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[YesAuto original test drive] Before participating in the Octavia RS test drive, I have been thinking about how to write this article, because Zheng Yu has written detailed real shots before, and explained the characteristics of Octavia RS very clearly (click to view ), and the test drive time is relatively short, and the most proud selling points such as acceleration and braking cannot be actually measured. However, after a brief contact with the Octavia RS, I think it is indeed appropriate to summarize this car with “sports and practicality”. (Remarks: Octavia RS was officially launched this morning, priced at 219,900 yuan, click to view the detailed article)

● The exterior and interior are very sporty, and the practicality remains the same

Since it is named after “RS”, then Octavia RS must have its special features: First of all, in terms of appearance, Octavia RS is equipped with a full set of sports kits, including newly designed front and rear surrounds, front lip and rear spoiler; black The Skoda family-style front grille, honeycomb air intakes, and the conspicuous “RS” logo on the front and rear of the car make the Octavia RS full of sporty, even a bit fierce.

Regarding the appearance of Octavia RS, the previous real shots have been introduced in more detail, and those who are interested can learn more through the following content.

Click on the picture below to view the real shots of Octavia RS and learn more.

In addition, there are several points that need to be emphasized: First, the Octavia RS is equipped with AFS follow-up steering xenon headlights, the front fog lights have become circular, and a row of popular LED daytime driving cars has been added above it. Lights, which are relatively rare in domestic compact cars; second, the honeycomb surround around the front fog lights is sealed, while the design of the air intake is partially hollowed out and partially sealed; third, double The exhaust pipe is thickened and chrome-plated at the tail section, which makes the exhaust sound a little heavier than the normal version.

Open the door and turn into the car. Most of the interiors, including the roof, are in black that emphasizes sports style, with silver decorative strips. I believe many young people will immediately fall in love with it. The three-spoke multi-function steering wheel is a distinct feature of Octavia RS that is different from other Octavia models. It is wrapped in perforated leather, which not only feels good in the hand, but also provides sufficient friction to ensure that the driver always controls the direction of the vehicle.

At the rear of the steering wheel, the Octavia RS is also equipped with shift paddles. The design of left minus and right plus is in line with general usage habits, so that the gear can be controlled without leaving the steering wheel, and it is a perfect match with the DSG transmission.

Since the overall shape and internal design of the Octavia RS are no different from the normal version, its practicability cannot be underestimated. Here, please allow me to use the data of the old Octavia to show the practicability of the Octavia RS:

Octavia's trunk space is quite considerable! The standard volume of 560 liters is even more abundant than that of its own model; this is exaggerated! When the rear seats are placed, its volume can be expanded to 1350 liters. The general SUV is no more than that. To make it clearer, the activity space of the Honda CR-V is 524 to 955 liters. Got it…

● Use a more rigid damping spring, the power performance is good

In order to make the word “sports” worthy of its name on the Octavia RS, Skoda adjusted the chassis of the Octavia RS. The most important thing is to use imported shock absorbers and higher rigid springs, so Octavia RS is in The performance of acceleration, braking, circling piles and cornering is tougher. For example, when the brakes range from 100km/h to stationary, the body attitude of Octavia RS is more “elegant” than the regular version.

In addition, there is another upgrade that must be paid attention to, that is, the upgrade of the tires and brake system. The new 17-inch wheels with 225/45 R17 tires have become the medium for the Octavia RS to show off its power to the ground. The Goodyear Eagle F1 tires used are high-performance products, although they are not particularly high in the ranking of similar tires. What attracts more attention is the red brake calipers, and the brake system has also been upgraded to 16 inches. It is believed that the braking performance has also improved.

Of course, as a high-performance car, the power system is the most critical. Like the Golf GTI, the power combination of Octavia RS is 2.0TSI engine + 6-speed DGS transmission, maximum power 147kw (200 horsepower)/5100~6000rpm, peak torque 280N·m/1700~5000rpm, the official acceleration result of 0~100km/h is 7.7 seconds, although it is slightly inferior to the official GTI 7.1 seconds, but such a result is still rare in the same level.

In actual driving, in S mode, the accelerator pedal and transmission react positively, which is suitable for intense driving; while in D mode, it feels more stable and sufficient for daily driving. In the process of circumnavigating the pile, select the S gear mode, the throttle response is very direct, coupled with the tough suspension and the improvement of tire grip, the Octavia RS can easily cope with higher speeds. However, due to the three-box design, the tail of the Octavia RS always feels slightly more procrastinated than the Golf GTI.

Among the domestically produced compact cars, only the Octavia RS and the Golf GTI can be called “sports”, and they belong to Volkswagen. After the early stage of the Golf GTI, Octavia RS is much easier to enter the high-performance compact car segment, and it also has advantages in price and practicality. This is for those consumers who do not want to sacrifice space to pursue performance. For the reader, it is undoubtedly a very big temptation.

Judging from the continuous increase in sales in the past few years when Octavia was listed, Octavia RS is also expected to become a “potential stock.” Facing the strong combination of Volkswagen Group Golf GTI + Octavia RS, other brands in China, especially Honda (Civic Type R) and Mazda (Mazda 3 MPS), are you ready? (Text, Picture/Wang Hao, Home of Cars)