[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] The new LaCrosse that has just been launched on the market not long ago is strictly a mid-term facelift, but Shanghai GM officially defines it as “new”, which shows that the official expectations of it are high. Compared with the 3.0L new LaCrosse that we tested a few months ago, which is only to enhance the brand image, today's 2013 model equipped with a 2.0T engine is relatively more friendly to the people. The reason why manufacturers value this 2.0T LaCrosse this time is very simple, that is, to further stabilize its position with the 2.4L model.

Appearance: no special changes

LaCrosse 2013 2.0T SIDI Smart Enjoy Flagship

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The appearance of the 2013 LaCrosse 2.0T model can be said to have not made any special changes. All models adopt the same styling, and even the details are basically the same. Only the logo on the rear of the car can distinguish its power level. In addition, the most important change is the power system. This 2.0T direct injection engine adopts a dual-channel design, which is commonly referred to as a single-turbo twin-scroll tube. The engine is made of all-aluminum materials. engine.

Engine parameter comparison
Model Maximum power Maximum torque
LaCrosse 2.0T 254 horsepower (187 kilowatts)/5300rpm 350 N·m/2000-5000rpm
Magotan 2.0T 200 horsepower (147 kilowatts)/5100-6000rpm 280 N·m/1700-5000rpm
Audi A4L 40TFSI 211 horsepower (155 kilowatts)/4300-6000rpm 350 N·m/1500-4200rpm
BMW 328i 245 horsepower (180 kilowatts)/5000-6500rpm 350 N·m/1250-4800rpm

This engine has very eye-catching data. The maximum power has been improved compared to the old model, reaching 254 horsepower (187 kW) at 5300 rpm, and the maximum torque of 350 N·m/2000-5000 rpm. Although the peak torque has not changed, the output of the maximum torque is unchanged. The speed range is wider. Only from the parameters, this 2.0T engine can be called the leader in the same level, and its power is the largest.

The engine partner is still the second-generation S6 manual gearbox with manual and sports modes. The shift button is integrated on the gear handle. Many people think that this design is quite boring. Indeed, I think so, but the deepest feeling in the experience of driving an automatic model is that there are very few opportunities to use the manual mode.

The data released by the factory shows that the peak torque will be output at 2000rpm. However, facing a car body with a curb weight of 1770kg, LaCrosse still shows that calmness. When cruising at speeds below 80km/h, the gearbox is actively completed. In this job, in order to achieve the purpose of saving fuel, it quickly completed upshifts again and again. Although there is an engine with eye-catching data, comfort is still what LaCrosse wants to express.

Its performance in daily driving is light and fast. The linear accelerator pedal can quickly adapt to the driver. As long as the driver is driving at a normal rhythm, the smoothness of the gearbox and shift logic are good, and it is in tacit agreement with the engine. He has a very easy-going temperament and is handy in overtaking and sudden acceleration. However, once you break the routine and often adopt variable speed movements, such as on the stop-and-go congested city roads, coupled with the wit and courage of those unscrupulous drivers who are randomly interspersed, this gearbox seems to be more impatient than humans, and occasionally Will hesitate to use a few gears, and the intrusion of gear shifting is also obvious. This situation also occurs when decelerating. There are also feedbacks from netizens in our word-of-mouth system.

In order to achieve the goal of dynamic comfort, LaCrosse is not only equipped with large seats with massage function, but also transplanted the CDC active suspension on the 3.0L model to this 2.0T Zhixiang flagship model. The system collects road information and adjusts the hardness of the shock absorber in time. Facing potholes on the road, the suspension is handled neatly, and the whole is solid. In fact, since the last generation of LaCrosse, the feeling of the suspension has been very European. It has already bid farewell to the traditional American “boat” feeling. The European system's tough tuning is now more easily accepted by consumers.

As the throttle gradually deepened, the engine seemed to be injected with a shot of cardiotonic, and the acceleration became vigorous. Sitting in the car, you can clearly hear the whistle of the turbine running, which is aurally exciting. Compared with the 2.0T engine of the same level, its torque burst point is not high, and it needs to reach more than 2000rpm to be effective. The design of single-turbo and double-scroll tubes makes the intervention of the turbines not abrupt. Continue to put more pressure on the throttle, the computer can understand the driver's intentions in time, but the actual downshift is not very clean, and the gear shift time of the gearbox is a bit too long.

After making a set of downshifting actions, the vitality of the car was stimulated, and the thrust from the seat back obviously acted on the body. This down-to-earth guy became excited. As long as he mastered the rhythm of the gearbox downshift, he could finish overtaking neatly at any time. There was no need to reserve a run-up distance. Everything was easy. However, this excitement cannot be equated to the bursting acceleration. After all, this LaCrosse has a curb weight of 1770 kg, and stability is its main theme.

Various test results

0-100km/h acceleration

The 0-100 km/h acceleration of the LaCrosse 2.0T is much sharper than the 3.0L V6 model tested before. The front and middle sections are very explosive. The tachometer pointer will be obviously weak after passing 4800rpm, so it should be used when necessary. Reasonably use the speed range. The final result of 8.27 seconds is satisfactory for this LaCrosse. The only weakness is the gearbox. The time for each gear shift is too long and the connection is not tight enough. With such a “pig-like teammate”, the heart is empty. of.

100-0 km/h braking

In daily driving, the LaCrosse brake pedal needs a certain amount of time to adapt. Although the feedback strength is appropriate and the foot feels fine, the response in the first half is not obvious, and the first few driving will feel unreliable. However, its performance in the test is quite eye-catching. The braking force of the vehicle after pressing the brake pedal is very strong, showing a completely different personality from the daily life, and the results of many tests are very stable, all within 40 meters. It is a rare thing.

Noise test

Noise control has always been a major strength of LaCrosse, and the new LaCrosse remains the same. The noise level is on the same level as that of luxury cars such as Audi A8L. LaCrosse is very kind in terms of materials, and the most intuitive part is the laminated glass that is not common in the same level, which plays a good sound insulation effect.

Comprehensive fuel consumption test

We measured the comprehensive fuel consumption of the new LaCrosse 2.0T to be 12.3 liters/100 kilometers, and the tested mileage was 155.7 kilometers, of which the congested section accounted for 30%, and the average speed was 31 kilometers/hour. Finally, 19.14 liters of gasoline was added to it. From the performance point of view, it is indeed relatively high. The fuel consumption of the 2.0T model of the same level is basically around 10 liters, but the curb weight of the LaCrosse reaches 1770 kg, which is heavier than the opponents, so this fuel consumption is not too exaggerated. I also referred to the feedback of the old 2.0T car owners in the word-of-mouth system, and the overall fuel consumption in the city is basically around 12L.

Interior design and configuration: luxurious atmosphere and high configuration

In terms of configuration, the 2.0T LaCrosse is completely in line with the flagship 3.0L of the entire series. The iconic surrounding center console of the LaCrosse presents a standard American style, and the LaCrosse has obvious advantages in terms of luxury. The IntelliLink intelligent in-vehicle interactive system is the standard configuration of the two 2.0T models. The handwriting board, navigation and rear seat heating are only equipped with the top-equipped smart flagship model. In other words, the 2.0T top-mounted model and the 3.0L model The only difference in configuration is the rear LCD screen, and the rest are the same. The configuration is attractive enough.

to sum up:

In terms of experience, our 3.0L V6 models and test drive articles have been done in sufficient detail, here I just want to talk about some of the care I got in my short driving as a summary.


◆ The interior has a very strong sense of luxury: Compared with the LaCrosse before the facelift, the interior design is obviously on a higher level, especially the mid-to-high models with the addition of the handwriting board. In the same level, we think the luxurious atmosphere of the LaCrosse is the strongest ,none of them.

◆ High configuration and kind materials: Our 2.0T Zhixiang flagship version is priced at 299,000 yuan. In terms of configuration, it comes with heating and ventilation for the front and rear seats, massage for the front seats, rear electric sunshade, and BOSE audio. The interior part is basically covered with leather wherever the hand can touch, and the leather feels very delicate, and the side windows also use laminated glass. Generally speaking, LaCrosse has a richer configuration and is very willing to use materials, which interprets the standard American luxury.


◆ High fuel consumption: Our measured comprehensive fuel consumption is 12.3 liters/100 kilometers. Although the level is reasonable, the fuel consumption of other models of the same level has not reached such a high level, which is basically around 9-10 liters.

◆ Multimedia system response is slow and difficult to learn: I have to admit that the multimedia system of the new LaCrosse is quite advanced and high-end, but the actual use is not so satisfying. First of all, it is more difficult to learn. Setting navigation is far better than using “Anji” “Star” is convenient. Out of professional needs, I forced myself to use it proficiently, and it took at least two days to master it as I wanted. The second is the slow response of the system, there is a waiting time after each touch of the button, and it will be anxious before getting used to it.

◆ Full range of frontless radar: Lacrosse body length is more than 5 meters, and adopts the design of high waistline and small side windows. It has a strong sense of wrapping in the car, but it also brings some line of sight problems. It is difficult to judge the distance when turning , So the front radar is somewhat necessary on this large-size car body.

Buying advice: For most people, the 2.4L model is enough. Although the power is not as fierce as the 2.0T, it is enough for daily use. Comfort and luxury are basically the same for all models of LaCrosse. Even if the comfort configuration is slightly different, the luxury atmosphere in the car also exists, which is stronger than the rivals. If you care more about power, then the 2.0T model is recommended, but we don't think it is necessary to choose this top model, just mid-to-low model. As for the 3.0L V6 model, apart from being the flagship of this brand, there seems to be no good reason.

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