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[YesAuto brand history ] Since its establishment in 1909, Bugatti has been creating desired products with its ultimate pursuit. From Type 35, Type 57 to EB 110, to Weihang and Chiron in the new century, they are all remembered by the world for their extraordinary design and ultimate performance. After several glories and declines, today's Bugatti is undoubtedly happy: it is still doing what it loves to do, and happily has reached its 110th birthday.

to sum up:

If it weren't for personal experience, who could perceive the fascinating breath of this speed machine full of time stories? The design is beautiful, the performance is the best, and the brand culture of pursuing excellence is shocking. It is really hard not to have love for such a romantic brand. It is very precious to me to experience all of Bugatti up close, Bugatti, I wish you a happy 110th birthday!