenances. Since the car was sent for maintenance, he didn't spend any money on these two maintenances. The service of the 4S shop also made him very satisfied. The fly in the ointment is that he learned that the new car has launched a 6-speed manual transmission model, which made him worry that his car will depreciate significantly.

◆ The third owner, Mr. Lu

The Baojun 560 driven by Mr. Lu was purchased in July 2015 and has traveled 12,124 kilometers so far, which is the most in this interview. Recalling the original intention of buying a car, Mr. Lu said that it was mainly for the convenience of his family to travel, so space became his most important point.

In fact, Mr. Lu's favorite is the Changan CS75. He has been paying attention to this car for two years, but he finally had to give up considering the price. As for the Baojun 560, Mr. Lu is firstly confident in the quality of Baojun, and after seeing the actual car, he feels that the space can fully meet his needs, and the configuration is not bad.

After this period of use, Mr. Lu first affirmed some of the advantages of Baojun 560. For example, the appearance looks very imposing and the configuration is also very rich. One-button start and keyless entry are frequently used configurations. As for the most valued space when buying a car, the Baojun 560 naturally did not disappoint Mr. Lu.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, Mr. Lu also found some shortcomings in use. For the Baojun 560 with richer configuration, Mr. Lu doesn't understand the lack of glasses case and makeup mirror lighting, and the trunk with a higher ground is also inconvenient in use. In terms of power, although it is equipped with a 1.8L naturally aspirated engine, Mr. Lu still feels that the power of the Baojun 560 is somewhat weak.

Unlike the other two car owners, Mr. Lu seldom drives into the urban area, so the road conditions are always smoother, and the fuel consumption displayed by the trip computer can also be controlled at about 7L/100km. Overall, Mr. Lu is very satisfied with the Baojun 560. In addition, he also said that if automatic gearboxes and turbocharged engines can be added, he believes that sales will definitely increase significantly.

Full text summary

Through this interview, it is not difficult to see that the three car owners all took a fancy to the space and configuration of the Baojun 560 when buying the car, and in daily use, the advantages of these two aspects also brought them a lot of convenience. As for the shortcomings, the three car owners all said that the power of the Baojun 560 is a bit weak, the shifting stroke and clutch height are also uncomfortable, and some details such as the lack of glasses cases also need to be improved. (Picture/Text Car Home Li Weilong Camera Luo Hao/Zhang Lixiang)