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[YesAuto Harem Series] Hello everyone, our harem series is here again. For cars, what are the things you should consider from the moment you pick up the car? I think it is a film. Although it has a lot of controversy so far, it is undeniable that most people still put on a suitable sun film for their car (hereinafter collectively referred to as: window film) to achieve the effect of sun protection. However, metal membranes and ceramic membranes have existed in the market for many years. Do you really understand what they are all about?

This time we will take you to one of the top magnetron sputtering metal film manufacturers in China to see how the metal film is produced, the legendary full magnetron, what exactly is the magnetron film Something, we will know it as soon as we explore it!

Zhongling: “China's smart manufacturing must break the game”

With all kinds of questions about solar film, we set off on the journey again and went to one of the most well-known metal film manufacturers in China: Zhongling, to see the magic of the metal film manufacturing, and how the metal film did it. Insulation, hope this trip can solve your inner doubts.

Who is IWFA? : Top membrane factory circle

No matter what kind of company, how to gain market and consumer recognition? I think its corporate endorsement must be very important. Although the matter of endorsement is fictitious and real, for some recognized international authorities, obtaining corresponding recognition can indeed prove the hard power of a company on the one hand. The IWFA International Window Film Association to be mentioned is one of the most representative.

When it comes to window film products, many people can think of the well-known camps: 3M, Eastman, Belcate (Saint-Gobain Quantum Film), etc. However, anyone who knows the window film industry knows that overseas brands have monopolized the film market. For many years, especially in the field of metal film, strong brands dominated by the Eastman camp have been occupying the metal film market. For many Chinese brands that have been fighting in this field, it is actually very difficult to break the game. It's hard.

Walk into the factory: the mysterious magnetron sputtering

The editor said: domestic products should be self-improvement

In fact, it is not only the window film market, but the pattern of almost many fields is undergoing tremendous changes. It seems that a comprehensive replacement of foreign brands has become a new “national trend”. In the field of automotive window film, imported brands have been in the window film industry for nearly 30 years. The technological monopoly advantage of China has been slowly broken.

In recent years, with the rise of Chinese brands with high-end window film production capabilities represented by Zhongling, the era of Chinese brands playing the leading role has come. We hope that through our visits, more people can understand the status quo of their national brands and their efforts to break the situation. At the same time, we also hope to see more “Zhong Ling” emerge. Only in this way, our ” The era of “national tide” will truly come.