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[YesAuto News] “Golden nine is not gold”, when she was leisurely knocking melon seeds in the office (shhh, no report to the boss), when she received the news, a message popped out of her mind…the story is still from the previous issue Speaking of “Shushufengyun” after it went live, at that time Bengu expressed her beautiful fantasy about the car market in September, but a dear netizen woke me up ruthlessly, which roughly means “Gamble on a hot bar, September Sales will not be good”. Okay, you won, so when will you give it to me?

The miserable September data showed that production and sales dropped significantly compared to the same period last year, continuing the downturn since July. In September 2018, the production and sales of automobiles were 2.356 million and 2.394 million respectively, down 11.7% and 11.6% respectively over the same period last year. Among them, the production and sales of passenger vehicles were 2.025 million and 2.06 million, down 11.9% and 12% year-on-year, and there has been a year-on-year decline in production and sales for three consecutive months. “Golden nine” is not there, then “Silver Ten”…

Lexus: I am a Japanese craftsman, why do I have to change my “nationality”?

Although the overall situation is not good, there are always exceptions. In September, luxury cars rose sharply in China (there are so many rich people~), and Lexus is the most typical. Thanks to the favorable policy of lowering import tariffs on complete vehicles, Lexus' sales in China have achieved an increase of more than 30% for three consecutive months. In September, it increased by 36% year-on-year to 16,101 vehicles. From January to September this year, Lexus sold more than 110,000 new cars, reaching 117,703. As the second camp of luxury brands, it closely follows Cadillac. In addition, Lexus’s reputation in the big data of the house is also leveraged~

With good sales, news of localization is also constantly spreading. Recently, a number of media outlets stated that Toyota insiders revealed to the media that Toyota has now confirmed Lexus’ specific plans for domestic production in China. At this time, the people who eat melon are not calm, and they all said that the big reason for buying Lexus is not because of the original! Install! Come in! mouth! After all, Japan’s “Spirit of Craftsman” is well-known in the world~ (Come and come, mine car fuel 4 years/100,000 kilometers; hybrid 6 years/150,000 kilometers, free of charge for maintenance)

Therefore, localization can be both good and bad for Lexus. The good thing is that the price will be lowered, making Lexus products more competitive in terms of price; the worry is that the brand image of original imported products may be larger. At a discount. Well, from the perspective of market performance, although Acura and Infiniti among the three major Japanese luxury brands have been made domestically, they are not as good as Lexus. Take the annual sales volume in China in 2017 as an example. Lexus was 132,800 and Infiniti was 48,000. Acura, uh… don't worry, come right away.

Acura: Monthly sales are less than 700, expect RDX to bring breakthroughs

Relative to Lexus' considerable sales, Acura can be said to be “going far.” In September of this year, Acura sold only 758 units. Among them, the only domestically produced SUV, GAC Acura CDX, contributed the bulk of the total, reaching 509 units. The only domestic sedan, GAC Acura TLX-L, sold 180 units, and the rest was contributed by imported SUVs Acura MDX and RDX. In terms of cumulative sales, Acura sold 6,019 units in the first September of this year, down 42.9% year-on-year, and the monthly average sales volume was less than 700 units.

Despite the stagflation of the domestic auto market this year, the momentum of the luxury auto market is still very strong. In addition to the top three German brands, Cadillac, Lexus and other brands in the second camp of the luxury car market are still maintaining sales growth. In contrast, Acura's trend is embarrassing. In fact, Acura, which entered China in 2006 and introduced by Guangqi Honda in 2016, has been tepid in the Chinese market. Industry insiders believe that factors such as fewer models, late localization, brand promotion and lack of awareness are the reasons why Acura is close to the edge of the domestic luxury car brand market. In addition, another “fate gate” of Acura is the lack of comprehensive channel capabilities. Acura has been in China for more than ten years, but its ability in terminal channels is quite weak. Current data shows that Acura has less than 80 4S stores in China, while Infiniti has 120 and Lexus has more than 180.

In order to increase sales, Acura has always stated that it will increase the coverage of special stores, and on the other hand, it will further enrich the product camp. Acura’s second domestically produced SUV, the all-new RDX of Acura, will be officially launched on November 6. The pre-sale price of the new car is in the range of 348,800 to 398,800 yuan. It will be benchmarked against luxury mid-sized SUVs such as Audi Q5L, BMW X3, Infiniti QX50, Volvo XC60, Cadillac XT5, etc., seeking a breakthrough Acura. Do you think this time there is a show?

Santana: Long time no see. Isn't it because the peers are helping you if you sell well?

Lavida, Sylphy, Yinglang, Jetta, Corolla…The names of these cars are next to the monthly hot car rankings. This month, a “familiar stranger”-Santana came. This is the first time three months later, Santana has once again entered the top ten of the best-selling car list. This month, it ranked fifth in sedan sales with 29,000 vehicles. It was Geely Emgrand who was squeezed down by it. So far, in September this year, all Chinese brands in the sedan field were “dead”.

“Owning Santana, you are not afraid to travel all over the world.” How many people have been moved by this slogan. My aunt seriously suspects that “a journey of walking and walking” is a follow-up to this slogan. In 1984, SAIC Volkswagen officially introduced this model (the second-generation Passat). In 1992, the 100,000th domestic Santana officially rolled off the assembly line, and then many derivative models such as the Santana station wagon, Santana 2000, Santana 3000, Santana Zhijun, etc. were launched on the market.

By the time of the “model change” in 2012, the old Santana had completed the sales myth of nearly 3 million vehicles in more than 20 years. The three characters “Santana” have been accompanied by the growth of several generations (including my aunt, uh, exposing the age~) , Has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of Chinese people. Precisely because of this, when the new Santana switched to a POLO flat (PQ25), consumers continued to support this “golden sign”. After all, SUVs have been on fire before, and everyone has gotten together to engage in SUVs. There are not many newcomers in the family car market. People naturally look at those old faces when they buy a car.

Wei Lai: Delivery? Listed? I contracted headlines this month

Going public, going public, going public… On September 12, 2018, Li Bin led the company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange for the third time, this time it was Weilai Automobile. As the “top brand” of the new domestic car-making forces, flowers and bricks flew together for a while, and the headlines of major auto media also made a fuss with the ups and downs of NIO's stock price. At the same time, Wei Lai must also announce a series of news, such as “burning” 10.9 billion in four years, such as the launch of five new models in five years…

Endurance test results Weilai ES8
Working condition Test duration Average speed Power consumption Mileage Remaining mileage
High-speed operating conditions 2 hours 28 minutes 89.9km/h 56.5kWh 221.8km 53km
City conditions 6 hours 41 minutes 30.1km/h 50.8kWh 201km 76km

Compared with the listing, users are more concerned about battery life, delivery and other issues. Regarding battery life, our evaluation team has already introduced many times, and the delivery aspect has broken everyone's heart. After all, there is a bet with Xiaopeng Motors’ “ten thousand delivery”, and the people who eat melon still want to know. Will it hit a Weilai ES8 or Xiaopeng G3 this year?

According to news from Weilai Automobile, the company has already delivered 3268 vehicles, of which 1,766 vehicles were delivered in September. This is not much different from the previous report that the production capacity of Weilai Automobile can reach 2,000 vehicles from September. According to the previous statement, starting from October, the monthly production capacity of Weilai Automobile will climb to 3,000 units. Based on this calculation, it will reach 10,000 units this year.

Ideal Intelligence: ↑Upstairs, here I am, are you nervous?

It stands to reason that Ideal Zhizhi is scheduled for next month. After all, its first model, Ideal Zhizhi ONE, was officially unveiled on October 18th, but Li Bin and Li Xiang have many similarities. It is really easy. Think of it together.

Unlike Li Bin's pure electric “follow the trend”, Li Xiang's ideal intelligent manufacturing ONE chose the extended range. To be honest, among the new forces in car building, Li Xiang always does not take the usual path. First, he chose the SEV model. After the project lasted for more than a year and died, he tried to increase the range of large SUVs. The former is hoping to cover travel problems within a radius of 30km, while the latter is more concerned with the mileage anxiety of users.

Judging from the media reports after the press conference that day, Li Xiang's ideal Zhizhi ONE was the first time to shine and the sound was good. Both the atmosphere of the press conference on that day and the follow-up evaluations were positive. In addition, from October 22nd, Ideal Smart ONE opened car purchase reservations, and Han Han was announced as the No. 1 reserved car owner. By 18:00 on October 26, Ideal Smart ONE already had more than 28,000 reserved car owners, but it must be said However, this car purchase appointment is a free application, and there is no guarantee that it will be converted into an order~ As the saying goes, it is the mule or the horse that has to be pulled out for a walk. Whether the product is good or not, the user has the final say after the listing.

However, Whatever, whether it is NIO or Ideal Intelligent Manufacturing, set the price of the model at more than 300,000 yuan. In the past few decades, it is almost impossible for Chinese auto brands to think about it. After all, the high-end market has been joint ventures. Brands are firmly occupied, so under the trend of electrification, Bengu sincerely hopes that among Chinese brands, some auto companies can successfully break through in the mid-to-high-end field and come up with products that everyone is satisfied with.

to sum up:

Well, this issue of “Shushu Fengyun” is here to say goodbye to everyone. I hope that there will be more good news in the auto market in October. After all, sales have experienced negative year-on-year growth for three consecutive months. The argument that the auto market has come to a cold winter has been heard too much. In the future, everybody hopes to see the news of which company/model (model). Seek interaction and exchanges. Cha Shugu is eagerly looking forward to it in the editorial department~