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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] An art studio in Spain has rebuilt the shell of the famous Italian scooter Vespa into a retro seat with great texture.

Speaking of Vespa, I have to mention the classic movie “Roman Holiday.” In the poster, an elegant gentleman rides a modern Vespa carrying a beautiful sweetheart. This romantic moment is now well known by everyone.

The unique charm of Vespa scooters has made many fans all over the world pursue it. The all-metal body design is also the essence of the brand, and this is also Vespa's consistent tradition.

Spanish studio Bel & Bel disassembled the bodies of the scrapped Vespa PX models, and then transformed the classic front of the car into finely crafted and retro-looking seats.

Each Vespa locomotive seat is hand-made, and the shape of the metal front part and the seat back combine to create a perfect curve shape. The turn signal is not only retained, but can also be lit to enhance the overall texture.

In addition, the designer also demonstrated professional color matching, always retaining its classic elements. Presumably sitting in such a chair will make people face every day with energy.