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[YesAuto 车台勐料] On May 8, 1945, the German Supreme Commander William Keitel signed the letter of surrender on behalf of the German army, and Nazi Germany officially announced its unconditional surrender. Since the effective date of the drop is May 9th, Moscow time, the Soviet Union designated this day as Victory Day and began the tradition of holding a Victory Day military parade on Red Square in Moscow.

In the 2019 Victory Day parade held today, the brand new Aurus review vehicle was officially unveiled. The parade made an excellent “launch conference” for this brand. What is the origin of the Aurus inspection vehicle? Which inspection vehicles have been used in the previous Victory Day parade? Let's take a look at the review vehicles in previous Victory Day parades.

Let’s start with the latest debut: this year’s Victory Day parade, the parade vehicle became the focus of the audience, because the ZiL review vehicle that had been in service for decades was finally retired, and it was the latest Aurus review that replaced it. car. At 10:00 am local time, the military parade officially began. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu took the Aurus convertible No. 0001 to inspect the troops under review on the Red Square, accompanied by his Russian Army Commander-in-Chief Oleg Sariu Cove rides in review car No. 0002.

In fact, the name Aurus is no longer unfamiliar to us. As early as May 2018, the Aurus courtesy car made a high-profile appearance at Putin’s presidential inauguration ceremony, officially replacing the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard bulletproof car that has been in service for many years. No two.

Today’s military parade is the Aurus’ convertible review version. Like ZiL-41044, this review vehicle uses a two-door convertible layout without a co-pilot seat. Instead, the chief’s standing position is set here. Equipped with armrests and microphone. According to the “Times” report, the civilian version of the Aurus review car will be listed at the end of this year, priced at about 10 million rubles (about 1.04 million yuan).

After learning about the latest Aurus review car, let's review the review car in the previous Victory Day Red Square parade!

The first Victory Day military parade in 1945 was not held on Victory Day. In fact, it is understandable, because just after the war on May 9th, it is impossible to prepare such an important military parade in one day. So after more than a month of careful preparation, on June 24, 1945, the first Victory Day military parade officially kicked off.

The person in charge of reviewing the troops was the Soviet marshal Zhukov, who led the troops to conquer Berlin and accepted the German surrender. However, this outstanding hero did not review the car, but followed the tradition of riding a war horse to review the troops. Although the cavalry was on the verge of being eliminated during World War II, this ancient class still has its own unique noble temperament, not to mention that Zhukov himself was a cavalry.

On the day of the military parade, Zhukov rode a white horse to review the newly victorious Soviet Red Army, and accompanied by the review was the Soviet Marshal Rokosovsky riding a dark horse. The four horses that participated in the review were all tall and straight without exception. Among them, the white horse under Zhukov's crotch was named Кумир, which means “idol”.

According to reports, Кумир is an Akhal-Teke from Turkmenistan, which is an ancient breed of good horse. Today's historians judge that the famous sweat-blooded BMW in ancient my country is the Akhalje Golden Horse. The Akhaldi Golden Horse is a national treasure of Turkmenistan, and it still has its image on the national emblem. By the way, Turkmenistan belonged to the republic of the Soviet Union at that time, so Akhalte Kinema can also be counted as a “local brand” of the Soviet Union.

According to historical records, Stalin originally planned to inspect the troops himself, but he fell off his horse during rehearsal, so he said: “Let Zhukov come, he is an old cavalry.” Of course, the authenticity of this statement remains to be seen. research.

I actually talked about the war horse for a long time at Auto House, and I got a little off topic. Fortunately, the Victory Day parade in 1965 was replaced by a car review. At this time, 20 years have passed since the last Victory Day military parade. Although Marshal Zhukov, who reviewed the troops last time, was also invited to the scene, he was dismissed from his post a few years ago because of Khrushchev’s suspicion. The review was Zhukov's successor, Malinowski, then the Soviet Defense Minister.

When Malinovsky inspected the troops, he rode in a large convertible. Nowadays, many people will ask if they see this car, is this a Buick or a Chrysler? In fact, this is not an American car, but an authentic Soviet-made car. It was the golden age of American cars. Cars all over the world, especially luxury cars, have more or less the shadow of American cars, but the Soviet Union. The reference is more vivid.

This car is called ZiL-111, and it is a large luxury sedan produced by the Soviet Likhachev Automobile Factory (formerly known as the Stalin Automobile Factory ZiS). It is understood that in the 1950s, Likhachev Automobile Factory purchased several American cars such as Buick, Lincoln, Packard and Cadillac for research, and then launched this ZiL-111. The borrowed behavior will definitely bring some design delays, and the design changes of American cars at that time were very fast, so the ZiL-111 launched in 1958 looks like an American car a few years ago.

The barrel-shaped front fender is equipped with round headlights at the top and a straight tail fin at the rear. It is a typical American car design in the mid-1950s. As the top car in the Soviet Union at that time, ZiL-111 had a strong “physique” with length, width and height of 6140mm, 2040mm, 1640mm, and a wheelbase of 3760mm. It is powered by a 6.0L V8 engine with a maximum power of 200 horsepower and a maximum speed of 170km/h.

ZiL-111 adopts a three-row seat design, of which the second row is a folding seat, which can be used by leaders for follow-up or translation. In addition, there is a liftable isolation window behind the driver's seat, which can bring higher height to the rear row. Privacy. A total of 71 ZiL-111 four-door sedans (previous version) were produced, and another 12 convertibles were specially used for cruises or inspections by Soviet leaders.

Twenty years later, in 1985, the Soviet Union held its third Victory Day military parade. Like the last time, the 1985 inspection vehicle was also a ZiL manufactured by Likhachev Automobile Plant. And this review vehicle named ZiL-41044 was born out of the ZiL-4104 (also known as ZiL-115) of the Soviet head of state at the time.

ZiL-4104 was born in 1978. Its outline has some American luxury car atmosphere, but all the exaggerated decorations are removed from the details. The overall style is as solemn and solemn as the Lenin Tomb on the Red Square. Like its predecessor, ZiL-4104 is also designed with three rows and seven seats, with a wheelbase of 3880mm and a length, width and height of 6339mm, 2086mm and 1500mm respectively. In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 7.7L V8 engine with a maximum power of 315 horsepower, a peak torque of 608 Nm, and a maximum speed of 190km/h.

The ZiL-111 review car of the year was only the convertible version of the sedan, while the ZiL-41044 is a special review car. It adopts a two-door convertible design and has a wheelbase and length much shorter than the sedan version ZiL-4104. In addition, its co-pilot is not equipped with a seat, so that the head can stand in the car. For this purpose, the right side of the driver's seat (that is, the position of the inspector's left hand) is also equipped with an armrest. The microphone needed for reviewing troops is hidden inside the co-pilot's windshield.

On May 9, 1990, the Soviet Union held the fourth Victory Day military parade. The review vehicle used the previous ZiL-41044. Since the Soviet Union disintegrated the following year, this was also the last Red Square parade of the Soviet Union. However, this is not the last review of the ZiL-41044 troops, because since 1995 Russia has resumed the tradition of the Victory Day military parade, and has been using the previous blue-gray ZiL-41044 for review.

Although the President of Russia has used the Mercedes-Benz S-Class as a daily official car since the 1990s, domestically-produced cars should be used in the inspection force, which is a major event related to the face of the country. Reluctantly, at that time, the Russian car brand did not have a very good product, so ZiL-41044 also appeared in front of the review troops on Moscow Red Square year after year.

In 2010, Russia held the grandest Victory Day military parade since the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The biggest highlight of this military parade is undoubtedly the first public appearance of the Poplar-M intercontinental missile. In fact, in addition to missiles, there is another area that deserves attention, that is, the inspection vehicle has finally been replaced. In fact, it is more appropriate to say that it is not so much a replacement, because the new generation of ZiL-41041 is no different from its predecessors.

The most important change of ZiL-41041 is that the round headlight has been replaced with a square, and the color has also been replaced with black. Other than that, there is almost no change, the appearance is still the square and dignified shape, the engine compartment is still the predecessor's 7.7L V8 engine, and the automatic transmission still has only three forward gears.

A total of 3 ZiL-41041s were produced, two were used as the main and auxiliary review vehicles during the military parade, and the other was used as a backup vehicle. From 2010 to 2018, ZiL-41041 appeared in every Victory Day military parade, and has been in service for 9 years now.

to sum up:

I am afraid that no country in the world is more enthusiastic about military parades than Russia, and the Victory Day military parade is one of the most important military parades in this country. Although it has a history of more than 70 years, there are not too many types of military parade vehicles. . In fact, this is also determined by the “work nature” of the review car, because there are too few opportunities to use it, and there is really no need to replace it frequently. This year's National Day my country will also hold a military parade for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Will there be a new inspection vehicle on the scene? We will wait and see. (Wang Meng, home of the car/picture from the Internet)