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[YesAuto CTCC Touring Car Race] At the 2014 Guangzhou International Auto Show, Mazda (China) released a big news: it will support the racing club to participate in the 2015 CTCC China Touring Car Championship as a sponsor. The sponsored models are two Chuang Chi Blue Sky Models: Enclave and Atez.

According to the plan, Mazda will sponsor two Angkers to participate in the production car race, and one Atez to participate in the super production car race. These three cars will be provided to the “Res Racing Team” for modification and debugging, and used in the competition, and they will participate in support as a sponsor.

There are also two drivers who will appear with the CTCC participation plan: Sun Zheng and Chen Chao, both of whom are track/rally amphibious riders and have made great achievements in both fields. Chen Chao himself is also the keynote teacher of the “Res Racing School” under the Res Racing Team, and he expressed his ambition for Mazda's 2015 debut.

In fact, everything is not that simple. The staff of the Ress Racing Team also expressed some concerns. For example, Artez is a long-wheelbase and larger car in the super group, and it is on some small circuits-such as The Tianmashan track at Sheshan Station may be slightly less flexible than its competitors, but the RES Motorsports team has its own test track, which can be a good way for Atez to set up in small venues. Targeted adjustment.

In any case, Mazda has injected fresh blood into the CTCC China Touring Car Race, which is also good news for the Chinese racing community. According to the plan, the participating cars will be fully assembled and debugged next spring. We will wait and see what kind of sparks Mazda and RES Racing Team will make in 2015.