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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] During the lunch break that day, I heard a male colleague sigh in the office: “It’s like buying a car now without money. Entering a 4S shop is like entering a vegetable market to pick cabbage.” Similar words are not the first Once heard from a friend or colleague around me. At the same time, the topic of a few female colleagues next to him was: “Yesterday I saw in the mall that the skirt I bought last month was 30% off! I lost my life.” Although it seems to have nothing to do with each other. Two things, but when you think about it, there is actually a certain connection between them.

Generally, those 4S stores in the gated market either have new models that are on the market recently or are carrying out substantial discounts, but these discounts are actually a game between consumers and dealers on the balance of supply and demand. So it's possible that some discounts last for a limited time, and it feels like “you won't have this shop after you pass this village”. And this article will introduce you to six models that are currently in substantial discounts, some of which are unexpected.

smart fortwo
Preferential rate: 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, equivalent discount: about 30% off

First of all, we want to introduce the smart fortwo, the smallest brother of the Mercedes-Benz Group. Because the design concept of this car is too individual and the ratio of size to price is too low, it has not received much attention since it went on the market. But recently, smart fortwo has started large discounts all over the country. In special areas such as Shanghai, the discount for the standard version of 158,000 yuan actually reached 50,000 yuan, which is basically a 68% discount. The original price of the entry-level model 1.0 hardtop pure version of 134,800 has been reduced to below 100,000 after the discount. This level is really unexpected.

The advantage of the smart fortwo lies in its small size, which brings a more flexible driving feel and lower fuel consumption. At the same time, smart fortwo owners no longer have to sigh at the 3/4 parking spaces occupied by unscrupulous drivers. But also because of its small size has caused some consumers to worry about its safety.

Safety equipment fortwo 1.0 hardtop pure version fortwo 1.0 MHD Hardtop Standard Edition fortwo 1.0 MHD hardtop style version fortwo 1.0 MHD Convertible Standard Edition
Front side airbag:
Head airbag:

But in fact, the smart fortwo not only has a body structure design that has undergone rigorous testing, but also has done a good job in the active and passive safety configuration. The whole system comes standard with ESP body stability system and four front-row airbags, and in addition to the entry-level pure version, the rest of the models are also equipped with head airbags, which provide this little guy with a reassuring safety guarantee.

In terms of driving, this car also has its own personality. First of all, the smart fortwo is equipped with an AMT sequential gearbox, so when you are driving, you will feel a little frustrated when you change gears. At the same time, we feel that the steering wheel and brake pedal are a little heavy, but these can be adapted after a long time of contact. In addition, the “energy-saving driving mode” can further help the 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine to save fuel. The specific performance is that the engine will automatically turn off when the brake pedal is pressed to a complete stop, and the engine will automatically start when the accelerator pedal is ready to move forward. While contributing to a low-carbon life, it also saves the car owner's expenses, just remember to turn off this function when the road is congested.

Of course, even after the discount, it takes courage to buy such a small car with 100,000. However, the smart fortwo is a fun ride for a small number of people. Only fashionable consumers with a certain economic foundation can accept it, but the entry barrier to accept it is much lower than when it was first launched.