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[YesAuto Design Decoding] As one of the most important products of the Skoda brand in my country, the Skoda Octavia has also ushered in a major change. In addition to the new MQB EVO platform blessing and a longer wheelbase compared to the European version, the new car also has a lot of “eggs” in the localized design, and even European designers are “calling the insider”! So what are the design highlights of the new SAIC Volkswagen Skoda Octavia PRO (hereinafter referred to as Octavia PRO)? Come here and follow me to find out.

○ Globally synchronized models, jointly designed by China and Europe

    When it comes to Skoda's design, this century-old car brand has its unique insights. After being merged into the Volkswagen Group, Skoda has become the group’s main “high cost-effective” family car positioning. Although the “Law of Truth of the Cheap and Big Bowl” has been a universal wealth cipher since ancient times, consumers have a good The demand cannot be ignored either. After all, if you buy a car at home, who doesn't want to buy one that shines?

We have already made a detailed introduction about the design and new crystal design ideas of the Skoda brand in the past ten years. If you are interested, you can click the following link: Interpretation of Skoda's new design. To sum up, on the basis of inheriting the original design, the two key words of exquisiteness and sharpness are further emphasized, which makes the design of the whole vehicle more textured.

After a long time of scrutiny, the Octavia PRO model was finalized. From the perspective of my personal evaluation, this car has achieved both localization needs and the retention of the design features of the overseas version. As for whether it looks good or not, there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, and it depends on you in front of the screen. How to evaluate it.

○ The front of the car under the blessing of “RS kit” looks like a hard role

It is useless to say more, let's enter the real vehicle design analysis link. We have taken real shots of this model before, please refer to the following link: SAIC Volkswagen Skoda Octavia PRO real shots. This design interpretation and shooting is a high-end model, but according to the designer, the low-end and high-end models of the Octavia PRO will not have much difference in appearance, only in the sunroof, rim style and rearview mirror color. Some distinctions, such as lamp sets, sports kits, and other design aspects are all standard styles, which is a good thing for consumers with limited budgets.

If the front part is eye-catching enough, then there are many highlights waiting for you to savor. After all, car design is a project that requires overall coordination, and a fighting front is far from enough.

○ Ingenious detail design

    There are not so many complicated lines on the side of the car body, and the entire shape still maintains a more regular style, with more use of straight lines, and the proportion is adjusted according to the lengthened car body.

To sum up, Octavia PRO inherits the brand new family crystal design concept. While the whole car looks more dynamic and dynamic, it also has a sports kit. The front is more combative, the side is more dynamic, and the rear is sharper and proportional. It's fairly coordinated, and there are still many highlights in the details. It can be said that this set of appearance achieves the effect that the designers want to achieve.

○ Say goodbye to the dull look of the interior

From the outside to the inside, the interior part is equally exciting. If the appearance is considered to have changed a lot, then the interior part can be described as completely subverting the previous feeling, it can be described as a completely new one. In addition to the contribution of the new platform, the feeling brought by the new design language also contributed to the interior design.

In the interior design, the Octavia PRO has drastically changed compared with the previous models. While retaining the functional and ergonomic design concept, the entire design style not only caters to the exterior design elements, but also looks completely the same as the previous models. It has been upgraded to an era, and I believe this can also impress many young consumers.

○ Edit review

The new generation of Octavia PRO brings not only a new platform and rear multi-link, but also a rich new design. With the blessing of the latest generation of crystal design language, Octavia PRO looks not only sharper and more refined, but also younger and sportier, and it is more than one rank higher in texture improvement. As long as the price is reasonable and the drive is fine, it is still a good choice with high cost performance and eye-catching design.