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[YesAuto In-Depth Investigation] The Golf 7 is considered the most concerned model in the domestic auto market in the recent period, as can be seen from the more than 2,000 responses in our previous test articles. Today, we invited three golf drivers from different periods to have a close contact with Golf 7 and see what they have to say. For the majority of netizens, not only can you see the objective comments of professional editors, but you can also learn more about the true opinions and thoughts of old car owners.

The fourth-generation Golf is the first hatchback launched by Volkswagen in the domestic compact market. Since domestic consumers had limited acceptance of the hatchback styling at that time, its market performance was not good.

The Golf 5 GTI is a model that Volkswagen introduced to domestic sales in the form of imported vehicles. Due to the poor performance of the fourth-generation Golf in the market, manufacturers did not have the guts to make the fifth-generation domestically, so only a small number of GTI models entered the country. This is destined to be a big toy for a few people.

By 2009, domestic consumers’ recognition of hatchbacks had improved a lot compared to a few years ago. The appearance of the Golf 6 just caught up with the rapid development of compact hatchbacks. During the first year of its launch, the price increase was all There are many situations where you can't mention a car. Only this year has the Golf 6 seen a slight price slack in the market.

Okay, let's leave the rest of the time to our car owner! (Hereinafter, the three car owners will be referred to as high 4 owners, high 5 owners and high 6 owners. The corresponding models will also be referred to as high 4, high 5, high 6 and high 7.)

The three car owners all expressed their different opinions. For the front, the owners of the height 4 and the height 6 showed high recognition, while the owners of the height 5 believe that the Golf should still stick to its sleek styling.

In terms of body size, each generation of Golf will increase in certain two data, which is also changed with market demand. Competitors of the same level are constantly increasing the size. If it does not increase, it is likely to be Overtaken by other opponents. In the chat, the owner of the height 5 said that the height of the height 7 has dropped, which is what he likes very much. After various modifications of his car, the height is only tied with the height 4 and height 7.

The details of the rear line are somewhat returning to the classic feeling. The sides of the taillights of height 4 and height 5 match the folding line of the rear of the car. There are angular designs, and these characteristics will appear again at height 7. For the detailed design, I personally think that the height is 7 Showing some retro elements, it can also be understood as continuing to inherit the classics.

Seeing the rear of the car, the three car owners all expressed a relatively high degree of recognition, and their interest in the taillights was relatively strong, especially the owners of the high 6 car, showing a feeling of envy and jealousy.

Regarding the design of the interior, the three car owners showed different personal opinions. The design of the center console tilted to the driver's side mentioned by the owner of the height 4 is the same as that of the height 4. It is indeed the same as the height 7 this time. One of 6 changes. As for whether everyone can accept the style design of the center control panel, it depends on personal preference. I think that the design of the so-called piano lacquer can indeed enhance a certain sense of grade, but in daily use, it is easy to leave fingerprints and affect the look and feel.

The three car owners have completely different concerns about the high 7s, which also shows that different consumers have completely different requirements when choosing cars. The ordinary consumers pay more attention to the details of daily use, while the owners of the high 5s More attention is paid to the performance related to control. As for the high 6 car owners, they also represent most of the female consumers. Convenience, good-looking, and high-grade are the more important concerns of this part of the consumer group.

● Summary:

Today, we and three car owners had close contact with the Golf 7. For the appearance, the owners of the height 4 and the height 6 gave high evaluations. In terms of the interior, everyone also said that the workmanship and materials are still relatively high. Level. The owner of the height 5 does not have a low evaluation of the seat, but this seat should also be available only with this top configuration. For the design of the center console, the evaluation is also mixed. The so-called hard to adjust, I believe that no matter what Golf 7 becomes, there will be people who like and dislike it. However, through the experience of several car owners, everyone still recognizes the many improvements and changes of the Gao 7. It can be said that the introduction of the Golf 7 allows it to meet the requirements of more people for a family car.

■ Editor's comment:

Many people love and hate golf. What I love is its inherited classics, more fashionable designs, etc. What I hate is the reduction in many details.

Why is there such a result today, and why the consumer's response is so strong, we must start with the domestically produced product of the fifth-generation golf platform, Sagitar. The various technologies that Sagitar strongly promoted at the time, such as laser welding of the body, cavity wax injection, three-stage door limit, trunk cover air strut connection mechanism, and rear wheel independent suspension, etc., are all used as their own to combat competitors of the same level. It can be said that it has shown its technological leadership in any aspect of its “weapon”, and this performance has continued to Golf 6.

Of course, the “domination” in technology is over until the emergence of the new generation of Sagitar. Both the door limit and the trunk link structure have changed, and the most unbearable thing for Volkswagen owners and fans is the myth. The rear independent suspension has also become a torsion beam semi-independent suspension structure. This is what the old Sagitar was most proud of. No matter how much the performance of the torsion beam is promoted, it is in the eyes of these followers. The public slapped himself a resounding slap.

The Golf 7 that came to us today also happened when the new generation of Sagitar was launched, but in my opinion, no matter how it changes, we cannot avoid the fact that the Golf 7 will still be a big seller in the market. , And the market performance will certainly not be worse than the Golf 6. The reason for this prediction is that the recognition of this brand and the single golf car series has a strong appeal, and the Golf 7 itself has a better model among the same level of models. Strong competitiveness.

Personally, I don’t like this kind of “distribution reduction” behavior of the public, but we still have to rationally consider whether the suspension structure changes will really affect our daily use. The answer is no. The difference in frame structure has a lot to do with adjustment. In our daily use, riding comfort is the most important thing. If it were not for the manufacturer’s unrestricted promotion of independent suspension, I believe it would not be so much now. Accusations. As for whether there are big differences between different suspension structures, let our test article tell you.

If you are a constant supporter of the public, you may not be able to bear this kind of reduction of its distribution, but rationally, whether these changes will affect our daily use, I personally think it is not a big problem, this is not a reduction for manufacturers. The reason is just my objective feeling as a bystander, nothing more.