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[YesAuto News] With a sound on the ground, Chashugu appeared on the scene. After a long time, it's the happy summer vacation time for students and friends. However, the big car companies have not had an easy life recently, each holding their own financial reports and counting their transcripts. If you have good grades, hurry up and show off in your circle of friends; those with poor grades… uh, you can only think about how you will work hard in the second half of the year.

On the whole, the automobile market in the first half of this year was relatively good, with a total of 14.058 million cars produced and 14.06 million cars sold, with growth rates reaching 4.2% and 5.6% respectively. Among them, passenger vehicle sales were 11.775 million, a growth rate of 4.6%, which was higher than the 3% growth rate predicted by the China Automobile Association at the beginning of the year. All in all, the overall performance was better than expected at the beginning of the year. However, Chinese brands are not very strong. In the first half of the year, Chinese brand passenger vehicles sold 5,109,100 units, a year-on-year increase of 3.43%, accounting for 43.39% of total passenger car sales, and their share decreased by 0.51 percentage points from the same period last year. There are three main reasons for this: First, the decline in SUV growth is not good news for some car companies that rely on SUVs for food; second, the sedan market is mainly controlled by joint venture brands; third, the advantages of Chinese brands in the MPV field are also declining. . Three consecutive hits are so painful, Chinese brands are going to cheer up, you can still pick you up with your hard work.

Volkswagen: The sedans are selling well, let me keep up with the SUV

The sales report of Volkswagen in the first half of this year came out later than in previous years. Volkswagen only released sales data in mid-to-late July, but it is good news when it comes out. According to data released by the Volkswagen Group, in the first half of this year, Volkswagen’s global sales reached a record high during the same period, with a cumulative delivery of more than 5.5 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 7.1%. The Chinese market is still the main force of Volkswagen’s sales. Although the reduction of import tariffs on cars from July 1 has affected consumers’ purchase plans, the Volkswagen Group’s June delivery volume fell slightly from the same period last year by 2.2%, but in the first half of 2018 It still gained nearly 2 million sales, a 9.2% increase over the same period last year.

Looking closely at this sales list, it is really still very serious. Among the ten best-selling sedan models in the first half of this year, North and South Volkswagen accounted for 6 seats, including a mid-size car, the Magotan. The Volkswagen family’s sedan army made rivals fearful. However, compared with the scenery of sedan models, its SUV looks a bit bleak, with only one model named Tiguan L (including Tiguan) shortlisted. The gap between the two is so wide, and it's not because the Volkswagen Group is too slow to launch an SUV!

The Volkswagen Group has also felt the pressure from the SUV field. It will start to fully exert itself in the second half of this year. At least 4 SUV models will be launched in this market with competing products, including the three models of FAW-Volkswagen T- ROC Tange, TAYRON, T-CROSS domestically extended version, and SAIC Volkswagen Tharu, but the specific effect depends on the market and consumer attitudes.

Judging from the data in the first half of the year, the swift and violent momentum of SUV models has been reduced, and sales are now overtaken by traditional sedan models. At the same time, new products are still getting together on the market. Such a tense situation inevitably makes us sweat for the public. Throughout the entire SUV market, the “counter-attack” pictures of latecomers are actually rare. To this day, Haval H6 and Honda XR-V are still selling hot, Highlander is still being hyped, in fact, Chinese people already have it in their hearts. In light of some preconceived notions about SUV models, it is worth observing whether the late-entry Volkswagen can make a comeback against the wind. However, the Volkswagen brand has its nationality and appeal to “see all the mountains and small mountains”, which can be seen from the resistance of the Lavida and Bora in the field of cars, the endurance of Santana and Jetta, and the arrogance of Magotan. It may take time to prove whether its upcoming SUVs can become the top sellers. However, I think it is interesting to be in the top ten.

Geely: large acquisitions, Didi in stock

To say that the most proud Chinese brand in 2018 is Geely. On the evening of July 19, Beijing time, the 2018 Fortune Global 500 list was officially announced. Geely ranked 267th with US$41.2 billion in revenue, an increase of 76 places from last year. This is the 7th consecutive year that Geely Holding Group has been on the list, and it has risen to 208 places in 7 years. This growth rate is really faster than the “on rush, on rush” rocket girl.

Geely Automobile has been walking on an unlimited speed highway since last year. In 2017, Geely Automobile's cumulative sales in 2017 reached 1.247 million units, a year-on-year increase of 63%. This year, they continued to “floor oil”. In the first half of the year, they sold 766,600 vehicles, which is 49% of the 1.58 million sales target set at the beginning of the year.

Sales volume of some Chinese brands in the first half of 2018 (units)

Brand Sales Year-on-year growth
Geely Automobile 757931
Changan Automobile 466723 -10.8%
Great Wall Motor 389531 -0.2%
SAIC Passenger Car 337835 49.5%
GAC Trumpchi 268204 6.9%
252270 -8.2%
BYD 220883 21.0%
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Compared with Volkswagen's partial branch, Geely is really a good boy with all-round development, and the overall performance of its models has improved. In the first half of this year, the Emgrand family sold 287,000 vehicles, the Vision family 261,000 vehicles, and the Bo family 159,000 vehicles. It is worth mentioning that, as the first model of Geely's high-end personality brand, the cumulative sales volume of Lynk & Co 01 in the first half of the year reached 46,252 units.

As the “product year” of Geely Automobile, since this year, Borui GE, Emgrand GSe, etc. have been launched one after another. In the second half of this year, new models such as the new A+-class sedan Binrui, the first MPV and a variety of SUVs will be launched. With 1.58 million sales, I think it should work.

Speaking of the sudden rise of Geely, what I immediately thought of was “buy, buy, buy”. Such a strong desire to buy would not make Li Shufu want to chop his hands, but felt that it was a thief. In Cha Shugu’s impression, before the acquisition of Volvo, Geely was not prominent in its own brands, but the so-called “one move wins, step by step”.

It may be that it has tasted the sweetness of “buy, buy, buy,” and Geely will carry out this strategy to the end. In the first half of this year, Geely first invested 9 billion U.S. dollars to acquire 9.69% of Daimler’s equity, and became Daimler’s largest single shareholder; within a day, Geely spent 3.173 billion yuan to acquire Hangzhou Components Dajiangdong Project and Guizhou New Energy. The Guizhou project and the Zhejiang Geely DMA project can be said to have a strong desire for shopping.

The latter is mainly in the field of parts and components, and such acquisitions have been made more than once. It is reported that in April 2017, LG Chem and Geely Group reached an agreement, Geely Group wholly acquired the right to use all production equipment and manufacturing technology intellectual property rights of LG's Nanjing plant. Subsequently, Geely Group demolished the plant's production equipment to its subsidiary Hengyuan Battery Base in Jinhua, Zhejiang. It's not difficult to understand why automakers are choosing to bind with power battery companies. Geely doesn't do much. Well, people may want to own the whole set.

It’s not enough to just focus on the ground, and let’s add a little bit. Recently, Terrafugia, a Geely holding company, said that it will release the flying car Transition in 2019. Geely relies on “rich and self-willed”, and it is true that no one will fall.

Mercedes-Benz: Hold on, the year-end award is mine

Compared with the fight between ordinary brands, the war between luxury cars is sometimes more dramatic. In 2017, Audi relied on its hard work (substantial price cuts) and “be careful” (excluding smart sales calculations) in the last quarter to win the championship in China, but this throne is not easy to do. Judging from the data released by the company, in the first half of this year, Mercedes-Benz, regardless of whether smart sales (7,840 vehicles) were added or not, properly surpassed Audi and became the “first brother” of the year. However, compared with last year's data, Mercedes-Benz was also far ahead in the first half of the year, and was won by Audi at the last minute, so I feel that the year-end report card is not easy to say.

Sales of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in China in the first half of 2018 (unit: 10,000 units)
Brand January-June 2018 January-June 2017 Year-on-year growth
Mercedes-Benz (including smart) 34.8 30.4 14%
Audi 30.6 25.36 20.5%
BMW (including MINI) 30.0 29.32 2.2%
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Audi: (Heart) It hurts here
Benz: Can't accept it all at once (arrogant)
BMW: Started again, started again
Volvo, Cadillac, Lexus, etc.: exaggerated, really exaggerated

For Mercedes-Benz, based on past experience, every time an important model changes, it will drive a wave of sales climax. Friends who have visited the three BBA 4S stores may also know that Mercedes-Benz’s discounts are the smallest. In Mercedes-Benz, consumers are clearly arranged. The luxury of C-class, E-class, and S-class is widely recognized. In the first half of 2018, the total sales volume surpassed the other two competitors. All three models are in the middle and late stages of their life cycle. . The heavyweight models in the second half of the year are the highly targeted A-class sedan. If the price is reasonable, the good days of the 1 series sedan and A3 are coming to an end.

Comparison of the sales volume of some of the main models of Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the first half of 2018 (units)
Model Sales Model Sales
Mercedes-Benz E-Class 74102 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 81673
Audi A6L 70836 Audi A4L 79936
BMW 5 Series 66584 BMW 3 Series 66515
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As for BMW, the enhanced X1 and the low-key X2 form an entry-level SUV brother, which has a lot of advantages against the GLA and Q3 that are going to be replaced. Although the domestic X3 has not been lengthened, it is full of confidence when facing Q5L, and I want to break my wrist. In addition, the 3 Series is facing a replacement, and the bargaining scene was out of control… However, some BMWs that have been advertised as “pure driving pleasure” have been “pulling the altar” from the beginning of using the UKL front-wheel drive platform. From the current news, the next-generation 1 Series I should be able to fully use the front-drive platform, friends who are still wondering whether to start the hatchback 1 series, hee……hee hee…

Finally, take a look at Audi. They finally brought the overseas version of the Q5L to China under the name Q5L. Although the configuration is controversial, the appearance and sense of technology are still good, and the sales are expected to not be bad. However, the current market performance of Audi's main model A4L is “slightly cool” after the replacement, another main model A6L is facing a major replacement, and the postponement of the new SUV Q2L is still quite embarrassing. From ignoring the heroes without any suspense to being caught up in close hand-to-hand combat by their opponents, is Audi's winter here?

In addition, the second camp represented by Volvo, Cadillac, Lexus, etc. are eager to try. Can they challenge the BBA dominance and form BBAX? People who eat melons, get ready for the little Maza.

BYD: Sales are ok, but my heart is not at peace

If the overall performance of the passenger car market is better than expected at the beginning of the year, then the new energy passenger car market is expected to be excellent. Stimulated by the subsidy policy, the new energy passenger vehicle market in the first half of 2018 has grown by leaps and bounds. The cumulative sales in the first half of the year exceeded 350,000, a year-on-year growth rate of 122%. I really thought it would sell well, but I didn't expect it to be so good.

There is no doubt that the sales champion in the new energy field belongs to BYD. In the first half of this year, BYD sold 71,000 vehicles in the new energy field, completing 35.5% of the annual sales target of 200,000 vehicles. Among them, the cumulative sales of plug-in hybrid models, including hot-selling models such as Qin and Song DM, reached 47,000, a year-on-year increase of 197%, and the sales of pure electric models such as Qin EV and Yuan EV reached 24,000, a year-on-year increase of 28%. .

However, BYD, whose sales are booming, cannot be completely relieved. Recently, BYD has been in the focus of public opinion. Both products and the direction of corporate development have encountered challenges. From the first quarter financial report, BYD achieved a net profit of 1.02 in the first quarter of 2018. 100 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 83.09%, deducting a non-net profit loss of 330 million yuan. From the product point of view, whether it is new energy vehicles or power battery fields, there are peers catching up, and the first half of 2018 is a bit difficult for BYD.

Under this situation, science student Wang Chuanfu could not completely calm down. He wanted to lead BYD to seek an open and transformation path, and put forward new concepts such as “full liberalization of business” and “standardized automotive hardware supplier”. All technologies of e-platform are shared, and on the other hand, an intelligent network connection system is opened.

At the moment when opening up has become a major trend, the opening up of auto companies means that they may get more opportunities and better integrate BYD's advantageous resources. However, how to maintain core competitiveness in the opening up and how to reasonably arrange for a large-scale rollout at a time Business is BYD's top priority. After all: openness is good, but you have to be careful.

Qoros: A year-on-year increase of 412%, but I can’t fly

30,524 units. This is the sales volume of Qoros in the first half of 2018. For a car company, this number may not be astonishing, but you must know that this is almost catching up with the total sales volume of Qoros in 2016 and 2017. Up. Therefore, from a numerical point of view, the performance of Qoros is still acceptable in the first six months after Baoneng Group's strategic investment. so, is the “cool” Qoros taking off for a long time?

Lynk & Co, WEY, and now many car companies have launched high-end brands, wanting to follow the route of Bai Fumei, Qoros can be said to be the predecessors in this regard. Qoros Automobile, established at the end of 2007, was jointly funded by Chery Automobile and Israel Quantum Group. From the beginning of its establishment, it has positioned mid-to-high-end luxury, and its car pricing is comparable to or even surpassing many joint venture brands, but the brand influence is not enough to support higher pricing, and the response after the product is launched in the market is very general.

Qoros sales in recent years (units)
years Sales
Year 2014 6967
2015 14247
2016 24188
2017 15381
First half of 2018 30524
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Over the next 10 years, the situation of Qoros Auto can be said to be getting worse and worse. The increasingly dismal sales, so that they are submerged in the rising Chinese brands, it seems that they are almost forgotten. At this time, Baoneng appeared like a “knight”, acquiring 51% of Qoros Auto for 6.63 billion yuan, and announced that starting from 2018, Baoneng Group will invest 10 billion yuan in Qoros Auto every year for 5 consecutive years. Yu Qoros Automobile's new car research and development, and set the 2018 sales target of “impact 100,000 vehicles and challenge 120,000 vehicles” for Qoros.

In the next 5 years, Qoros will launch a total of 26 new cars, further enriching the product line, including as many as 13 SUV models, covering small, compact, medium and large market segments. In addition, Qoros will launch its first pure electric vehicle-Qoros 3 EV in November. The new car has a maximum cruising range of 450km, a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 7.9 seconds, and a maximum speed of 162km/h.

The effect of Baoneng’s entry is significant. The most obvious is the explosive growth in sales. Although the leasing company of Baoneng Group’s Linkage Cloud has undertaken most of the orders, the “idle” Qoros Changshu factory has been restored to The normal production level itself is a very exciting thing. After all, according to the big data of Autohome, Qoros Auto's new car quality performance is remarkable, and China's auto industry also needs its own high-end brands to come to town.

However, in the long run, it is unrealistic to rely on the supply of the “parents”. The top priority of Qoros is to dilute the cost as soon as possible on the basis of maintaining the original suppliers and quality standards, so that the products can truly return to the market, so that consumers are willing to pay. Not internal digestion.

Full text summary:

The above is the entire content of this issue of “Shushu Fengyun”. By the middle of the year, there are really too many companies and stories to tell, and there are still many things that I want to say without time to express, and this is over. If you don’t feel like watching it, and if you want to know more about it, just in the comment area @本姑, we must know everything and endlessly. Of course, if you have different opinions on some brands and models, you are welcome to discuss in the comment area. Oh.