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[YesAuto Review] Peugeot’s first entry-level sports car RCZ was officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Those familiar with the naming of Peugeot cars must know that Peugeot cars are usually named with numbers, such as 307, 508, 607, and so on. The number represents the class of the vehicle, followed by the style. The listing of Peugeot RCZ broke this rule. As Peugeot’s first model with letters instead of numbers as its name, the three letters of RCZ also have clear meanings. R and C represent the abbreviation of Racing Championship, and Z represents Peugeot’s performance car. The naming of the model shows a strong The performance color emphasizes the strong racing style of the vehicle itself.

Students who want to know the exterior and interior, please click the picture below

Motion transfer system

The Peugeot RCZ engine comes from the 1.6-liter THP single-turbo twin-scroll engine jointly developed by PSA Group and BMW, with direct injection technology. This engine can provide 115kW (156 horsepower)/6000rpm, 240Nm/1400rpm-4500rpm. The foreign 1.6T high-power version can provide 200 horsepower/270 Nm, but unfortunately, only this low-power 1.6T version has been introduced in China.

This engine is not unfamiliar. It is used in PSA Group, BMW MINI and other models, and adjusted to different power outputs according to the positioning of different models. When you see this, you may not help asking, isn't there a lot of 1.6T engines in China now, where is its level? Here we see that the data of Yinglang 1.6T (184 hp/235 Nm) and Tiida 1.6T (190 hp/240 Nm) are much higher than RCZ, indeed only 97.6 hp per liter of power for a turbocharged The engine looks a bit stingy, and the following test data also shows that RCZ's performance on the test field is indeed a bit “gentleman”.

This time Peugeot equipped the RCZ with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission. Fortunately, it is not the “legendary” 4AT, or it is too incompatible with the positioning of the sports car. After this gearbox is put into manual mode, it responds quickly to the driver's manual up/down gear commands, and the smooth power output makes it hardly faulty. The only regret is that a set of paddle shifters is missing behind the stylish racing wheel.

Because it originated from the 308 car series, Peugeot still gave the RCZ a set of torsion beam semi-independent suspension, but the PSA Group has been very mature for the adjustment of this set of suspension and chassis. The design of the spring is very short and tight, and it seems that there is no excessive compression, or very hard to describe it. When passing the manhole cover or speed bump, you can clearly feel every vibration transmitted to the car, plus That bucket-shaped sports seat is not a good choice for long-term driving.

Driving experience

In fact, Peugeot RCZ is still very gentle at ordinary times. Once the S gear is engaged, the timing of shifting in daily driving will be delayed to 3000rpm. At this time, the throttle response and acceleration are very direct, but there is no critical breaking point. , The whole acceleration process is continuous and linear, there is no abrupt feeling when the turbo is involved, but when the throttle is released, it is accompanied by the tiny “click” of the internal drain pressure relief valve, reminding us that this is a turbocharged car. Supercharged models; and the accelerating noise will not be mentioned, family cars…

The RCZ seems to be inseparable from the 308 car series. From the front, it is almost the same as the 308CC. Compared with the ordinary overseas version of the 308, the front and rear wheelbases of the RCZ are widened by 44mm and 63mm, respectively. The seemingly insignificant data is for driving. The stability has been a great help. The rear spoiler that rises and falls with speed will automatically lift up to 19 degrees when it exceeds 85 km/h, and when the speed exceeds 155 km/h, it will automatically lift up to a maximum angle of 34 degrees. Of course you It can also be turned on manually.

In the D gear mode during daily driving, the throttle is well coordinated. Slowly step on the throttle. The RCZ is like a sleeping kitten, with soft power gushing out, and then the throttle can be used to the end, it can also be like a sports car. , The speed soared to 5000 rpm, and rushed out with a low growl. Just because the horsepower is still not enough, the acceleration in the middle and rear stages is not enough. This is also a big embarrassment for small-horsepower sports cars. Even if you encounter those provocative 2.0T mid-level family cars on the street, you can only fight for a straight line. RCZ also doesn't have much confidence to smash with others, not to mention steel guns such as GTI or Scirocco.

By optimizing the suspension system, the RCZ's cornering performance is amazing. When the compact body enters a corner, the rear of the car maintains excellent tracking. Even if the direction is deliberately hit, the tail will only have a slight side slip and then a lot. Quickly follow the footsteps of the front of the car. The heavy steering wheel has a very clear sense of road. Even the vibration of a small stone that presses on the road will be transmitted to your hands. This kind of mechanical communication between people and cars has not many opportunities to go in today's era of electronic assistive technology. Experienced. The rigid chassis is equipped with a standard four-wheel and four-corner design, and it becomes a good manipulator during the process of piercing the pile. A small closed test field seems to be unable to experience the limits of this RCZ. It should be said that its tuning is just right in all aspects, and its control fun is very convincing for every ordinary driver. .

Accelerated testing

It's a mule or a horse that has to be pulled out for a stroll. It doesn't seem appropriate to judge the performance of a car based on the first sensory impression alone. Let's all speak according to the data. Although the RCZ is only 1275KG, the 235/45 R18 wide tire is still a burden for 156 horsepower/240 Nm.

After turning off the ESP, we started with a 3000 rpm ejection, and the 235 wide tires were idling for a few times and then the grip was restored. The fastest time is 0-100km/h in 8.8 seconds. For a sports car, there is nothing to show off. It is just enough to be used and even lost to some 1.6T family cars. This 6AT optimized and tuned by Peugeot performed very well in the acceleration test. The gear ratios of the 1st and 2nd gears are designed to be very compact, so that the engine output can always be maintained at about 0.5G. From the curve point of view, there is almost no explosive point, the whole process is smooth and lack of passion.

Brake test

Although the acceleration performance was not satisfactory, the Peugeot RCZ performed very well during the emergency braking test. From the curve, we can see that the stable braking force is the guarantee of excellent braking performance. Of course, the Continental sports tires with a tire width of 235mm are also indispensable. The initial braking G value dropped to -1.3G, which is a very good value, but the latter part always fluctuates slightly around -1.1G, and the final 37.1m score is also an excellent score that is safe enough.

Peugeot RCZ not only has excellent braking results, but also the stability of the braking system is absolutely worthy of recognition. After 10 consecutive brake tests, the results are basically stable at about 37 meters, and there is almost no thermal attenuation, which shows that the braking system is completely trustworthy.

Noise test

In fact, noise is not important for sports cars. Before I came into contact with RCZ, I thought it would not be so low-key, but Peugeot RCZ does not deliberately make noise like ordinary sports cars. Outside listening to the sound of acceleration is almost the same A family car is no different. And the real performance is not unexpected, it is already a lot better than the best idling noise in the traditional sense, and the noise performance of the vehicle in the road is also quite satisfactory, all of which are in the list of excellent results.

to sum up:

Peugeot RCZ has a graceful body curve, and its sharp and elegant shape can be said to be a male and female. Maybe female friends will like its rigid and soft front face, and will complain about its heavy steering wheel. But as a male driver, I agree more with its strong European driving style and do not compromise on comfort. RCZ has excellent performance in terms of handling and braking, but it seems that it still owes a lot of heat in terms of power; it is obvious that the French is not interested in wine, it does not pursue pure performance, exquisite appearance, and delicate The control feel and the unique cultural temperament of French petty bourgeoisie make it a work of art in life. With its dynamic appearance, sharp handling, and sufficient power, would this small sports car be your first choice? Personally, I still hope that Peugeot can introduce the 200-horsepower high-power version from abroad, which is not only worthy of the dynamic appearance of RCZ, but also has the capital to compete with competitors.

2011 Peugeot RCZ 1.6T luxury and elegant detailed parameter configuration table