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[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] If a car is described as a “boat”, then it should be very comfortable to drive, and the body is flickering; if the “boat” is not only comfortable but also runs fast, then we have to call it It's speeding up-that's why I gave the BMW 525Li the nickname. After replacing the 2.5L 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, the BMW 5 Series was injected with new vitality. The 525Li in front of me is fast and comfortable. It is a speeding boat.

The test came a little late, after all, 525Li has been on the market for a year. But it’s better to be late than nothing, right? Since the launch of the new car in August last year, the classic 2.5L “straight 6” engine has said goodbye to the 5 series. Replaced by BMW’s young N20 series engines, the 520Li is equipped with a low-power version with 184 horsepower, while the 525Li tested this time is equipped with a high-power version with 218 horsepower. The reason why there is no 245-horsepower tuned version on the 3 series and other models, I guess it has nothing to do with the existence of the 530Li. The latter is still equipped with a 258-horsepower N52 series 3.0L “straight 6” naturally aspirated engine.

How to distinguish 520, 525, 523, 528, 530, 535?

Due to BMW engine iterations, this generation of 5 Series has appeared in several models of various displacements in China, and some friends may be a little dizzy looking at the numerous model codes. Fortunately, there is a hard-working editor of Autohome. We have listed all the models that are discontinued and on sale except the M5, so you don't need to check the configuration table.

List of BMW 5 Series models in China (not including M5)
the difference Domestic import
Period engine Maximum power (horsepower)
2011 model (discontinued) 2.5L 177 520Li
204 523Li 523i
3.0L 258 528Li
3.0T 306 535Li 535i
2012 model (discontinued) 2.5L 177 520Li
204 523Li
2.0T 184 520i
245 528i
3.0L 258 530Li 530i Travel Edition
3.0T 306 535Li
2013 model (on sale) 2.0T 184 520Li 520i
218 525Li
245 528i
3.0L 258 530Li 530i Travel Edition
3.0T 306 535Li 535i
3.0T+ motor 306 ActiveHybrid 5
Note: Red is the model in this article.

It can be seen that the domestic and imported BMW 5 series have respectively rolled out two product lines, of which all domestic models are the extended wheelbase version with the tail label “Li”, and the imported version is the all-short axle version. In addition to providing travel and hybrid models, imported models also play the role of complementing models with different output powers (for example, the 245 horsepower version of the 2.0T model). It can be seen that the codes such as “520”, “523”, and “528” used to represent models of different displacements in different periods. It is no wonder that consumers have difficulty distinguishing them. The 525Li we tested this time has a pivotal position in the current domestic long-wheelbase 5 series product line. It is the main sales model of the 2013 5 series.

Appearance and interior: simple design, family style, highlighting the atmosphere and luxury

Personally, I feel that this generation of 5 Series is relatively conservative in design and wears away its personality. It is taking the atmospheric and luxurious route. The changes of the 2013 5 Series are mainly to replace the engine, and the appearance and interior decoration are not much changed. Friends who need to know these contents can click on the link below to view the static experience article, and give away the comparative content of the 5 series and Audi A6L for free:

2013 model focus: reinstall N20 engine

For energy conservation and environmental protection and other factors, it is a general trend to replace large-displacement naturally aspirated engines with small-displacement supercharged engines. The service period of the 2.5L inline 6-cylinder engine on the 5 series has been put to an end. For fans of BMW “Straight 6”, this may be difficult to accept, but most Chinese with a 6-cylinder and naturally aspirated complex are still young, and the intersection of the 5 series consumer group and this group of people may not be large. , Middle-aged consumers will care more about power and fuel consumption. In short, the engine has several cylinders. Therefore, the risk of “six cylinders for four cylinders” in the 5 series should be less than that of the 3 series.

We have seen the strength of the N20 engine on the 3 Series and X1. Although the 245 hp high-power version is not as good as many current supercharged engines with the same displacement on the market, it can help BMW cars run beyond imagination. The results. It can be seen that the speed of acceleration is not only related to this parameter, but also factors such as the matching of the gearbox and the adjustment of the power output of the vehicle are also important. The nominal power of the 525Li is only 218 horsepower, but when combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission, it can move statically and seamlessly.

Driving: a land speedboat with flexible steering, fast acceleration and comfortable ride

Even if you know that the wheelbase of this car has been extended to 3108mm, and it is for business and home users, but only because it is a BMW, so when you sit in the cockpit, you will still be affected by the power and Manipulation has expectations.

The 525Li under the D block is calm and comfortable. At this time, it is difficult to find the turbocharged noise from it. With the deepening of the throttle, the linearity of power output is not much worse than that of a naturally aspirated engine. The 8-speed automatic transmission will use the advantages of multiple gears to accurately control the tachometer pointer at a reasonable height. It needs to be quiet, energy-saving, and appropriate power. The suspension is always lazy, the slow and large rebound fades every impact from the road, and the boat-like comfort brings a strong sense of satisfaction.

However, although BMW uses balance shaft technology on the N20B20 engine to reduce vibration, the inherent disadvantages of the L4 engine in front of the original L6 engine are still evident-the engine vibration is more obvious at idling speed, and the vibration in the cabin is significantly higher than that of the 6-cylinder engine. The 5 series is bigger. That being the case, why do we have to accept this young engine? Is it just a smooth power output? of course not.

Gently shift the electronic gear to the left, enter the DS gear, and press the driving mode switch button next to the gear to turn on the sport mode, and let the 525Li enter the state of preparation. At this time, the throttle response becomes very sensitive, the gearbox is also more aggressive, the body seems to lighten instantly, and it has left comfort behind. Every movement of the right foot can get quick feedback. It responds with a steady flow of pushing back, like a man who has taken off his suit, changed the gentleness of business occasions, changed into sportswear, and jumped into the football field. Run indifferently, let your sweat wet your underwear. This is the BMW in the conventional concept.

I suddenly remembered an experience shared with me by a classmate in college. It was this experience that gave her her own view of the difference between Mercedes-Benz and BMW, who didn’t know much about cars: the personal car of the two leaders at her job. They are the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the BMW 5 Series. The one who drives the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is always calm and drives the car slowly; while the one who drives the BMW 5 Series is fond of driving fast, rushing from left to right. When I reached the destination, I stopped the car, and didn't forget to turn to the person in the car and say: “Am I handsome?”

We don’t advocate fast driving on the road, and you don’t have to take it seriously to discuss whether the two car owners in the story are representative. If there is sympathy, it is very good; if you do not agree, please laugh.

In fact, it’s not so easy to drive the 5 series to do some drastic actions. The suspension system that maintains comfort is not good for emergency line changes; in addition, the size is large and it takes 3 full laps. Too many steering wheels really make people feel uncomfortable. This is a helpless compromise towards driving comfort. Although the directivity is still unquestionable, the excessive steering ratio almost eliminates the joy of steering. When parking or moving the car , You will find it even more annoying.

Fuel consumption test: the small-displacement supercharged engine is indeed fuel-efficient

The weather was fine on the day of the fuel consumption test, with a sunny day of 25℃. In the 100.3km distance, about 30km is the congested section with an average speed of less than 20km/h, another 20km is a high-speed section with a speed of 100km/h, and the rest are urban sections with traffic lights or relatively unobstructed loops. Use Comfort mode (do not use Eco pro energy-saving mode). In the end, the average speed displayed by the driving computer was 30.2km/h, and the fuel consumption was only 9.6L/100km. Our measured 10.14L/100km is relatively close to the driving computer. This result is very good for the 525Li with such a large body. Many medium-sized cars are also fuel-efficient. The tacit cooperation between the efficient engine and the transmission system, as well as the help of the automatic start-stop system of the engine, contributed to this good result.

Performance test: the energy of the N20 “medium power” engine is amazing

0-100km/h acceleration

The 2010 E-Class using 5AT has been discontinued; we have not yet tested the 2.0T A6L, the above table uses the 2.5L model results. Please note that the results are for reference only due to the different displacements and models of the year.

How fast can a medium and large car with a nominal power of only 218 horsepower but weighing 1755kg run? As a civilian luxury brand, the answer given by BMW is 7.6 seconds, but the actual test result is nearly half a second faster than this. The rear wheels will slip slightly at the start, and the untied BMW no longer has to worry about comfort at this time. The continuous push back feeling and the sonorous shifting impact have brought this horse a hint of sports passion. The gearbox gear ratio is tightly connected, and there is no large-span attenuation of power in the first 3 gears. In the end, it broke a hundred with a time of 7.17 seconds, sitting comfortably and running fast. This is the origin of the name of the speedboat.

100-0km/h brake

Excellent tuning skills allow the chassis suspension to not only ensure a high level of comfort, but also to support the body in an emergency. This is the primary guarantee for stable deceleration. Thanks to this, the BMW 525Li always maintains a very elegant posture when braking at full force. The powerful and stable braking system locks the final score to 38.5 meters, which is undoubtedly a perfect score.


Noise control is still a strong point for BMW. The performance of this 4-cylinder engine in the noise test is similar to that of the previous 6-cylinder machine. It can be seen that at 120km/h, 8AT controls the engine speed at 2000rpm, which not only helps control engine noise, but also saves fuel.

Written at the end: If you are not a diehard “Straight 6”, you will definitely forget it

The advancement of technology sometimes brings some negative effects. While enjoying the power and energy saving of the N20 engine, you also have to try to get used to the greater vibration when it is idling. However, once people find that its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages, they will readily accept it. It's like people have experienced the powerful functions of touch-screen smartphones. Although they know that traditional mobile phone keyboards are more accurate and textured, few people want to change it back.

BMW 5 Series 2013 525Li Luxury

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With the advancement of technology, many auto manufacturers have begun to pursue a variety of different driving experiences in one car, combining the advantages of different types of cars. This 525Li can achieve a drastic change between dynamic and static in terms of power output, but only retains the “comfort” character in terms of steering and handling. It's no wonder that the variable steering ratio system and variable suspension system are expensive to build. Judging from the price of this 5 Series, it is undoubtedly too difficult to require these configurations. Speaking of price, the current discount rate for the BMW 5 Series is not small. Take the 525Li luxury model as an example, the largest discount given by dealers across the country is close to 60,000 yuan. Part of the reason for this is that the 5 Series will face a mid-term facelift. For friends who are pursuing cost-effectiveness, now is a good time to make a move.

The price of Qin Min is an important factor for the sales of the 5 Series in China to almost match the same level as the leader of the Audi A6L. More consumers are beginning to look away from the “traditional official car” and turn to other areas of the market. In contrast, Mercedes-Benz's situation is more worrying. The sluggish sales of the E-class forced Mercedes-Benz to invest a lot of research and development costs in the mid-term facelift of this model. Soon, the mid-term facelifts of the 5 Series and E-Class will be on the market. They will challenge the A6L's sales champion. Undoubtedly, this is another good show.